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Author Topic: 1995-04-20 Liberals seek action on hate Crimes not prosecuted, MPP report allege

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Liberals seek action on hate Crimes not prosecuted, MPP report alleges

Toronto Star, The (Ontario, Canada) - April 20, 1995
Author: Kelly Toughill Toronto Star
Ontario Attorney-General Marion Boyd has refused to prosecute hate-related crimes presented to her office by police, a Liberal MPP says.

Tim Murphy yesterday called for new rules forcing the Ontario attorney-general to reveal how many cases of alleged hate-propaganda she has refused to prosecute and also explain why.

"If we can have zero tolerance for violence in the schools, surely we can have zero tolerance for these crimes as well," Murphy (St. George-St. David) said.

In 1993, when controversy erupted over Boyd's alleged failure to approve prosecutions of hate crimes, Metro police issued a statement saying there had been no recent incident where Boyd's consent to a prosecution was sought and denied.

The recommendation is one of nine key points in a Liberal report on hate crimes released yesterday by Murphy.

The report also recommends:

*Including hatred against women as one of the reasons for stiffer sentencing in assault cases, similar to proposed federal guidelines involving hatred against gays, against religious groups or against racial groups.

*A ban on plea-bargaining for hate-related crimes and a requirement that prosecutors seek the maximum sentences.

*Monitoring all "hate rock concerts" to make sure they do not incite violence similar to the attack on a Tamil in Toronto last year following a RaHoWa concert.

*Shutting down all telephone lines that promote hatred against specific groups.

*Designating special prosecutors to deal with both hate literature and violent crimes motivated by hatred.

*Providing extensive education to prevent and combat racism and other forms of hatred.

"This kind of behavior attacks society's core values," Murphy said. "Society must express its abhorrence of these crimes in the strongest terms."
Edition: ONTARIO
Section: NEWS
Page: A10
Record Number: 950420TS17750
Copyright (c) 1995, Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved.
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