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1995-03-29 Rahowa: Music Loved by Skinheads - Detroit Home of Neo-Nazi Sound

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--- Quote from: Rev.Hansen on 01 January 2013 at 17:56 --- I know this is an old post but it just sucks to hear anything George Burdi has to say, then and now. He is a *en Jerk turned on himself. Meaning he turned on his own ethics just because the going got tough. FU Burdi. Just like a Jew. I have heard rumor he wants to return to the movement. That is laughable. I certainly will have nothing to do with him or any organization that does. Dirt worshiping, sand nigger loving, traitor.
--- End quote ---
I have heard he has returned to the movement in recent days.

No he hasn't.

Burdi's attempt to return is to brag about his brown, dot-headed "Aryan wife". If we accepted that, he'd have been with us for a long time. He's been pulling that one since I was a member of the WCOTC twenty years ago.

I don't hate Burdi, because I understand his Skinhead problem, which he complains about, and which he helped to make - or is completely responsible for.

If Burdi wants to do a favour for us, I'm open to it. I have half a hundred songs that need his touch. I'd release them as Rahowa 23:;sa=view;id=2370

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