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1989-03-11 California: Reverend Normon Willhoite vs California


March 12, 1989

Saying that "The White Man's Bible" is racist, but not violently inflammatory, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered San Quentin authorities to return the book to the inmate from whom it was seized in 1986. Afraid that the book might provoke racial violence, a guard at San Quentin State Prison confiscated the book from the maximum-security cell of Norman Willhoite, an inmate serving a sentence for second-degree murder. Prison authorities describe Willhoite as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. U.S. District Judge Fern Smith said the state failed to prove that the book presented an imminent danger. "Although the book clearly advocates racial purity, it does not advocate direct acts of violence or any illegal activity," Smith said in a ruling.

San Francisco Chronicle
March 11, 1989

A book called "The White Man's Bible" is racist but is not violently inflammatory and must be returned to the prisoner from whom it was seized in 1986, a federal judge in San Francisco has said.

The book was confiscated from the maximum-security cell of inmate Norman Willhoite in November 1986 by T.V. Arzatee, a San Quintin guard. At the time, the guard said the book could provoke racial violence.

In a ruling released yesterday, U.S. District Judge Fern Smith said the state failed to prove that the book presented any imminent danger. The issue was before Smith on a petition by Willhoite for the book's return.

"Although the book clearly advocates racial purity, it does not advocate direct acts of violence or any illegal activity," Smith said. "Further, even though advocating racism, the book is not sufficiently racially inflammatory to be reasonably likely to cause violence at the prison."

Excerpts of the book in court files refer to blacks as "subhuman" and said of whites, "We must organize and expand until we embrace the planet Earth. Let the Jews and mud races take note." It also calls for hanging white "race traitors." The author is identified as Ben Klassen of the Church of the Creator.

Racial Loyalty, Issue 50, May 1989
Report From California

Dear Pontifex Maximus:


As you can see from the enclosed SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (31 11 189) and LOS ANGELES TIMES (3112189) clippings, U.S. District Judge FERN' SMITH, in a ruling released on March 10, 1989 ordered that THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE must be returned to prisoner ' NORMAN WILLHOITE from whom it was seized by the San Quentin prison guards in 1986. In the ruling, Federal Judge Fern Smith stated: "ALTHOUGH THE BOOK CLEARLY ADVOCATES RACIAL PURITY, IT DOES NOT ADVOCATE DIRECT ACTS OF VIOLENCE OR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY". Several other enclosed newspaper clippings show the disgusting anti-White position of the dominant "White" Christian churches in South Africa (such a position is, of course, characteristic of all Christian churches anywhere in the world). In an official declaration, released on March 10, 1989, the special conference of the "White" Dutch Reformed Churches said that Apartheid (White Racial Loyalty) was a "sin" and "irreconcilable with the.Goepeln. The conference leaders pledged themselves to making "the Christian church family one, united, non-racial". I hope that the South African branch of the Church of the Creator will take full advantage of this so-called Testimony of Vereeniging" (or more appropriately-Testimony of Racial Treason) in exposing the treacherous, inherently anti-White nature of all Christian churches and thereby winning new converts for the truly White Racial Religion-CREATIVITY.

All of us are glad that our beloved newspaper, RACIAL LOYALTY, is again being published regularly and Ls getting stronger with every issue. But I miss at least a small regular section which could lbe entitled "BLACK/MUD/JEW CRIMINAL TERROR AGAINST WHITES". You see, there is nothing better to shock the White people out of their self-paralyzing Christian/Uberal fairness" complex than a mug shot of a brutal black criminal and a photo of a White victim (usually a beautiful young woman) side by side with a graphic description of the crime. Just remember how effective was the Willie Horton mug shot during the presidential campaign! Republican party chairman, Lee Atwater, even to this day has to, at every turn, apologize to ever black/mud/jew gathering for using the mug shot of convicted black criminal Willie Horton to "scare" Whites and to "inflame" White racial fears. The jewsmedia is fully aware of the tremendous psychological implications of showing photos of brutal black criminals and their innocent (usually young and beautiful) White victims; therefore, most of the crime reports in the big jewsmedia papers are without photos and without any reference about criminals' or victims' race. However, local newspapers are often more open in publishing graphic descriptions and photos of black/mud/jew criminal and their White victims. Therefore, it would be a good idea for all Creators to monitor their local newspapers and send clippings about the black/mud/jew-on-White crimes to the "BLACK/MUD/ JEW CRIMINAL TERROR AGAINST WHITES" section of RACIAL LOYALTY. Let's remember that the black/mud/jew-on-White crimes are never an isolated, local went; they are part of the worldwide racial war which will eventually (and very soon) impact every one of us White people. So let us be prepared! WHITE PEOPLE AWAKE! JOIN CREATIVITY! IT IS OUR ONLY SALVATION!

Creatively yours,
A White American

P.S. Enclosed is a donation of $200 and the above-mentioned newspaper clippings.

ED. NOTE - Welcome back White American. We appreciate your astute reports and your generous support. So  generous in fact, (several thousand $$ now) that we are dedicating a fruit tree in your name, THE WHITE AMERICAN, in perpetuity, alongside Leadership Lane here at the World Headquarters. Other contributions of $1,000 or more to our Church have plaques by their trees, but you, will be the first anonymous honoree. We, of course, hope to meet you and know your real identity some day, but your tree will always be to our Movement what the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is to the VFW. Thank you!

We beat you to the punch on your BLACK/MUD/JEW CRIMINAL TERROR AGAINST WHITES suggestion. See CREATORS VIEW THE NEWS in this issue and last and know you didn't pick the C.O.T.C. as your church for nothing.

As for Rev. Willhoite, he is a courageous young man who has been fighting our battle, virtually unassisted, for over 3 years. As some of our readers know, he killed a savage nigger who had molested a 3 year old White girl and has been in prison since he was 18 ( over 8 years now) as a result. To our minds he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor such a deed, but we have gone one better and given him the Creativity Award of Honor that goes with being named Creator of the Month for April (1989). The JOG dogs being the bastards that they are, disallowed the certificate, the personal note and the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE which we sent to Rev. Willhoite upon being notified of his momentous landmark decision for the 1st Amendment, Creativity and the White Race. We suspect that Rev. Willhoite has been moved from San Quintin, but we will soon find him and give our readers his address to congratulate him. The door is open now to get our WMB in to White prisoners and we have a 7 page decision by a U.S. District Court Judge to back it up, whether JOG's Gulag Masters want to admit it or not. Rev. Stanko told us last night by phone that prison officials (90 percent White 'cause the muds are incompetent) are scared spineless of the decision that Whites may be able to organize now behind the walls. The restless nigger will revolt of course and there will be a lot of dead "white" JOG guards. What a beautiful scenario and impetus for segregation of prisons by race.

Salman Rushdie, move over -


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