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What Attracted Me to Creativity


Hi my name is David Kohler. I have been philosophically and politically what I would consider to be on the "far right" I would say for the greater part of my life. Every group of people have the God given right to fight, through any legal means at their disposal, for the rights, interests, and survival of their own kind. And virtually all groups are allowed to do this except now for white people. I hate hypocrisy, I hate double standards and I hate it when people promote a "rules for me but not for thee" type of philosophy. This is where I draw the line and cry fowl. We should have the same right as anybody else to organize and fight for our survival and rights on this earth, as a group, as any other group. So this in a nutshell is why I am now here. And it's what's led me to be here finally at last after all these years of thinking about these issues.

Racial Greetings brother. Welcome to Creator Forum's Racial Loyalty News.

You are right, brother, when you say that Nature has granted us the Right to Fight. It's the same for all species, all creatures, and all races of Man. Even a dog being attacked in the street has the right to defend itself, but only the White Man has no such right. Police have told me time and again, that if I am verbally abused or physically attacked, I am not permitted to defend myself in any way at all. According to them, I am to call the police and allow them to deal with it.

Think about that: Not allowed even allowed to tell a dirty Nig to Get F! "That's RACIST!" And when it comes to being physically attacked, apparently we're supposed to lie down and accept the beating until it's over. Then, and only then IF we are alive and conscious, can we reach for a phone and call the police to come and defend us.

That's why I have security cameras surrounding and inside my home. Over the years I've had enough Nogs show up wanting to fight - and losing. It's not me that calls the police, it's them. And each time it's screams about being attacked by "Nazis". Sure enough, the police show up; the police make false accusations - which I deny; and then I tell those Blue Niggers what really happened as I point at my cameras. Now that they understand that I was attacked; I am the victim of assault (although I won); and I have footage of it on video, the police show their true colours and don't want to know. Police might wear blue, but they are the Nigger's go-to-guys. Black hearted Blue Niggers through and through.

Hypocrisy might be the way of life for modern society, but we are CREATORS, and we have better morals than any hypocrite Normie, Libtard, Kike or Nigger.

Looking forward to reading your posts brother.

Once again, welcome and RaHoWa!

Racial Greetings from Illinois. Welcome to the forum and the Church of Creativity. RAHOWA!!!

Thanks for your thoughts on my first post. And I DO plan on posting a lot more in  the future.


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