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Racial Greetings from Tri-Cities, Washington (State)


Hello fellow Creators!
Just wanted to say HELLO to all! I'm new to the Forum, but not to Creativity.
Wanting get things going once again. Maybe make a new freind or two.
I'll take part of the discussions when I am able too. Trying to make more time for our Future. I work 3 jobs, and have 3 awesome Children. See ya around, Rahowa!

RaHoWa and welcome to Creator Forum. You may recognise a few names here and there from the old days. Many remain offline, but more are returning and joining our Church all the time. Although convincing them to go public is something else again.

Glad to see you here, and I hope you'll be joining our Church too.


Welcome from Bulgaria hope you enjoy the site

Welcome R!

Aleister Adams:
Welcome aboard.88


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