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Racial Greetings from New York

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Racial greetings, White brothers and sisters.

Hope all are well and having a great White day.


Racial Greetings Brother. 23 R

Racial Greetings Brother Rob. Glad you made it.

--- Quote from: Rob82 on 22 April 2022 at 21:42 ---My Awakening:
Racial Greetings.

My Awakening happened when the anti-White agenda was made very clear, and the utter destruction of the White race was also made very clear by our society and government here in the United States. Being an American, I know the United States of America was founded by White people and meant for White people. Today, we have a government that is trying to destroy its very own country and people. And being that the nigger population in the USA is only around 13% - This is due to the White race-traitors. Just my interpretation on that.
--- End quote ---

That's an excellent Awakening that you have there on your Profile. You are 100% correct.

Jews are supposedly under 5% of America
Niggers around 13%
Plus Miscellaneous other Muds ...

By sheer numbers, Whites SHOULD still control America. There is no Jewish Conspiracy, no Nigger or other Mud Conspiracy. The fact is, Jews openly do What is Good for the Jews - which from their point of view, is a Virtue. And the same with Niggers and other Muds. We don't have to bloody like it, but we cannot fault the Jew and other Muds for doing what Whites should be doing for themselves. However, the only reason that these alien parasites get anywhere, is because of Greedy, Selfish White Race-Traitors looking to profit from the genocide of their own people - White Genocide.

They are the people we are at war with.

The moderately wealthy are beginning to see the writing on the wall and join us as they slowly come to the realisation that all it takes is a single Woke Denunciation and they will lose every penny; but even they cannot be trusted because all they want to do is shift life back to the comfortable 90's, where they were immune to the trials and tribulations of Lazy Poor Whites forced to live with the Po Nigga - The Eternal Victim of Lazy Uneducated Redneck Whites. So we cannot trust them.

And then there's the wealthy upper class, and the uber rich ... Big Pharma, Big Tech, all Big Business that has abandoned the White American for the perilous yellow shores of Asia - They are the enemy. The American Government is the Enemy no matter who is voted in, because the fact of the matter is that you cannot vote yourself out of the Hangman's Noose.

RaHoWa! 23/23


Racial Greetings, and thank you Reverend Cambeul for your help on that.

Brother - you said a mouthful. Covered the entire spectrum. 1000% truth.

 RaHoWa 23

Racial Greetings Brother. RaHoWa!


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