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New Englander Here to Introduce Myself


Racial greeting to all here.  As bit of introduction, I was brought up in protestant household, but the teaching just never felt right, and here and there come across information about Creativity and it seemed to make much more sense.   The Five Fundamental Beliefs of a Creator really struck a chord with me, and so simply stated.  I started reading Klassen's words a few years ago but got distracted, so here I am back and hopefully now study them in earnest and become a better man.  Going to start reading The Little White Book tonight.  Thanks for listening.

Racial Greetings brother,

Welcome to Creator Forum. Contact @Rev.Dibbs about joining our Church. He's in your close-enough-to local area.


Thank you for the welcome Rev. Cambeul.  It is good to be here.  Started reading the Little White Book this afternoon.  Amazing stuff

Racial Greetings from Illinois. RaHoWa!!!


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