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Anybody been into the city of Melbourne recently.? The old game of spot the Aussie has become more like a game of where's Wally..that's Waldo BTW.
Even then a lot of the Whites I spotted look like they were visitors to this country.
The amount of Asians and Asian owned is especially disproportionately high.
It's a bloody joke.

That's my two cents for the day. I'm new to this forum and forums in general. I have been doing a lot of reading of late, and the more I awaken to the fact that the White man, in this country and many others, is being demographically dwarfed by non-Whites, and runs the very real and risk of being completely immersed by a sea of non-Whites, within the next 50 years. SCARY stuff.

Like I said the evidence of this is everywhere to be seen, once one is awakened to this fact. If people put as much effort and interest into removing this element of this population, or preventing it from happening further, as they did for their favourite sporting team. ALL Whites should be uniting to preserve the beauty of our race. We are far too prone to factionalism. Let us stick together and put aside our petty differences for the greater good: the preservation and continuation of the White Race.

Take care all White brothers and sisters, and thank you to Reverend Cailen for inviting me to join this forum.

I haven't been there for perhaps 3 years or so. I couldn’t get to VIC due to Covid restrictions.
Got no real reason to go to VIC this very min.

I did see the cement blocks they put at the entry to the Bourke St mall. That is all there after that Jimmy/Greek turned Muslim maniac driving crazy there and mowed people down. 

As for that old Italian boy Sisto Malespina that got assassinated by the Black Muslim crazy it was deeply saddening. I met Sisto once and dined in his resteraunt. He was nice to me and my family when we were there.

They seem to be wanting to make Australia “Chindia”. They want cashed up people with links to emerging economies. Europeans get a EU passport that allows freedom of movement in Europe. That wasn't a thing 40 years ago. They could have things better back home. Could go anywhere. They want migrants to stay.

Racial Greetings brother. Welcome to CREATOR FORUM.

I lived in Seymour/Puckapunyal in the 70's and 80's. It's only an hour from Melbourne down the Hume Highway ... but in those days the biggest oddities in Melbourne were the signs in dual Greek and English. 1978 was the first time I was thrown out of a Chink Chew & Chuck; my parents were refused service because they didn't serve Whites. So, instead we went to a Greek takeaway. Had never had Souvlaki before that, and I've always refused Chink ever since. Everywhere in Melbourne and every town had its Greek takeaways in those days. To this day, Adelaide only has two shops that make authentic Greek Souvlaki; the rest are Leb and they don't even compare.

The last I was in Melbourne was with @Br.IanVonTurpie and a bunch of others in 2011. At that time, it was the muddiest metropolis I'd ever visited. Adelaide - where I am - is nothing like that. Even Sydney in 97 and Brisbane in 95 couldn't compare to the extent of knuckle-dragging pavement apes walking the streets of Melbourne masquerading as bipeds.

Once again, welcome to our Forum, and I hope you'll soon consider joining the One and Only White Man's Religion - and the single legitimate continuation of Ben Klassen's legacy - the CHURCH OF CREATIVITY.



Racial Greetings Brother. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks Rev. Dibbs.
Great to be here


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