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Author Topic: Gaol is too full in NT.. 85% Abbo Gaol population.

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Gaol is too full in NT.. 85% Abbo Gaol population.
« on: 14 January 2013 at 01:47 »
Prison too full to take crooks | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |

CORRECTIONS knocked back up to 15 prisoners at the weekend because the jail was full, and a disused watch-house could be the answer to hold law breakers until the new prison opens.

NT Prison Officers Association president Phil Tilbrook said more needed to be done because the prison population is expected to hit 1000 even before the new Holtze jail opens its doors by 2015.

He said the prison was "at capacity" - with 857 prisoners - on the weekend, with up to 15 remanded prisoners being taken to the Darwin watch-house last Sunday.

NT Correctional Services acting commissioner Phil Brown said the prison would only be able to accept a prisoner if another one was discharged.

He said the number was at 854 yesterday.
It seems that the Gaols are not keeping up with the level of Abbo lawlessness in the NT! Thank those bloody do-gooders always helping the Abbos out!
I think the only thing these Abbos understand would be to be put in stocks and lashed with a cat-o-nine tails! Who's got to pay for more Gaol facilities and staff to run them?
In the meantime because the Gaol is full and they can't take prisoners I guess the crooks get out on bail and do more monkey business.
The Price is Reich!

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