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Author Topic: Alcoholics Anonymous - Why Can't We Do That?

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Re: Alcoholics Anonymous - Why Can't We Do That?
« Reply #5 on: 04 December 2012 at 00:15 »
I think alcoholics are actually damaged people. Many have suffered bereavement, loss, trauma, stress, depression. Many are just inadequate in some way and need escape from reality in order to cope.
I think it brings in to question the whole spectrum of mental illness.
I have the advantage in that my father worked in mental health nursing for 30 years and i read all his books on it in my teens. My wife is a psychologist and i'm quite well read on the topic.
I don't actually take an extreme national socialist type view on mental illness (except in the case of the criminally insane) as more is known about it now. I think in the past the attitude was "just put them out of their misery" but new discoveries all the time often just point to deficiencies. (e.g. Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids being linked to depression- and abundant in fish oil)
The great thing about Creativity is that it does have a flexibility built in on the scientific principle to allow healing/ correction and advancement.
I admit I get depressed on occasion but I know that often it just comes with an upside being Creative/original and generally it just passes like a dark rain cloud given a few hours.
Likewise with autism..these individuals have a quirky nature, are often wierd, outcast, anti-social and shunned  but the upside is that they can be highly inventive and original like the scientist Tesla.
What is needed with an alcoholic I think is understanding, often the hand of friendship, guidance and care. Afterall that if someone is intent on self destruction, there is little you can do and nature has to take its course.


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