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Author Topic: Tom Metzger and Will Williams defend PM Klassen in radio interviews

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I attempted to join VNNF but my account was never activated, Linder deleted it as soon as he saw it.

he may have "marked yr card" from else-where...or....some-one's "tugged his coat".....try "signing up" under a slightly different "user-name" and from a different IP addy.....might work!

from what i can make out, Linder is, generally, sympathetic to Creativity.....he always speaks highly of Matt Hale, any-way!

there are a n° of "creators" on VNNf.....including Craig "Chain" Cobb.....and, i think, "Aegis"...the fellow who co-hosts "GoyFire"....two others that "spring to mind" are "Smoky Mtn" & "John Balmont"...there's others too...but...for the moment, their "user-names" escape me!

that said....VNNf is not, of course, what it once was....Linder seems amenable to vrs anti-racist activists, niggers and jews "signing up"....some even on the main forums...and...yet.....he khyboshes a Creator Reverend....some-thing definitely stinks there!

the fact that Linder is no longer doing regular broad-casts, like Radio Istina, and that venues like "Free Talk Live" have disappeared is, also, highly "suss".....he seems to have, basically, "gone to ground" and adopted a very low profile...whether that is from fear of ZOG and/or health reasons or, maybe, for some other unknown cause.......who knows?!?

VNNf started going down-hill when many of the old regulars (like, for instance, "Mishko Novosel", "Dietrich" and "Stan Sikorski") were perma-banned, when the "rep system" was dropped and when it was decided to give no special "attribution" to the many people who had contributed $significant amounts$ to Linder and the running of his Forum (my-self included!  :o).....even KosherFront does that!.....Linder just took the money....without even so much as the most basic acknowledgement like, for instance, "thank-you!"

that's when i "cracked the shtz" on VNNf and got perma-banned......after which i said: "no thanks!"  >:(



*note* here's a "list" of my "posting history" on Linder's VNNf....; ..... most of the "posts" are in response to "threads" that other Forum members started....i think, from memory, that i only started abt ½-dzn or so "threads" ! ..........( my Forum user-name there was: "jimbo!")
"I say unto you: 'stand! men of the West' !" (Aragorn: "The Return of the King" by J R R Tolkien)

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I attempted to join VNNF but my account was never activated, Linder deleted it as soon as he saw it.

When I joined VNN, I got about three days before I was banned. Once Linder realised I was a Creator and not TCM, that was it. Soon after, he got rid of all TCM as well, but by that time Linder had gained a reputation with us as a problem we didn't want anything to do with. He might have changed somewhat, but I'm not giving him any self justification by joining his damned forum.

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