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Title: Greetings from North Dakota
Post by: Private on 09 February 2019 at 05:40
Greetings from North Dakota,

I made a long 'Awakening' entry and thought I'd say hello here as well--Emily Henderson, same as on VNN, the 'Sister Emily' essay on Toronto Creator's blog is me as well--would like to see something for Creators here in ND. I know you made some vids supportive of Craig in the past and I have thought about writing here for a while.

Hope everybody is having a great 'Black History Mumf' in the USA, LOL and a good February everywhere else in the world. Look forward to interacting here, I'll try and check in weekly and would love to do real world work here too.

I worked on Jacob Goodwin's case a while back, the appeal, and am going to do a podcast about this and some other topics. Some other things as well, looking forward to Spring and Summer.

Hope for a Great 2019, RAHOWA :)

Title: Re: Greetings from North Dakota
Post by: Private on 25 April 2019 at 22:11
Account deleted and banned, Topic locked.

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