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23 August 2015 at 17:32
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I have always been aware of the war against our people.    Yet until recently with all the #mudlivesmatter bull the press, gov., and their supporters keep shoving down our throats, that I've decided enough is enough. I didn't think it could get much more publicly sickening until these people stole my flag from the south and are rewriting the history books, changing names of schools and buildings that are named after war heroes from the south,  painting and destroying historical markers and statues. I cannot stand by idle any longer!   Truck got its tires slashed simply for having a confederate flag on the rear window.  These muds are going out killing, beating, and damaging property of whites simply for there heritage and beliefs.  Why does my flag have to come down so it doesn't hurt their feelings?  Its history plain and simple!  I will not conform and watch this happen I am raising my boys to know the truth of this world and to stand up for whats right for our people. Not to conform or change their beliefs like the government and media want to happen.
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I'm a lazy bum and can't be bothered to fill this in.

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