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Title: Australia First Party: Southern Cross Flag Official Logo ... Libtards Bitch
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Australia First unfazed by MP's efforts to protect Eureka flag

Charlotte King | ABC News (http://www.abc.net.au/) (Australia) | 20 October 2016



The right-wing Australia First Party says it is unfazed by threats of a private members' bill that would protect the Eureka flag from improper use.

The federal Labor Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, said she will introduce a private members' bill into Parliament next month pushing for the flag's protection.

It follows an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) decision to grant the far-right political party, which wants to ban immigration, the right to use the Eureka flag as its emblem.

"It has a very strong connection with revolt, with free labour and independent-type thinking," the party's president Jim Saleam said.

The original Eureka or Southern Cross flag, currently on display in the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, or MADE, in Ballarat, was erected by gold diggers at the 1854 rebellion known as the Eureka Stockade.

The rebellion was against undemocratic government and the draconian laws associated with the Victorian mining licence system, and resulted in the deaths of 22 diggers and five government troops.

It is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in the development of modern democracy in Australia, but the flag itself has been used by both sides of politics since.

Mr Saleam said the AEC had good reason to approve the party's use of the flag.

"A lot of people use the Eureka flag in various ways, some I agree with, some I don't," he said.

"But there is no actual property in the Eureka flag itself. The Eureka flag is a common emblem, used by a lot of community groups and social groups, and other groups.

"Therefore the Electoral Commission was simply following the law."

Ms King, from the Victorian electorate of Ballarat, has said Australia First's use of the flag is inappropriate.

"The Eureka Flag is a symbol of our city and region," she said.

She vowed to push for an amendment to the law to grant the flag certain protections.

"It is a symbol of the fight for justice on the goldfields and, by extension, has long represented the campaigns of working people in Australia," she said.

But Mr Saleam said he would not abide by any law that the Federal Government passes around the Eureka flag's protection.

"Let it be fought out in the community as to what it actually means; that's the best way to decide it," he said.

"I welcome Catherine King's law; I'll break it on every opportunity I possibly can.

"I agree (with) what Edward Kelly said, I do not recognise your law.

"I wouldn't recognise any law they might pass."


And neither would any Creator. If these traitorous politicians manage to pass laws preventing use of the Southern Cross flag by any other than their fellow travelling traitors, then I will personally make sure that the Southern Cross flag becomes available to every Creator and supporter across the globe who wants it.

We play the game as we must, but when our enemies specifically target us for mass arrest and termination through the immorality of corruption and lawfare, then we must fight back without any further recourse to the laws of the land. And then it will be OUR moral codes that will decide the future. RaHoWa!

BTW, I wonder how half a million WRL selfies waving the Southern Cross would look to those libtarded, traitorous freaks?


Title: Re: Australia First Party: Southern Cross Flag Official Logo ... Libtards Bitch
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Title: Re: Australia First Party: Southern Cross Flag Official Logo ... Libtards Bitch
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When Injustic Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty ... That's what was on my mind when I typed out my comment above.

And BTW, it's Whomever, not Whoever.