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Title: MSM Lies: White Supremacist Commits Deadly Racist Attack on Darky Youth
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 27 July 2016 at 07:34
It's just more total BS from the mainstream media. Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd titles it Racist Attack at Brisbane Bus Stop! You'd think by the heading that some poor pathetic little darky was literally stomped almost to death by a man mountain - a muscled, be-fanged slobbering Albino beast of the purest Aryan descent, with beaming bright red eyes and fists like the Hammer of Thor ... but no. It's a timidly nervous little old lady who'd been previously upset by the grinning young darky in the video.


From what our sources can determine, the grinning darky is a lout that was skateboarding along the footpath and nearly knocked the poor lady over. He then sat in the bus stop, pretended at playing nice while the sweet old dear in her dottery way, merely asked a question about the arrogant darky's origins and expressed concern about trouble making foreigners.

As per usual in these cases, filming only begins from halfway through when the maniacally grinning darky senses that things are going his way.

He is now the latest YouTube sensation in the fight against little old White ladies that refuse to be pushed around by skateboarding thugs.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests

A TEENAGER has won praise for his calm response to an apparent racial attack at a Brisbane bus stop, in which a woman is heard to tell him his father should, “pack up and go back to New Zealand.”

The teenager’s mother uploaded the video to YouTube on Tuesday afternoon and it has since had nearly 600,000 views.

Bus stop racial attack

The teenager’s mother expressed her pride in her son’s response to the woman, calling the clip, “an unfortunate conversation at a bus stop in Brisbane” and describing the woman as “a sad and lonely lady carrying way too much thinly disguised hate”.

The video has attracted nearly 3300 comments in just 14 hours, many of them from Americans drawing parallels between the woman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Australia is a country founded by foreigners. Irony,” wrote one.

“I didn’t know Australians supported Donald Trump,” said another.

The boy also won plaudits for his response.

“The true mark of an alpha male is patience and self control,” said one.

Do you know this boy? Email kim.stephens@news.com.au

Note that the reporter wants to further shame White Australia with an intended flood of nig-nog hero worship. He wants emails, so why don't you send the reporter an email and enlighten him as to his traitorous behaviour. You can tell him from me that I hope his darky mates kick some teeth out with his last memory before blacking out is his multicultural attackers shouting  "WHITE C*NT! WHITE C*NT!"


Title: Re: MSM Lies: White Supremacist Commits Deadly Racist Attack on Darky Youth
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 27 July 2016 at 08:35
Well we do have a Trans-Tasman free trade deal with NZ. Australians are allowed to live and work there too.

What's wrong with him skateboarding? If bikes are allowed why not skateboards?

The woman was just dumb! She said she had a problem with foreigners. She didn't have problems. Then skateboarding was against the "Australian way of life". OK, he would be more accepted in the community if he played AFL? Cricket?

Skateboarding was his chosen interest so what?!

The Thing is with the Trans-Tasman Alliance it is the back door in coming to Australia, that is a massive " transit lounge" for sea niggers, chinks and sub-continentals.