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Title: MSM Racist Gook Wants to Protect Australia from White Racists
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 02 June 2016 at 20:40
I want to protect my country too, Pauline Hanson. From you

Adrienne Tam | 2 June 2016

http://www.couriermail.com.au/rendezview/i-want-to-protect-my-country-too-pauline-hanson-from-you/news-story/31a2dc981fc5515290ecc3417ef6d62d (http://www.couriermail.com.au/rendezview/i-want-to-protect-my-country-too-pauline-hanson-from-you/news-story/31a2dc981fc5515290ecc3417ef6d62d)

Most of the article is general lefty/libtard/mud anti-White claptrap about how much the MSM gook hates Whites. Comment: "Adrienne Tam is using Pauline Hanson as a code-word for anti-White Australian. She is a racist." (It was deleted ... as it always is.)

But one part really sticks out hilighting the hypocrisy of the MSM and libtard society ...

"Adrienne Tam... Asian and proud of it."

After seeing that, my response was to quote the gook and then state:

"Cailen Cambeul... White and proud of it.

And when you respond calling me a racist, know that you are a hypocrite."

As always, reply was marked as PENDING and then deleted. Reposted again with another account which also uses my name, and it was deleted again.

After all the comment deletions, I'll now leave something of my usual style when I want to go on the attack against recalcitrant MSM journos: "I hope some rag-headed sand-nigger puts a bomb under your arse and blows you all to Hel, you White-Hating, invading yellow-supremacist hypocrite."