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Title: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 09 April 2015 at 08:51
I recently commented on a podcast in which a fellow by the name of ‘Bill Rhyes’ advocates the Lone Wolf idea, almost parroting Tom Metzger word for word.

‘Listened to this show. Bill is clearly a disciple of Metzger. So basically a good man, but one who is taking a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and tossing it all together to hopefully make a palatable chop suey. It doesn’t work for me, because too often it sounds contradictory and you find yourself wondering where exactly he stands on various issues.

For example, he keeps telling us that people are going wrong by demonising the ‘blacks’ and Jews, etc., too much, but doesn’t tell us exactly what (in his view) the right balance should be. I think he’s misrepresenting a lot of people anyway, because many have the right balance of criticising the ‘blacks,’ Jews, muds, traitors and even ourselves. I’m also very sceptical about the ‘Lone Wolf’ tactical concept, which, if followed, will only lead to isolation, demoralisation, wasted energy and talent.

You need some kind of organisational structure to keep people motivated. Somebody in a leadership position to urge activists to keep busy and to act as a spokesperson. True, we need to practice caution in order to live in this madhouse of a society, but to completely shun networking with others is just wrong and probably suicidal.

The idea that this ‘Lone Wolf’ concept keeps people safer doesn’t work for me either. If, as Bill says, the government decided to come down strong on people like us (and I agree they eventually will), they would just as easily be able to locate those who are ‘Lone Wolf’ as those who are a bit more out there. All they (or the Mossad) would have to do is find out who is visiting a certain website (say MightisRight.net or resist.com) or doing activity in a certain area and come and pick them off.

And if the government goons or Mossad did that, because the ‘Lone Wolf’ is completely hiding their views and have no network of fellow Racial Loyalists, who is going to sound the alarm bell when you are ‘disappeared’? Surely it would be better to have all your friends, family members and network of hundreds of Racial Comrades know that you have been ‘disappeared’ and let the world know about it? Surely this would help to radicalise all of your family and those ‘fence sitters’ in your community that become aware of this evil injustice.

Anyway, I would still argue that the best way to go forward - if we are to have a Revolution of Values, and people are to become true Racial Loyalists that imbue family members with this same zeal - is to adopt an uncompromising Racial Religion. For me it’s a no brainer - CREATIVITY ticks all the boxes. It is a fully structured creed that is both comprehensive and consistent, so you always know where you stand. It even has a sound organisational structure that is more or less compatible with the idea of practicing caution, whilst still demanding adherents to proselytise (convert others that are suitable to the creed).’
Title: Re: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 09 April 2015 at 12:15
Bill Rhyes is a former Creator from the WCOTC. I do not know how long Mr Rhyes was a Creator (the WCOTC only lasted seven short years before it fell apart) or what he learned in his time as a Creator, but I'm sure aware of what he did not learn.

Title: Re: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
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I think people like the lone wolf option because perhaps they can operate more covertly. No one can dob you in other than yourself if you go around stickering and flyering the place. People have families and jobs they need to protect , they don't want unwanted attention  from anyone or anything that could cause harm to what they do or have. Not have an organisation. Be a faceless person that pops out of the shadows and goes back into them later on.

Or.. if anything have sort of like how Blood and Honour is, Who ever is for it is it.There is no "bricks and mortar" headquarters..membership fees and member ID etc. A few followers and organisers that network with others domestically and internationally.. set up a covert event for trusted people and then go back to the shadows.... till next time.

I think a lot of right wing people have a lot of trouble worshipping their race as a religion. Most things Creativity encourages is what is needed but.. for a lot of people it isn't spiritual or esoteric.
Title: Re: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 09 April 2015 at 12:43
(Replying to a since deleted troll)

If race is a religion wouldn't you say that people "worship" a religion? Or a "Church" is a house of worship? Creativity has "holy books"? Would you not associate all these terms with "Worship"? A little confused there. To me that is the context Creativity is put into.

 I don't mean to step on anyone's toes here.. but if we need to have this talk .. please let's have it.

Perhaps it is better to say "Yes, we are uncompromising racial loyalists and we have made rules for white people to live by so that we can advance and preserve our people"?

In case you havn't noticed I am not a Creator but  some what of a supporter. I would say I am a white nationalist to sum any label of me up best.But I have no qualms assisting people involved in Creativity in legal activities and pursuits.
Title: Re: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
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It really depends on how you perceive "reality". Dreams are real but can't be measured or recorded. What are they? Messages from our spirit guide who speaks to us in Metaphors and not plain English?Do we have a role to play in this world? Are dreams real or are they not? Are ghosts real?Spirits? Demons? Aliens? Angels? If you believe in any of these things does that mean you "worship" a "sky bully" of some kind? Or just believe entities exist that you can't always see or even prove?

Being spiritual is not being "religious" . Being spiritual is when you ask questions into the void and in return you get answers the universe transmits to you in a language that isn't English.

Why are there eco systems? Why is there an exchange of air and gasses between animals and plants? Why do plants generate photosynthesis from the sun? Everything has a purpose and is there for a reason. Is life meaningless? Do you live only to wind up in a box in the ground?
Title: Re: Comment on Lone Wolf Tactical Concept
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 09 April 2015 at 22:24
Creativity is a religion based wholly on the Laws of Nature. We respect Nature, but we do not worship it. Nature's Finest Creation is the White Race, and it is our Holy Task to Straighten Out the White Man's Thinking and set Nature aright. The Spirituality of our Creed is based in Blood, Soil and Honour - See the Questions & Answers section of Creator Forum for further expansion on the subject of Spirituality in Creativity.

Regarding Lone Wolves: The true Lone Wolf is not someone who posts on forums, hangs out with Skinheads from time to time and darts back into the shadows or joins any group. He does not collect Nazi paraphernalia. Any materials he has for activism are stored securely, away from prying eyes. The true Lone Wolf appears for all intents and purposes to be disinterested in anything race related at the very least, or at his worst appearance, denounces Whites at every turn. The true Lone Wolf should be able to sit in a cafe and openly admire and compliment a mixed race couple, while privately seething with hatred and plans for revenge. The true Lone Wolf should be able to embrace that mixed race couple, wish them all the luck in the world, and then target their home later that night with ... flyers admonishing them for their crimes against Nature. He never boasts of his actions.

However, the average so-called Lone Wolf is perfectly suited to Creativity. We encourage to adopt for themselves a Nom de Guerre for their own protection. In order to maximise personal security and trust, we encourage Creators to form cells and associate with three to four WRL's at the most. Our Church Membership and Official Supporters are optionally divided into the same cell structure: While I as PM need to know every National Representative of Creativity, it is the National Coordinator that needs to know each State or Regional Coordinator; and so on down the line until you get to the Church Primary Group Coordinator, whom is responsible for his Church Members and Official Supporters. In practice, some Church Primary Groups keep to the cell structure for their own security, and others are more comfortable with open acknowledgement of their Church Membership and deal directly with the National Coordinators or PM. That is the way it has always been with Creativity - except for a very short period when a particularly egocentric person demanded that he be sent the personal details of each and every Creator (along with 100% of their fees and donations) ... which all found their way into the hands of the FBI, resulting in a period of persecution for some Creators. Suffice it to say, that there is no single source for the complete listing of Church Members, Supporters or Affiliates. I trust my Church Primary Group Coordinators to tell me what I need to know; just as they trust me, or their immediate superior following the cell structure system, with their personal details. Note: I have been raided or visited by the JOG's Political Police innumerable times over the years, and despite their demands to the contrary they have NEVER been able to depart my home with a single name or address in their possession.

Regarding Weird Harold: Any former Creator that promotes Weird Harold stands opposed to Creativity. They should be shunned as would be any traitor or enemy of our Creed.