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Title: Norwegian woman raped by muds in London
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/drunk-woman-raped-twice-in-one-night-in-separate-london-attacks-and-she-didnt-know/story-fni6um3i-1227223676935 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/drunk-woman-raped-twice-in-one-night-in-separate-london-attacks-and-she-didnt-know/story-fni6um3i-1227223676935)

A DRUNK Norwegian tourist was viciously attacked twice in separate sexual assaults as she tried to make her way home from a boozy night out. 
The 23-year-old had spent the afternoon drinking at a barbecue in Essex, in May last year, a UK court heard.

Marius Stakele, 24, and Aftab Mohammed, 39, who are unknown to each other, allegedly forced themselves on the woman just hours apart after she asked for their help getting home.

The intoxicated victim, had no idea the second attack had taken place until police carried out DNA tests.

She was so drunk she believed she was at Londonís Heathrow Airport when she approached Stakele and his friend at Canning Town station, the court heard.

Court evidence alleges they walked with her towards a highway overpass where Stakele smashed her head against a concrete wall and raped her.

She later reported the attack to police and DNA tests revealed she had been raped by a second man that same night.

Prior to the overpass attack, there was a period from midnight to 4am when the victim doesnít have any recollection at all, during which time the prosecution said she was raped by the second man, Mr Mohammed.

He told the court the victim had knocked on the window of his booth guarding a building site where he worked and begged him for a ride home.

Mohammed told police he refused because it was against company policy, but eventually changed his mind.

UKís Metro reports that Prosecutor Pam Oon said: ďHe said he took her to an area of waste ground and thatís where they had sex and he didnít force her ó out of concern he gave her money to get home.Ē >:D

CCTV footage from Canning Town station showed Mohammed dropping the young woman off in his work car.

O.k because this Norwegian woman was drunk.. does that give this mud the right to screw her and then try be a gentleman and drop her home?