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Title: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/sa-could-end-up-with-different-income-tax-rate-lowest-minimum-wage-on-mainland-if-commission-of-audit-recommendations-are-adopted/story-fni6uo1m-1226902183237 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/sa-could-end-up-with-different-income-tax-rate-lowest-minimum-wage-on-mainland-if-commission-of-audit-recommendations-are-adopted/story-fni6uo1m-1226902183237)

SOUTH Australia could have different income tax rates to the rest of the country and the lowest minimum wage on the mainland, if key recommendations from the Commission of Audit are adopted. 
Under changes to minimum pay rates, low-income earners in SA would eventually earn up to $85 less per week than workers in other states doing the same jobs.

The commissioners suggested that state-based income taxes be reintroduced for the first time since uniform taxation was established by the federal government during World War II.

The commissioners said the federal government should reduce personal income tax rates, possibly by about 10 per cent and cut some payments to the states and territories.
Other recommendations call for a change to the way the minimum wage is calculated.

Within a decade, low-paid workers would be entitled to the lower of a new “benchmark’’ or 44 per cent of average weekly earnings in their state.

By 2023, South Australia would have a $637 per week minimum wage while low-paid Tasmanians would earn $622.

Victoria would have a $681 per week minimum wage, Queensland $702 and the other states and territories $722.

The commissioners argued that linking minimum wages to local economic conditions would make it more affordable for employers to take on extra staff.

Under changes to welfare rules, young, single South Australians aged between 22 and 30 years could be forced to states with lower unemployment rates to look for work.

Under changes to the way GST revenue is distributed, SA would receive the same amount it gets now. But some other states would get a larger slice of an enlarged GST revenue pie.

http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/calls-for-boost-to-migrant-numbers/story-fnj4f7k1-1226896970293?from=public_rss (http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/calls-for-boost-to-migrant-numbers/story-fnj4f7k1-1226896970293?from=public_rss)

TASMANIA must harness its tourism kudos overseas to boost its permanent population, multiculturalism advocates say. 
Before the election, Premier Will Hodgman pledged to boost skilled migrant numbers and encourage more overseas students to stay.

The Multicultural Council of Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia are urging the State Government to “get moving”.

“What’s needed now is some meat on the bones of that commitment,” Multicultural Council of Tasmania chief executive Anna Reynolds said.

She called on the Government to sponsor more skilled migrants — to ease their visa processes, as was commonly done in South Australia and Western Australia.

The SA Government also funds billboards and other advertising encouraging overseas students to live and work in the state after graduation.
Mr Hodgman said his Government was dedicated to boosting the state’s migrant population.

“That’s one of the reasons why I participated in the recent national trade delegation to Asia. I was able to hand-deliver that message to our strongest trading partners.”

Immigration Department figures show more than 30 per cent of SA’s skilled migrants are state-sponsored, compared with 10 per cent in Tasmania.

Ms Reynolds said Tasmania was well behind in cultural diversity.

“Just 12 per cent of our residents were born overseas, compared to the national average of over 24 per cent,’’ she said.

Migrants brought skills, fresh perspectives, money and connections, as well as new demand for local services and products, she said.

So there you have it ! Encourage the cashed up Gooks and curries (WITH RICH DADDY'S THAT PAY FOR THEM TO STUDY AT OUR UNIVERSITY) to take up residence in the States of SA and Tas.. then force those that are unemployed and under 30 to migrate interstate! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? tHE INDIAN MYNA BIRD PEST AT HIS FINEST! PUSH THE EGGS OUT OF THE AUSSIES NEST AND THEN SMASH THEM AND STEAL THE NEST FOR THEMSELVES!
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/nt-chamber-of-commerce-we-dont-need-your-bludgers-sent-here/story-fnk0b1zt-1226904090260 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/nt-chamber-of-commerce-we-dont-need-your-bludgers-sent-here/story-fnk0b1zt-1226904090260)

A PROPOSAL to force those on the dole to relocate to areas of high employment has been slammed by the Territory’s Chamber of Commerce. 
The recommendation was made in the Commission of Audit report released yesterday. Senior Government sources have confirmed the Federal Government will adopt a majority of the 86 recommendations contained in the five-volume, 1200-page report.

The commission recommends a number of changes be made to improve incentives to work, including “requiring young single people aged 22 to 30 without dependants or special exemptions to relocate to higher employment areas or lose access to benefits after a period of 12 months on benefit.”

The Northern Territory has a very low unemployment rate with workforce participation figures above the national average. Recent ABS statistics showed that 71.6 per cent of Territorians are employed.

But Chamber of Commerce chief Greg Bicknell said the proposal sounded draconian and would be unlikely to work.

He said the chamber regularly encouraged people from across the country to move up to the Territory to take up work opportunities.

But Mr Bicknell said a program that would force people here against their will was not the way to go.

“This sort of thing has not worked very well in the past,” Mr Bicknell said.

“Forcibly relocating people is not going to be very acceptable to the general public.

“Getting people up to the Territory is something that should be encouraged, and it (could happen) if the Government was to provide assistance for those people to move and address issues like cost of living and housing.”

He said the Territory had a specific skill set demand, and questioned bringing long term unemployed up to the Territory to work in minimum wage jobs, especially when there was already a large pool of people available to fill jobs.

“The big call has always been for skilled labour,” he said. “We have a large number of non-skilled who can fill unskilled jobs ... but generally those jobs won’t support the cost of living for people to the Territory,” he said.

We all know why the government is attempting to get the unemployed to move.. they want the rich Curries and chinks to take their place in SA and TAS and build an ant colony on the soil our ancestors built for US! Want more investments in those areas... particularly from Asia and the Subcontinent!
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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...And when thee Aussies from other states try migrate to the NT, we'll peg them at the post and get some ching chongs to compete with them!

http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/nt-wants-2500-more-asian-migrants-per-year/story-fnjbnvyj-1226907657628 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/nt-wants-2500-more-asian-migrants-per-year/story-fnjbnvyj-1226907657628)

THE Northern Territory government hopes to welcome 2500 migrants from Asia to fill labour gaps
as part of a proposal to develop northern Australia. 
Chief Minister Adam Giles says he is in talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and federal Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison about putting in place a regional migration agreement, but admits it hasn't been easy.

"There are challenges in perceptions around the country about increasing migration to the Territory," he told reporters in Darwin on Tuesday.

He said the unemployment rate in the greater Darwin area was 1.3 per cent, posing problems for employers seeking labour, and plans haven't always come to fruition to bring up workers from Sydney and Melbourne, which have higher levels of unemployment.

"We are having a strategic advancement towards Asia; we believe that's the most positive move for the NT as a government and for northern Australia both on investment but also population and trade routes," Mr Giles said.

He said he is working on a trilateral agreement between the NT, East Timor and Indonesia, and still determining what a 2500 growth in migrant workers would mean for the workforce, housing and essential services.

The government is still negotiating the time frame over which the workers would migrate to the NT, which has a long history of welcoming migrant workers, particularly from Asia, and Mr Giles said he hoped that would continue.

"It's important migration from the northern neighbours when we can't fill those gaps from southern Australia," e focus on he said, but stressed the need to ensure the plan had the support from the wider Australian community.

The biggest challenge for workers migrating to Australia from the neighbouring region would be mastering English, said Pak Ade, Indonesia's consul to the NT.

Bloody Boong Chief minister! focusing on getting , slit eyed, yellow peril here!
What's wrong with getting white people who know English? Oh that's right he thinks Australia is part of Asia now and he can kill English off in a generation to bow down to the bug eyed neighbours!

Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/05/10/andrews-says-easy-access-to-welfare-over.html?cid=BP_RSS_SN-TOPSTORIES_1_Andrewssayseasyaccesstowelfareover_100514&_ga=1.175542818.1212127677.1381911102 (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/05/10/andrews-says-easy-access-to-welfare-over.html?cid=BP_RSS_SN-TOPSTORIES_1_Andrewssayseasyaccesstowelfareover_100514&_ga=1.175542818.1212127677.1381911102)

Up to 20,000 Australians who receive the disability support pension (DSP) will be assessed for the capacity to work, and if deemed able, will be expected to get a job. In tough talk ahead of the budget, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews also repeated warnings that the days of young Australians sitting at home on the couch collecting welfare cheques were over. He said the government believed young people should be either be working or training for work. 'The message out of this is simply this. The days of easy welfare for young people are over.

 We want a fair system but we don't think it is fair that young people can just sit on the couch at home and pick up a welfare cheque. Those days are over,' he told reporters in Melbourne. Mr Andrews confirmed the budget, to be delivered on Tuesday night, will introduce rules that mean some people collecting the DSP disability support pension will be reviewed for capacity to work.

Now this I have to see!

* Firstly the economy isn't good enough for all to get work.

* They allow big business to take on workers from foreign lands by increasing both 457 visas and backpacker visas.

*They want more Indonesians and other Asian ilk here!

*They don't do a lot to keep jobs here and are pro globalisation!

*If they want young people to get to the work .. then they need to pay for transport costs to re-house and get started.

*Who will take a disabled worker who is only capable in some tasks over others who are?

*What will happen? More crime more of the money they save in welfare will go to build prisons and pay for their upkeep.

.. and you can bet the Abbos can still run free and get welfare. you can bet there will always be one rule for them and another for everyone else!

Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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The same rhetoric as in england. Our ruling jewish class regard White people as worthless and only fit for defending them . We are expendable just for use in their wars. They boast they can do with us as they like and completely ethnic replace us at will. If only our people had some guts and fighting spirit to say No! and strike back.
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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 :-\ Mate that will only happen when:-
 * They forget about Rugby and Soccer
*forget about drinking booze
*have no money in their pockets
*People Care nothing for materialism
*you get rid of all their I-pads/I phones they are obsessed and addicted to!

Then you may see some fighting.. but you know what a couple years ago some black bastards in the UK decided they'd all have riots across the place .. and turn the place upside down.. and even still look at the pathetic , snivelling, PC brigade that came out...DID THEY FORGET ABOUT ALL THAT? IF THAT DOESN'T CHANGE PEOPLE WHAT WILL?
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/darwin-faces-a-critical-shortage-of-tradies-and-workers/story-fnk2tq5v-1226934418753 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/darwin-faces-a-critical-shortage-of-tradies-and-workers/story-fnk2tq5v-1226934418753)

DARWIN Chamber of Commerce CEO Greg Bicknell has labelled the lack of workers in Darwin “critical” and has described the process to obtain the Federal Government’s regional permit visa as a “bureaucratic quagmire”. 
Earlier this month, Chief Minister Adam Giles met with Prime Minister Tony Abbott to discuss establishing a regional migration agreement, whereby the Northern Territory would fly in 2500 migrant workers on a temporary visa.

Over the past five years, the unemployment rate in the Northern Territory has sat at under 2 per cent.

“There are more opportunities than there are people,” Mr Giles said.
The idea for a temporary migration visa was raised three years ago by the Chamber of Commerce, which lobbied the then Labor government.

The Country Liberals Government lobbied for 1100 workers to be imported into Northern Australia over the past two years, but to no avail.
While Mr Giles said the Government was committed to giving Australians the first pick, it was a struggle to push workers from other states to the Northern Territory.

“It’s a difficult position. We have to make sure we look after Australia first,” he said.

However Mr Giles said he was positive the Federal Government was listening.

O.K , so there are now going to be Australians 18-30 without welfare after the budget , then supposedly forced into places with more work.

* I sure hope the Government will help them get apprenticeships for the roles! As well as making it easier for the companies to employ apprentices!

* I hope the Government will give them rent assistance to move to an expensive town like Darwin... as well as re-location fees.

 :-\ Aww! guess that'll be all too hard! :-\ How about we replace the Aussies and get some "regional neighbours" to come do the jobs, bug eyes Muslims from Indonesia or Phillipines .. heck! the employers can bully them around and they'll do whatever or they get their visa canned and replaced by a new ching chong!
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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  Aww! guess that'll be all too hard!  How about we replace the Aussies and get some "regional neighbours" to come do the jobs, bug eyes Muslims from Indonesia or Phillipines .. heck! the employers can bully them around and they'll do whatever or they get their visa canned and replaced by a new ching chong!

Which means anyone White currently employed in the Territory will be sacked and replaced always cheaper Cheeches and Ching Chongs.
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1ggMgjYev4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1ggMgjYev4)
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/new-jobseeking-rules-make-workfordole-mandatory-for-all-aged-18-to-49/story-fnjbnxug-1227003177112 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/new-jobseeking-rules-make-workfordole-mandatory-for-all-aged-18-to-49/story-fnjbnxug-1227003177112)

ALMOST all jobseekers will be required to work for the dole under tough new federal government rules expanding the scheme.

O.K so why say "Almost" here? Are the Abbos going to be made to find work or work for the dole too? What about ratbag Asylum seekers? I'd love to know what job seekers are going to be excluded?!

The government is making it mandatory for jobseekers aged 18 to 49 to work for their welfare payments from July 1, 2015.

Those aged 18 to 30 will be required to work 25 hours per week while people aged 31 to 49 will have to work 15 hours.

Those over 50 will have the option of participating in the program.

The new rules will ensure jobseekers are actively looking for work, Assistant Employment Minister Luke Hartsuyker says.

“It also allows jobseekers to give something back to the taxpayers and community that supports them,’’ he told AAP in a statement this morning.

Work for the dole currently applies to jobseekers aged up to 30, who have been out of work for a year, in 18 locations of high unemployment around the country.

They have to work 15 hours per week for six months to receive welfare payments.

The expanded scheme is part of a new employment services model to be announced by Mr Hartsuyker and Employment Minister Eric Abetz tomorrow.

While some aspects will come under legislation, it’s understood the new work for the dole rules could still be implemented if the Senate rejects them.

The Australian Greens said there was nothing to prove work for the dole was effective.

It failed to address barriers to employment such as lack of available jobs and training or discrimination.

“This announcement is all about punishing people,’’ Greens family and community spokeswoman Rachel Siewert said in a statement on Sunday.

“If jobs aren’t available, it is nonsense to say people have to apply for at least a job a day.’’
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/plans-to-extend-work-for-dole-scheme/story-fnjbnvyj-1227003662003 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/plans-to-extend-work-for-dole-scheme/story-fnjbnvyj-1227003662003)

WELFARE advocates warn new rules forcing young unemployed people to search for 40 jobs a month and work without taxpayer payments won't get them employed. 
ANGLICARE Australia and the National Welfare Rights Network have welcomed parts of the government's three-year $5.1 billion job placement program, to be rolled out from July 2015.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSJKQj4Ghk4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSJKQj4Ghk4)
They have applauded the provision of wage subsidies for mature-age workers, young job seekers and the long-term unemployed.

But they're concerned about punitive measures for people under 30, who will work for no dole for six months while applying for 40 jobs every month.
"It's a path to disillusionment and demoralisation," Anglicare's acting executive director Roland Manderson told AAP on Monday.

Mr Manderson believes it will force more people to seek emergency relief.
Labor accused the government of writing a recipe for social disaster among young people, warning about increasing rates of homelessness and anti-social behaviour.

For older workers, it was an insult to make them work for the dole given their ample work experience.

"This is cruel and counter-productive," opposition employment spokesman Brendan O'Connor told reporters in Melbourne.

The federal government argues here is proof that work for the dole works, which is why is it expanding it to cover all job seekers aged under 50.
Making those under 30 work 25 hours a week, and 30-49 work 15 hours a week, would impart important job and life skills and ease them into the workforce, it said.

It was the least taxpayers expected of those on welfare.
"It is absolutely obvious that if you are sitting at home not looking for work, you are unlikely to get a job," Assistant Employment Minister Luke Hartsuyker told reporters in Melbourne.
There are also concerns the measures will be rolled out without the need for legislation.
Mr Manderson said it will be hard to hold the government to account.
"The only say you get is through public debate," he said.
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/planning-minister-john-rau-signals-his-intention-to-more-than-double-the-cbds-population/story-fni6uo1m-1227007916045 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/planning-minister-john-rau-signals-his-intention-to-more-than-double-the-cbds-population/story-fni6uo1m-1227007916045)

MORE than 50,000 people could live in central Adelaide within a decade, as Planning Minister John Rau signals his intention to more than double the CBD’s population. 
As the State Government prepares to review its 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide, Mr Rau has also suggested the overall metropolitan area could eventually comfortably become home to another million people.

“If we had the same density as is in North Adelaide through the existing footprint of the city, we could probably absorb another million people or something,” he said.

You can bet they are't going to encourage breeding amongst whites or white immigration either!?

“If you had a look at North Adelaide, nobody would call that ... a highly dense suburb. It is certainly not in the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Kowloon (Hong Kong) category.”
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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When I was a kid, I lived in the City of Elizabeth ... otherwise known as that highly dense suburb. Over an approximate ten year period ending in November 78, I remember seeing one Abo. No other muds of any race at all. The most problems we ever had were with WOGs (White Occidental Gentlemen) from Italy who refused to speak English; but we grew up with their kids and had absolutely no problems ... until the 80's when the school teachers suddenly started to single the WOGs out as a protected species, and then the problems started. That is what led to the next generation; the grandchildren of the original immigrants from Italy and Greece et al forming their gangs and turning on the rest of us "White Australians" or "Skips" as they called us.

As the 80's went on, the Lebanese were added to the mix, went through the same pattern as the Greeks and Italians (also Poles, Russians and Ukrainians, Hungarians, Serbs and Croats and any otherthat doesn't fit into North Western Europe) and then adopted the worst of their customs and added them to their own. Today, if someone introduces their self as a WOG, we do what we must and treat them like a NOG (Non Occidental Gentleman) ... until proven otherwise.

At least with the Italians, Greeks and Serbs, any arrogant WOG that is born here and travels to Europe learns the truth and is guaranteed to come back completely awakened and therefore changed. Shame I cannot say the same for the rest.

Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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I'd love to know where all the jobs for these people are going to come from? The water? I do know that Asians and Indians will buy their way in with University diplomas that'll allow them to reside in Australia.
Adelaide has a small economy right now and high unemployment even the Chinks don't want to invest in it because not a lot is going on. Infact they all go back to Asia after getting what they want.

There are the rich Chinks and the poor Chinks. The Filipinos who are starving back home and work like ants in the hill to send $$$ to family. Even $100AUD is going to help the family survive 3 months easy.The employers love them because they won't rock the boat at all.

 In the Phillipines if you have no job you are nothing! there are even pro chess players who sit by the road and you can bet $ on the chess game and win $ if you beat them.That is their job! However you won't beat them they are that good at it.

In a nut shell The Gooks are like bees that fly all around the world to get pollen from the flowers to go back to their hive in China eventually.

If Australia really wants to prosper. They need to get more white people to come and breed and make it easier to have a home, child care subsidy rates, get a job and outlaw Femanism and stop all these little "Germaine Greers"from wanting to undermine the family and go back to their mothering role in nature.As it stands a single income family goes hardly anyplace!

Instead they are making duoplexes , apartment blocks, highrise, the "McMansions with no back yard" that cost you $$$ .. all because you have to compete with cashed up Subcontinentals and Chinks!
Then to boot making it unaffordable to go to University and sending on unemployed citizens (replacing citizens with 3rd world scum) to places where there is more work.. but they won't help a young person with relocation fees!
Title: Re: South Australian State Government to Deport Aussies & Import Foreigners
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/abbotts-green-army-mobilised/story-fnjbnvyj-1227011084256 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/abbotts-green-army-mobilised/story-fnjbnvyj-1227011084256)

ABOUT 15,000 young Australians will be mobilised for the government's Green Army and get their hands dirty on environmental projects for a weekly wage of up to $500. 
THE Abbott government's Green Army initiative, launched in Sydney on Saturday, will see 1500 projects rolled out over the next three years.
The scheme will involve 17- to 24-year-olds working on 20- to 26-week-long projects, including koala habitat restoration, revegetation, and restoring culturally significant sites.
The young participants will number 2500 in the first year and grow to 15,000 by 2018/19.
Earlier this year, unions criticised the amount Green Army participants would be paid because it was below the minimum wage.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it was not a work-for-the dole scheme.
"Wage rates range from about $10 an hour to about $16 an hour," he told reporters.
"It's a training allowance.
"It's the same sort of money people would get if they were doing any other traineeship, in any other field."
The participants will be eligible for certificate qualifications in areas such as land management and horticulture.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt said young people would earn between $600 and $1000 over a fortnight.

That was higher than Newstart and Youth Allowance payments, he said.
"They not only earn the funds, but most significantly they get the work skills and hopefully, they will come out of it with certificates and occupational health and safety training, first aid training, and having achieved something," he said.

O.K tree planting.. I mean really big life skills there "Phoney Tony"!.. well at least the greenies aren't going to say you don't care about environment by pulling carbon tax.

I think it is all cheap labour// "Wage rates range from about $10 an hour to about $16 an hour," ... so what exacty is it all in aid of? Who are these kids going to become after all this? Are there any incentives for proper apprenticeship programs? Access to Universities .. or is that all for gooks?