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Title: Aussie Babies Exposed to TB by Imported [Read: Mud] Doctor
Post by: Private on 09 December 2008 at 22:16
Tuberculosis is an almost unheard of disease in Australia, but thanks to Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital's overuse of imported non-White doctors, TB has returned to bite it in the arse.

Due to the incompetence of immigration authorities, an imported doctor has exposed about 300 babies in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit and the Special Care Baby Unit to tuberculosis.

When contacted, the Women's and Children's hospital refused to comment on the country of origin or the racial makeup of the TB riddled quack, but assured concerned parents that the imported doctor is now on sick-leave.

A routine examination of the recently imported doctor by SA Health returned a positive result for TB, not only exposing about 300 Aussie new-borns to TB but also exposing the look-the-other-way attitude of Australian immigration authorities in their over-zealous efforts to re-colonise Australia in a dark demographic.

For babies under 3 months of age, tests for TB are ineffective. A spokesman for the Women's and Children's Hospital offered preventative antibiotics with a screening test at 3 months and a further test at six months.

For more information phone 1800 131 231.

Cailen Cambeul.
Title: Re: Aussie Babies Exposed to TB by Imported [Read: Mud] Doctor
Post by: Private on 10 December 2008 at 06:46
This is terrible news.

I would not be surprised if this occurred in other states and was hushed up.