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Title: Let's Commit Suicide: F*** South Australia's Economy & Support Multiculturalism
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"Let's grow South Australia's ecomomy and support multiculturalism"

 Contact Steven Marshall
 Parliament House, North
 Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000
 Phone 08 8237 9295
 Fax 08 8237 9126
 Email Steven Marshall www.stevenmarshall.com.au (http://www.stevenmarshall.com.au)

Growth Action Agenda
Steven has started 2014 with a series of announcements aimed at growing South Australia’s population. The State Liberals are committed to generating sustainable population growth which will help boost our economy and create more jobs.

After 12 years of Labor, our State has suffered a net interstate migration loss of 34,000.

Steven has announced a Growth Action Agenda with seven key points to stop the exodus of people from South Australia and to stimulate our economy. A Marshall Liberal Government will:

• Reduce waiting times for people wishing to settle in SA;

Probably a :- Flip, Chink and Curry "free for all ahead"?

• Within the first 100 days of government, work with the Federal Government to deliver an increase in migration opportunities for SA;

Yeah , guess who?!

• Seek, attract and support new skilled workers to SA;

What? the Flips that do the jobs the South Aussies won't supposedly do? To be skilled at making McDonnalds and Subway baguettes?

• Work with the mining and energy sector to switch fly-in-fly-out jobs to locally based positions;

Does this mean WA mining places will do a FIFO from Adelaide to the mines and not just from Kalgoorlie or Perth?

• Hold a Population Growth Summit to examine new ideas to stimulate growth;

How about give jobs back to the South Aussies and ditch the idea of allowing 1/2 of Asia and the Middle east to settle! How about returning more industry to Adelaide not sending it away!

• Take new steps to encourage high net-worth investment migrant visas in SA;

What are they going to invest in? We got a mining tax and a carbon tax that screwed all the industry up.. and we sent all the jobs in industrial sector abroad.. all they left SA was a retirement town!

• Work with the business sector to identify skills shortages for employer sponsored visas; and

How about incentives for Aussies to employ Aussies and give them traineeships?!

• Increase the Multicultural Grants Scheme to $1 million per year to allow organisations to provide settlement services for new migrants.

Well , what was wrong with the old "10 pound poms"model? I guess white people don't cut it in SA now, don't breed enough for the machine, ask for a good days pay for a good days work, make a stand when things aren't right, how about getting some cheap imports who don't complain and they'll work more hours for less and drive down the living standards!?

Title: Re: Let's Commit Suicide: F*** South Australia's Economy & Support Multiculturalism
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/money/most-australians-disagree-rising-house-prices-are-a-good-thing/story-fni0cms5-1226799251099 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/money/most-australians-disagree-rising-house-prices-are-a-good-thing/story-fni0cms5-1226799251099)

IT'S the great Australian dream: buy your own home, settle in and watch it grow in value to fund your retirement. 
But stretched affordability has soured the dream for many.

A majority of Australians now think rising house prices are bad for the country, with exclusive new polling showing more than half the population disagrees with the statement that "rising house prices are a good thing for Australia".

And the number of people who think rising house prices are good for Australia is a quarter of those who don't like the development.

Surprisingly, even though they stand to gain the most from rising prices, older Australians are even more concerned about rising prices than people aged under 30.

"Even though as homeowners older generations tend to benefit from rising prices, parents are really worried about their kids capacity to enter the housing market," the director at Ipsos, Rebecca Huntley, told News Corp Australia.

According to the Ipsos survey, 53.7 per cent of Australians disagree with the statement "rising house prices are a good thing for Australia", with 27 per cent "strongly" disagreeing.

Only 13.2 per cent thought rising house prices were a good thing, with the rest ambivalent or "don't know".

Aussie home prices jumped 10 per cent last year thanks to record low interest rates, with the steepest rise in Sydney of 14.5 per cent. Prices in Sydney and Perth are now above their pre-GFC highs.

Australians in their thirties and forties are the group most worried about rising prices, followed by those aged 50 plus.

Young fathers, in particular, expressed concern in separate focus groups about their child's future ability to buy a home. According to Dr Huntley: "Even though their kids were still very young, these young dads were already anxious about housing affordability in decades to come."

"Property ownership has been part of our social compact. It's been linked to our sense of what it is to be Australian."

"The community understands housing prices are a problem and yet they don't know what governments and consumers can do to change it in a way that won't detrimentally effect those people who are relying on the capital in their home to fund their retirement.", Dr Huntley said.

Um ??? how about quit bringing :- Chinks, Curries, Reffos and Flips here so Aussies have to compete with them for the houses? :-\ Don't have to be Einstein to work it all out  :D