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Title: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 30 September 2013 at 13:26
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So, you mean to say you've not heard of Golden Dawn and I just noticed your profile says you are involved in Church of creativity Bulgaria? Is this correct?  How could this be? Bulgaria neighbours Greece.
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Post by: Private on 30 September 2013 at 15:24
very simple really i have been away from bulgaria for quite a while living on a private island with no tv electric etc living in a back to basic way growing our own food and so on trying to live as our church teaches.
so i have not seen any tv or newspapers to find out about them.
hope this answers your question.
plus there is lots of countries bordering bulgaria the  biggest being turkey and i dont know much about them either. just because you live someplace does not mean you know what the people next door is upto.
by your tone you seem to have a problem with my question. if so i hope my answer solves it.
either way i hope you have a good day.
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Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 00:38
No I don't have a problem with your question. It is Just that Golden Dawn is pretty much the  Nazi party of our time and it is a well known party due to all the controversy surrounding them and the fact they are getting many votes and assisting Greeks with food as well as dealing with non white scum.
I think it is good you want to remove yourself from society for a while. I often wonder what it's be like. It is clear you have electricity. So you grow your own food? where does your water come from? have you got a rain tank? Or do you have water mains? So where do you live now? Some small village? In what country?
Anyhow as for the topic
http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/09/30/uk-greece-racism-idUKBRE98T0R020130930 (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/09/30/uk-greece-racism-idUKBRE98T0R020130930)
Greece plans new anti-racism law amid Golden Dawn crackdown

The Greek government said on Monday it would present a bill targeting racist hate speech, part of a crackdown on the far-right Golden Dawn party after the killing of an anti-fascist rapper.

Greece (http://uk.reuters.com/places/greece)'s ruling coalition had been at loggerheads over whether it needed a new anti-racism law to deal with racist and inflammatory talk used by Golden Dawn.

"(The bill) will be submitted to parliament in a matter of days. It has symbolic and moral value," Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos told reporters, adding it would align Greek legislation with European standards.

O.K so here's what probably happened , they got some infiltrator to go and assassinate the lefty hip hop singer to set up this whole thing.
I was on a different forum and a Greek poster wrote this:-
The charges can not probably stand in court .

I just finished listening to G.D radio where the daughter of Nikos Mihaloliakos said that charges like those can simply not stand in court . She said that there is a license for the weapons confiscated and that basically most of those "witnesses" can not prove their credibility .

Also , a lot of documents that are supposed to prove G.D is a terrorist organization , are actually FORGED . And that the supposed phonecalls that the Greek secret services have actually prove the innocence of G.D rather than the opposite . (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/images/smilies/beerchug.gif)

My bet is that it is going to be tough here for us nationalists for some weeks , but after this if G.D layers manage to win the case , the system will collapse . IT WILL BE A COMPLETE FIASCO , ministers will quit , people might be send to prison or pay HUGE fines if G.D decides to sue them for fake-witnessing and forging evidence and if those things happen , G.D support MAY climb to 25% (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/images/smilies/beerchug.gif) .

I think this backfires on them .
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Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 01:03
http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/09/30/2813447/greek-govt-aims-to-cut-funding.html (http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/09/30/2813447/greek-govt-aims-to-cut-funding.html)
NEW YORK Greece's prime minister said Monday his government will do "whatever it takes" to completely eradicate the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose neo-Nazi leaders have just been arrested.
Antonis Samaras said the Greek people "are very smart" and are now seeing the party for what it really is.
"I believe that they will realize that they should not follow the party that has such extreme ideological positions and ideas," he told a meeting in New York of AJC, the American Jewish Committee, which advocates globally on Jewish issues.
Samaras, in New York to attend the U.N. annual meeting of world leaders, added that he does not believe the party will return with greater popularity because its leaders will be viewed as victims or martyrs. Golden Dawn's approach and thinking about politics is "so negative" and "so hideous ... (and) so catastrophic to Greeks and Greece that I do not believe they might come back," he said.
Golden Dawn, a formerly fringe nationalist group with neo-Nazi roots that started in the late 1980s, enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity during Greece's financial crisis which began about six years ago. They won 18 seats in the 300-member Parliament in the 2012 election.

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/09/30/2813447/greek-govt-aims-to-cut-funding.html#storylink=cpy (http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/09/30/2813447/greek-govt-aims-to-cut-funding.html#storylink=cpy)

http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite3_1_29/09/2013_520762 (http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite3_1_29/09/2013_520762)
NEW YORK - The American Jewish Committee praised the Greek government for taking bold action against Golden Dawn. It's Executive Director, David Harris, said that as the "very essence of democracy in Greece is at stake, the message is clear from the Greek government that the forces of violent extremism are a threat to society and will not be tolerated.

In an interview with Kathimerini, David Harris, who will host a meeting with Prime Minister Samaras in New York on Monday, highlighted the need for the law against racism to be adopted as soon as possible, recognized the risks involved in taking on a political party that serves in the Parliament, but noted that Golden Dawn has crossed the line a long time ago, and made clear that as the Greek - Israeli strategic relationship flourishes, the Jewish community will continue to find ways to help Greece.

 "The government of Prime Minister [Antonis] Samaras has recognized the absolute necessity of saying 'enough is enough,' and of taking meaningful actions to stop the madness of Golden Dawn" said Harris, adding that "a party cannot be allowed to cynically use the freedom that democracy offers to subvert that very freedom.

How do people of the Jewish faith and, more broadly, Americans, view the meteoric rise of a party like Golden Dawn? They used to get around 0.2 percent of the vote, and suddenly in 2012 they ended up with 7 percent.

 This has been a matter of considerable concern, and not just to Jews but to all who care about the spirit of democratic values and of mutual respect among different groups.

So Ladies and Gentlemen we can guess who is behind all this?
You're a Mean One Mr. Jew! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp7frByBndA#ws)
Title: Re: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 01:11
Thank you for your reply. as for your questions yes i have electric now as i have moved off the island back to scotland because my oldest son needed help. And as i am sure you will agree family comes first.
But when on the island the water came from small streams, and we collected it in a very large holding tank.
As for food we had lots of land to grow most of our food needs, plus we put out creels for shellfish and nets for normal fish.
Any extra we caught we sold to buy the items we needed that we could not make or grow ourselves.
Both my sons were brought up to put family friends and folk first. i did have a mobile phone charged from a solar panel, in case of emergencies. But i needed to go to the other side of the island to get a signal.
And since leaving and coming back to the modern world. I can say i did not miss the tv or papers, as all thats on is puffs perverts and race mixers.
so once my son is back on his feet, i hope to go back to living this way. when traveling or talking to people i always push the church and our beliefs. As well as other things i would rather not go into in public So i believe i do my bit for our church and people. And i would also like to mention that our leader was consulted before i started this lifestyle. And he give his blessing and good wishes on it. As our church teaches this way of life as it has from the beginning.
To finish off  i would simply say if any of my questions are stupid or ignorant of the facts. the only way to find out the truth is to ask and learn. so i thank you once again for giving me the facts.     
Title: Re: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 01:43
Well at least if you live in Scotland you don't have any problems with Aboriginal groups trying to claim your land away from you. You have fresh water that is a must. In Australia your sort of living would be very hard to pull off. Not enough fresh water and then if the Government wanted to get you they'd make some bloody Aboriginal land claim.
I always thought about making a Viking barn type place and go back to living traditionally.How do you pay council rates and what do you do if you need to go visit a Dentist or Medical practitioner? The money you use from selling the fish buy that too as well as pay for the electricity? Or do you have a generator?
Where does your rubbish go? What about sewerage? Do you have a conventional toilet or a septic tank system?  Do you have Gas ovens fuelled by LPG gas? Horses or vehicles?
Your lifestyle is very interesting and I don't know anybody who lives as you do so your answers would be of interest to me.
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Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 02:14
You will have to forgive me. But its very late over here at the moment, So i will be happy to answer your questions tomorrow if thats ok with you. But for the moment good night and have a good day.
Title: Re: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 01 October 2013 at 14:20
In answer to your questions i will start at the beginning.
we moved onto a private island called gometra around one mile by two, it is off the west coast of scotland. the house was first built in 1760 and was in a derelict condition. the deal was we rebuilt the house from the ground up to the roof. and the man who owned the island paid for the materials
while building we lived in whats called a bothy, a one room building next to the house. there is no electric gas or even roads on the island. our light came from oil lamps we used fish oil we got from the local fish farms dead tank. ( gives good light and not much smell } once alight that is. smells like * when collected though.
heat and cooking was done on a open fire fueled by peat and wood from the beaches.  the nearest doctor / dentist was on the island of mull around 16 mile walk each way or if weather was ok one hour by our little boat using a small 5hp outboard.
in emergency the coast guard would fly out with a helicopter.
the farmer on the island had a quad bike and was good enough to let us use it at times if needed. as we helped with the farm when he needed help. as for making money at times we would collect winkles from the rocks around the coast line. we got around 1.50 per kg and if lucky we could get up to 200kg over a few days. the hard part was getting them to the buyer.
in the past i was a licenced slaughterman so when the farmer needed to kill and skin a sheep i would help and get paid in meat.
so with this the shellfish, and normal fish plus our garden we always had lots of chemical free organic food.
as for taxes the council said it was nil owed per year as there was no services on the island / as for waste we had a septic tank
and there was never much rubbish what there was we set fire to it or used it in other ways if possible. i hope this is of interest to you feel free to ask again if you wish i am happy to answer your questions as best as i can
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Post by: Private on 03 October 2013 at 13:41
Yes sounds like an interesting life.. how ever you must curse sometimes if you can't get off the island and your boat isn't safe to drive anyplace. The Winter must be pretty harsh up there, I could imagine a lot of woollens and fires! I have been to Scotland in the year 2000, it was perhaps August? It was very cold! I was in :- Edinburgh, Livingstone, Glen Coe, Dundee, St Andrew's, Glasgow and a bit of a tour to Inverness. Yes fun times.
How do you get your power and where does your interenet connection come from? Satelite phone or something? How does your mail get to you? Do you have to go to a post office in the neighbouring place that has the Dentist and Doctor? What animals do you have with you on the island besides the Sheep?
How long have you lived on this Island for?
Title: Re: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 03 October 2013 at 22:32
I must point out that i am no longer on that island. As i stated i left due to family problems with my oldest son.
So now we are back on the mainland. And having electric and web again is still a novelty.
But i was there for around one and a half year. And yes when the weather was bad, we had to risk life on the boat. The west coast of scotland has some of the worst seas in the world, and as you say the weather can be a little on the extreme side.
When it was like that we had to walk 8 miles each way just to get to the point of crossing over to the bigger island, were the shops doctors etc are.
At times the blisters would nearly make me cry. But we all pay in some way for our choices in life.  And to be in a place were nature rules and the only black things we had on the island were the seals. Give me the blisters any day. As for animals there was highland cows sheep chickens. As for mail if the weather was fine a boat would bring it onto the island once per week.
The more i talk about it the more i miss it. But life is not over yet.
Title: Re: Living Rustic
Post by: Private on 06 October 2013 at 04:40
So do you still own that property there? If you went back would you consider getting horses or a motorbike to get to that crossing to the larger Island? Or even a pushbike? I could imagine it'd all be dirt roads there? Do you think you'd ever go back there?
In Scotland as it stands there are very few non whites anyway.. but when I was there it was the year 2000 , a lot can change in that period.
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Post by: Private on 07 October 2013 at 19:09
No i never owned the property, as i said it was a private island, and even in my best money making days that was out of reach.
There was horses on the island but the tracks were that bad even those would have found it hard to make it up and down without getting foot problems. the best thing was a quad and even that was ruff.
As for going back, well i think i burnt my bridges there.
But all going well i think i might try for a boat big enough to live on.But in these waters it needs to be able to ride a good size storm. One way to get around the planning laws over here is to get a boat and some land with a sea frontage, and when the weather is to bad pull it onto a hard stand on the land. that way no council tax, planning permissions or anything else.
so thats the plan.we will see if i can make it happen.
about 20000 should do it. so feel free to look under your beds for any lose change.
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Post by: Private on 12 October 2013 at 23:47
Different strokes for different folks I guess. I don't like the idea of having a boat, too much maintenance and I'd go mad on it. Have you ever been to the Shetland Islands before? I doubt there are any non whites there at all. I'd rather live in some place like that. They have a huge Viking festival there annually.
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Post by: Private on 13 October 2013 at 10:22
no never been to the shetlands, kept to the west coast most of the time, only seen the viking thing on tv. But if i ever get my live on boat it might be fun to pop in to see it.