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Title: Obama Wins the JOG Appointment
Post by: Private on 05 November 2008 at 09:31
This is one of those historical moments when a civilisation starts to die.
The ascent of half African Roman Emperor Caracalla was a comparable moment. He went on to give citizenship to all the muds within the Empire, diluting and poisoning the creative White blood and dooming the Romans to extinction.
No doubt Obama will now invite in millions of Africans to the US. As well as instituting a draft to send US troops into African tribal conflicts.
Remember the immigrants are coming into our lands to kill Whitey.
But there is hope. I still think Bush could create a crisis in the next few months in order to cling to power. The question is how long will Obama survive?
I'm just watching all the niggers celebrating on TV as I write this. What are they expecting? Are they thinking "We rule this country now." They seem so hard done by. That they are owed a slice of the cake. That they should all have swimming pools and mansions. They seem to expect  that now they can. They are going to be disappointed.
If they so crave black governance so much why don't they go to Zimbabwe or South Africa.
The reason they won't is that they know they are incapable parasites that only exist because of white charity. Even the muds  immigrating to our lands do so because they hate themselves. They don't want to live amongst murdering savages, amputators of limbs and cultures where rape, aids, starvation, murder, slavery and pimping are the daily norm.
They want to live amongst nice white folks. But then the Whites leave, move away to protect their own children and the savage mud way of life is all that remains. That is how civilisations collapse.
On a historical note I remember Hitler saying that the US would not remain White if it remained Christian. And that the Chinese would then colonise it, treating the mud Americans  the same way the Whites treated the Indians.

On the whole, it is a sad day for America but such a people need the punishment of Nature. There are many however in Europe that will be glad to see the demise of America. Even the German Nationalists should be glad to get America out of the way. It takes a lot of geo-political presssure off Iran and Russia (which now has the blessing of being the heart of the White Race).
On a positive note. There is good reason to expect  al quaida to assassinate Obama (Unless of course or even if al quaida are phony and don't exist) as it would get the niggers rioting and killing whitey. The Whites in turn would have to shoot back, presumably.
For me it does have the blessing on the environment, that at least he may do good for the ecology now and cut the US greenhouse emissions. Apparently Obama also wants to institute birth control and abortions in Africa which would be a good thing.
Also if McCain had won things would just continue dragging on our race getting weaker all the time.
My advice for White Americans would be to now see the US as hostile "Indian territory". A land of savage muds. As your forefathers did;carve out territory for yourselves and your own kind and survive even when out numbered and in an alien land.
Title: Re: Obama Wins the JOG Appointment
Post by: Private on 05 November 2008 at 10:13
I'm an Australian and a realist, in my view, regardless of who got in, it would be the same sort of situation. McCain would head down the same path as Bush, nothing good for the White race and everything in the interests of the Jews. American interventionism is something I have no interest in, heading in to the Middle East in any capacity is only preventing the Arabs from exacting rightful justice upon the Jews in Israel. McCain would have continued this subsidising of Israel and directing Islamic terrorism against White people.

As for Obama, the situation in America won't improve but I don't think it getting worse will be bad for our cause. The blatant subsidising of the niggers and further leniency on border control will hopefully force more Whites off the fence, which will of course lead them to us. Obama taking over the presidency means one thing to me, White people need to prepare - be ready for anything and encourage all Whites to do the same.

Title: Re: Obama Wins the JOG Appointment
Post by: Private on 05 November 2008 at 12:06
No more blaming Whitey eh?

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