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Title: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/02/07/317383_ntnews.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/02/07/317383_ntnews.html)
The document says "the Coalition would, in its first term, propose to";
"'Look to develop key urban zones Darwin, Cairns/Townsville and Karratha with the aim of susbtantially increasing the population in these areas," the policy document says.
"In conjunction, the current immigration policy, relocation incentives, and personal tax incentives should be reviewed, along with the planning of economic zones centred around these urban areas.
"Relocate substantial and relevant components of Federal departments and Commonwealth agencies, such as the CSIRO, to key urban zones in northern Australia."
A letter also obtained by The Daily Telegraph, signed by shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb, dated January 15, 2013 and sent to State and Territory Premiers, confirmed that the Coalition planned to reveal the policy "Developing Northern Australia a 2030 Vision" in the early part of this year.
Parts of the plan, however, may be unconstitutional with Federal Governments prohibited under section 51 of the Constitution from discriminating against States on the basis of income tax.
The document calls for an increase in overseas migration to the region, an increase to overseas work visas, and a re-direction of government grants and aid funds to help develop the plan.

Oh Great! I bet you know who's gunna be the pick of the bunch to flood the north? Bug eyed Ching Chongs and stinky Curries! Things in the NT already cost a bomb.. $600K+ for a standard house now I guess they are going to cost a whole lot more!
This Clown talks about stopping boat people but he is hell bent on bringing more legal vermin over here! To Boot look at what he wants to do every year! go on vacation to a coon camp for 1 week! Yeah I'd like to see that!
"Eh boss man bigfella you godda dolla for da bus brus?"
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-06/gillard-to-issue-rebuke-over-closing-the-gap/4503200 (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-06/gillard-to-issue-rebuke-over-closing-the-gap/4503200)
Mr Abbott said the focus should not be so much on what the Government was doing, but on how Indigenous people were responding to the extra investment.
And he called for more regular reporting of what the situation is like on the ground.
"All our fine words, all our noble sentiments don't matter if adults aren't going to work and if children aren't going to school," Mr Abbott said.
"And I remain disappointed that the statistics for school attendance and work attendance in Indigenous communities are not being published on a regular basis."
He reaffirmed his commitment to spend a week every year living in an Aboriginal community if the Coalition wins the election.
"The test of progress here is not the laws we pass, it's not the money we spend, it's not the programs we institute."
"It's whether the children are going to school, the adults are going to work, and the communities are safe. That is the test."
Title: Re: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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Bastards. They can't stand the thought of paying White Australians a living first world wage. To compete with China they have to import millions of Chinese coolies. Where is the logic in that? But we have rulers that hate White people and want them genocided.
Title: Re: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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If Abbott has his way, the nation would be divided into a White South and a muddy, multi-racial North, but that's not the way it'll happen. Japs and Indos arrived in central Northern Australia (Darwin) in the 19th century as part of the fishing and pearling industries, and they stayed. Apart from that small group and the indigenous - who stuck to their own lands and to a point still do - almost every recent non-White import from the middle of the 20th century and on, refuses to live outside the major cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. Any mass immigration of muds by Abbott meant for the far North will inevitably drift South and make things worse than they already are ... and bring on the racial holy war all that sooner.

Come on Abbott you race-traitor bastard, things have to get worse before WE can make them better. Do your best.


Pontifex Cambeul.
Title: Re: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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with our 2 party system we are shafted either way, now the man on the street does say , surely these poloticians cannot be that stupid ,do not they realise the danger of bringing in all these verminious mongreal filth, geezz these pollies are stupid...Well, no they are not stupid they know full well what they are doing and they are just keeping to the agenda that was laid down in the fifties when Menzies and others realized that eventually australia would be consumed by the slant eyed filth of asia, as it would be inevitable , but they new the australian public who had been brought up on the white australia policy would not accept an obvious influx of scum, so these things were slowly moved in by stealth, and in 1975 the ruling labour Goverment under gough whitlam were given their oppurtunity and opened the floodgates to the '' Vietamese boat people'' and look what an assett they are to Australia.

What the public is fed via the fifth estate and  the hidden agendas that go on behind the doors in Canberra are two completley different things and nere the twain shall meet.

But the Goverment does not need a hidden agenda , all they need is to keep the australian sheeple supplied with entertainment..a la footy..booze...drugs..soap opera's and she'll be right mate , as the aussie's are amongst some of the most bovine individuals that i have met , and that go's for uni trained and IQ quotient deficiant  bogans ..no the best way to stop any up rising in Aussie is just to roll out a free keg of Fosters on every corner..some Drum tobacco..or maybe white ox ..some seasonal footy passes and whacko the cracko..end of viva la revolution.

Title: Re: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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http://www.news.com.au/national/foreign-tycoons-secure-residency-thanks-to-investor-visas/story-fncynjr2-1226819948220 (http://www.news.com.au/national/foreign-tycoons-secure-residency-thanks-to-investor-visas/story-fncynjr2-1226819948220)

RICH businessmen are buying their way to the front of the queue to get into Australia with a controversial new $5 million investor visa. 
At least 88 people have successfully gained Australian residency through the Abbott Government's controversial "significant investor visa", introduced last year.

Among those are 15 businessmen relocating to Victoria, including a Chinese toymaker who invested $5 million in Victorian Government bonds to bring his young family to Australia.

A further 600 wealthy foreigners are in line for the scheme, potentially injecting $2.6 billion into government coffers.

The scheme has upset asylum seeker advocates, who said millionaires were taking the place of women and children whose claims were being rejected by authorities.

Refugee Action collective spokesman Chris Breen hit out at the program, saying it was unfair.

"We are not opposed to anyone coming to Australia but we think it is obscene people can spend $5 million and buy their way in when refugees are being treated with such contempt,'' Mr Breen said.

"There are no visas being processed at the moment and these are refugees that are fleeing life-threatening situations.''

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said more than 85 per cent of applicants came from Asia.

"China has been the key source country for significant investor visa applications, with about 85.2 per cent of applications for the visa lodged by Chinese nationals.


"About 91 per cent of significant investor visa applicants indicate an intention to invest their funds either partly or wholly in government bonds."

The scheme was initially created by Labor to lure more entrepreneurs from China, India and the Middle East but the Coalition fast-tracked the policy in 2013.
Title: Re: Tony Abbott wants more immigration for the top end
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Abbott will bring this country to its knees! :'(