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Title: National Broadband Network a Total Farce
Post by: Private on 22 September 2010 at 11:39
Today I read in The Australian that the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce has given the thumbs down for the NBN. They think it's infeasible as technology will change as the NBN is built. Not surprising since the initial cost has risen from several billion dollars to $46 billion last I looked. Even the head of the NBN claims that the NBN is a long term project that will last "years and years and years as it is upgraded." i.e. The NBN is a bottomless pit of government good will or another way to put it, tax payer dollars.

A way of looking at the NBN that most forget is to consider that it's not the immediately required communications system that we are told we need, but it is just a faster way for us to download our purchased movies and games in the new world order of globalist media through government legislated bodies that will police NBN traffic and retain a record of your actions indefinitely. Download something legally today, and when the law changes tomorrow, you may be arrested through retroactive legislation.

So who really wants what? From what I can see, groups like the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce want broadband connections right around the world with the global governments policing everything you see an hear; but, now that they have their government of choice in power - the Australian Labor Party - they have decided to put a halt to massive government spending on the project and while continuing the Net Police system, encourage entrepreneurial expansion of the current 19th century wiring system. It does cost a lot less for the tax payer, but remember that groups like the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Marxists of the New World Order get exactly what they want on the cheap.

So why have groups like the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce remained silent about their disapproval of the costs of the NBN until now? Simple: They had to get Labor into power to fulfil their dream of the federal government policing their customers for them. And history tells us that what the government initially sets up, the government sells to the highest bidder, who then change the rules and your information becomes a saleable item - or a means of having you arrested and fined millions of dollars for accidentally downloading that MP3 some Jewish site is giving away to every visitor that stumbles upon that page.

If that seems a bit far fetched consider that you can pick up a book from a friend or even pay cash at your local book store and nobody has any record of your personal transaction; but buy that book from Amazon.com or download that "conspiracy movie" and they - the government in the near future and the members of the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce later on - will have a record on you that will last beyond your lifetime.

Tell your friends who voted Labor that and they'll call you a Liberal Party voting, right wing conspiracy nut - but, we know you are right. There will be no implementation of a National Broadband Network as planned, but there will be National Firewall more far reaching and deadly than any will ever admit.

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