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Title: 3 Jews in Australian Parliament
Post by: Private on 21 August 2010 at 12:50
http://www.jwire.com.au/news/frydenberg-wins-kooyong/11271 (http://www.jwire.com.au/news/frydenberg-wins-kooyong/11271)

Frydenberg wins Kooyong – three Jewish Members of Parliament

Josh Frydenberg has become the first Jewish Liberal Member of Federal Parliament since 1991.

The successful candidate for the seat of Kooyong went to both Bialik and Mt Scopus Jewish dayschools. He successfully completed his law degree at Monash University and holds a Masters degree in administration from Harvard University. A successful tennis player and coach, Frydenberg entered the world of politics as assistant advisor to former Attorney-General Darryl Williams.

Michael Danby and  Mark Dreyfus have retained their respective Federal Labor seats of Melbourne Ports and Isaacs resulting in three Jewish members of Parliament.  Danby told J-Wire: “This has been a very gratifying result for me especially when I consider what happened at the the adjacent seat of Melbourne... and as for Queensland? Well, that’s a different world.”

The Greens won Melbourne, the seat formerly held by the Gillard Government’s Minister for Finance, Lindsay Tanner. Cath Bowtell had been nominated as his successor... but she failed to hold the seat.

Robert Goot, the president of The Executive Council of Australian Jewry said: “It’s very encouraging to have three members of the community as elected members of the House of Representatives... I can only hope this will improve in the future.”

There were four Jewish members of the Whitlam Labor Government which governed Australia between 1972 and 1975. There has not been a Liberal sitting member since Peter Baume in 1991.

Obviously, regardless of how many Jews are actually in parliament, they are still in charge of where the real power comes from in this country, the media and the banks. However, we can keep an eye on what these Jews do in Parliament and use the inevitable anti-White policies they introduce and support to educate White Australians on what Jews really aim to create in this country.

I can say that myself and two Brothers supported a pro-White party in the election today, helping to hand out How To Vote cards for the Australia First party in a Melbourne electorate. Obviously, we don't expect party politics to make a real difference in creating White victory but hopefully people will see our presence, talking about the real issues and look for an alternative to the Jewish major parties.

In the end of course, we want TOTAL WHITE VICTORY!


Reverend Scott Harrison.