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Title: 2006-02-01 Australia: Racists Net Adelaide as Home
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Note: The Creativity Alliance was formerly known as the Crusaders of the RaHoWa 
http://www.google.com/search?q=white+crusaders+of+the+rahowa (http://www.google.com/search?q=white+crusaders+of+the+rahowa)

Racists net Adelaide as home

Northern Territory News (Darwin, Australia) - February 1, 2006
Author: wire
ADELAIDE: A white supremacist group, which targets Jews, African Americans and other minority groups as inferior, has based part of its activities in Adelaide.

The US-established White Crusaders of the RaHoWa (racial holy war) have set up a website that lists a contact address as a suburban Adelaide post office box and an Australian business number.

The website was described as disgusting by South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson who has referred it to police to have it shut down.

He says he will also raise his concerns with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and will write to the company hosting the site to have it removed.

On their site, the White Crusaders declare the white race nature's finest and call on people to remember ``inferior coloured races are our deadly enemies''.
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