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Title: White SA refugees head to Canada
Post by: Private on 03 September 2009 at 15:44
Canada shocked to learn Huntley wasn't last white in SA

VANCOUVER. Immigration authorities in England have warned Canada to expect a deluge of young, unemployable, white South Africans to arrive in their country after an immigration and refugee panel, made up of white folk who had never been to Africa, bought into former Cape Town resident Brandon Huntley's paranoia and granted him refugee status. "There won't be enough pubs and restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto to employ them all," said an unnamed Home Office source.

On Monday Huntley became the first white person to be granted refugee status in Canada after claiming persecution from black South Africans.

Commenting on the ruling a Huntley's friend, Hannibal Plettervat said, "Brandon was mugged several times by black people. It was a clear case of persecution. They also called him names."

Asked how muggings could be equated to political or racial persecution Plettervat said he didn't know. "But you can ask the tribunal," he said, "they'll be able to tell you."

Asked what Huntley was likely to do now that he was legally free to stay in Canada, Plettervat said his friend would probably spend another few years there, at least until he had qualified for a passport and saved some valuable foreign currency.

He said that once those initial objectives had been achieved Huntley would probably return home to South Africa, buy a house or a small farm and settle down. "You know, the usual."

Meanwhile members of the tribunal panel who ruled that "the claimant would stand out like a 'sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country,” reacted with shock on hearing that there were in fact a further five million white South Africans still suffering daily persecution.

"We thought that maybe there were another hundred white people left," said tribunal spokesperson Alba Snow. "We were ready to send a helicopter to airlift them to safety," she added.

Snow admitted that evacuation plans had been put on hold after video footage of Patricia Lewis live in Brakpan had been downloaded from YouTube. "The only person that stood out like a sore thumb in that video was a black sound engineer who looked like he was bleeding out of both ears," she said.

She said the tribunal realised they had it all wrong when further investigation revealed that places like Loftus Versfeld, Constantia and the opposition benches in parliament also contained, "more than their fair share of whites."

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20090902/refugee_decision_090902/20090902?hub=Canada (http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20090902/refugee_decision_090902/20090902?hub=Canada)

Here is a report by the BBC about the Brandon Huntley incident - just this morning I heard on the news that the case might be reversed. Brandon got refugee status in Canada because he claims he was a victim of mud on White crime. We often hear this mantra that "crime is everywhere and niggers in the township suffer more from crime than Whites". The people uttering these mantras are just affirming what we have been saying for years. The criminals are the sub-humans.

99,9% of all Whites being robbed, raped or murdered are robbed, raped or murdered by BLACKS
99,9% of all BLACKS being robbed, raped or murdered are robbed, raped or murdered by BLACKS
99,9% of South Africa’s prison population are BLACK

But then we hear the muds are not the problem. Crime has nothing to do with race. Whites are not being persecuted by niggers … and other lies. The BBC published on their website a few pictures and opinions from some people … but we all know how it works with the Main Stream Media. They publish opinions from some nignogs, some coloureds and some Whites, that they have selectively sorted to give a "balanced" view. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/08/africa_south_africans_on_race_row/html/1.stm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/08/africa_south_africans_on_race_row/html/1.stm)

They will never publish the truth. The truth is that 99,9% of Whites in South Africa today feel persecuted … if they did not then explain to me why does everybody live behind eight foot walls, security systems, burglar bars, electric fences, etc ? Why do Whites feel the need to own guns, employ private security companies and have big dogs ? Just walk through a White neighbourhood in SA today and you will see what I mean. Why do people constantly look for opportunities to get out of South Africa and start new somewhere else ? A million White South Africans have left South Africa already, citing crime and Affirmative Action as their main reasons. Are these people all crazy, delusional and RACISTS ? I Dont think so.

Title: White SA refugees head to Canada
Post by: Private on 07 September 2009 at 19:18
The ANC’s Relentless Persecution Of Brandon Huntley

Found this on a SA blog ...

In South Africa there is a race obsessed person who runs a Blog on Slavery at the Cape. He himself is half slave, half poor White trash a trained ANC terrorist and well accomplished and excellently trained ANC propagandist. His name is Patric Tariq Mallet. Not only is Mallet manically obsessed with race, he made it his living. This person is seriously sick and twisted and in need of professional help. Little wonder that he tried his best to make Brandon Huntley out as "Coloured" or "Non-White", obviously making wild claims of ancestry with no concrete proof. Mallet is one of those who has serious identity issues. He does not know whether he is coloured, black, White or what the hell, kind of bastard actually. Because of this inferiority complex that he has been battling with his entire life, he believes everyone is more inferior or just as inferior as him. In the twisted mind of Mallet, everyone is "coloured". He refuses to believe that there are people of better stock than him, with better values. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who do not support Marxist terrorist scum such as the ANC. I am one of them. Mallet on the other hand is a staunch supporter of the ANC. I think he will be battling with many issues for many years still …. Nevertheless, this was my answer to him.

I have just waded through the innocuous witch-hunt and diatribe of Patric Mellet [who is an experienced and accomplished ANC propagandist] and I have no other choice, but to reject his verbal vomit with the contempt it deserves. Mellet is flavourlessly and colourlessly pursuing this issue of Brandon Huntley and trying his best to character assassinate the man. This is typical ANC propaganda tactics and nothing new. Mellet starts off by claiming that Brandon’s statements of being robbed and stabbed, called "a White settler" and a "White dog" are "ridiculous and dishonest". However Mellet provides no proof that there is anything "ridiculous or dishonest" about it. No, he just throws more mud and hope some will stick.

Mr. Mellet builds straw men, such as "a White cousin that Brandon does not know" and his "uncle that are married across the coloured line". How does this prove at all that Brandon is Coloured ? Further, how Brandon sees himself or classifies himself is of no importance … What is of major importance is how the ANC classifies him on their official documents such as ID Book, Passport, etc. I wish Mellet could throw more light on this and why his beloved ANC Marxist terrorist regime still sees the need to ask one’s race on every government form 15 Years after Apartheid has been abolished. What is of further importance is how niggers see Brandon Huntley. Brandon is seen as White by them and therefore a target. In the last few years several reports came out in the Main Stream Media that points directly to Blacks considering Whites as targets for Crime.

Black man says it is not a crime to rob Whites http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/8cc01ca316c44bafaabfd70f39f7cdfd/23-04-2007-04-05/Not_a_crime_to_rob_whites (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/8cc01ca316c44bafaabfd70f39f7cdfd/23-04-2007-04-05/Not_a_crime_to_rob_whites)

Black man shouts to White victim, "We are going to kill all your Whites" http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/36ebc00e3f1d4cee9184f4b87add3720/04-02-2007-11-14/Were_going_to_kill_whites (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/36ebc00e3f1d4cee9184f4b87add3720/04-02-2007-11-14/Were_going_to_kill_whites)       

Blacks tells elderly White couple, "We will kill all you White dogs" http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/8743eed84e2f400a9844e3b532295ac0/22-04-2007-10-50/Well_kill_all_you_white_dogs_ (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/8743eed84e2f400a9844e3b532295ac0/22-04-2007-10-50/Well_kill_all_you_white_dogs_)

This sentiment is what I personally experienced in several talks with South African nignogs about how they view Whites. Many of these niggers were ex criminals who said that when they arrive in prison for raping a black woman, he is immediately raped and beaten, because the other inmates says, that the woman he raped could have been their sister, but when a black arrives in prison for robbing, raping or murdering a White person, he is considered a hero. Mellet chooses to ignore all these Racist utterances by black criminal scum and continues his vituperation and vitriolic attack against Brandon Huntley. He says, "Brandon Huntley has besmirched the name of South Africa and the wonderful achievements we have accomplished since the end of Apartheid."

What exactly those "besmirchings" are is not clear. Huntley simply applied for refugee status because he was a victim of Racist, black on White attacks. What exactly the "wonderful achievements" are that "we" have accomplished, that this asshole refers to, is also not clear and I wish he could shed some light on them, instead of just making wild claims, for it is my belief that South Africa is more racially polarized today than it was in 1994 or prior to it. Mellet is throughout his post trying to refer to Brandon as a coloured, but at the same time blaming him for being White. There is no logic in this. Mellet further constantly refers to majority blacks and minority Whites, yet he tries to portray us all as the same. Again I fail to see his childish logic.

Mellet further libels the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board as well as the lawyer of Brandon Huntley, Mr. Kaplan, by calling them confidence tricksters and falling for a confidence trick. In Mellet’s opinionated diatribe he parrots the usual nonsense of …, "And here it is important to note that crime affects all regardless of colour and criminals are of all shades." And that, "Crime knows no colour. Only a racist analysis would argue otherwise." …. but he provides not a shred of proof … only his own jejune opinion. Mellet is totally ignoring the official statistics of the SAIRR [South African Institute of Race Relations] which proves that the Mud population [Africoon, Mud-coloured and mudslum] of South African prisons exceeds 98% of the total prison population and even in per capita terms, Whites and Mudslums are incarcerated at 60/100,000…Nignogs at 342/100,000 and Mud-coloureds at 651/100,000 [ten times more than Whites].

http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20081125092724233C691954 (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20081125092724233C691954)

3% of the total Mud population of South Africa are behind bars. Out of a total of 163,108 prisoners in South African prisons 2,725 are White … Less than 2%. Yes that is right… Almost 99% of South African prison population is Muds.

http://www.dcs.gov.za/WebStatistics/inmate-gen.aspx (http://www.dcs.gov.za/WebStatistics/inmate-gen.aspx)

In South Africa the amount of White on Nigger crime is negligible, whereas the reverse cannot be said. Just about every White victim of violent crime has been a victim of black criminals. Crime does have colour in South Africa and that colour is blacks who attack Whites. It is clear that the ANC is relentlessly persecuting Brandon Huntley. If he was not a refugee before, he certainly is now. The ANC Marxist regime has nothing to do with the Canadian IRB and their decisions. The IRB does not need the permission of the ANC to grant anybody refugee status. Why the ANC is interfering with the Canadian government’s internal affairs boggles the mind. I am afraid that the ANC is just giving this incident further publicity and fanning the flames of their own racist policies. I welcome the noise the ANC is making about this, because it allows people to investigate the truth about Crime in South Africa. Brandon is a true Hero in that respect.

Title: White SA refugees head to Canada
Post by: Private on 10 September 2009 at 11:08
The Canadian Asylum Judgement

September 9th, 2009

The final judgement makes for very interesting reading. It is a shocking, shameful indictment and exposure of the hateful, racist monsters of the ANC regime destroying South Africa. This, dear reader, is how South Africa is viewed from overseas. Truth be told, it is actually rather mild, cautious and toned down.

Nevertheless, the typical anc reaction was to wave the race card and launch yet another barrage of attacks on the integrity of white South Africans - in itself so astoundingly and shamelessly racist - but nobody is listening to these ass-holes anymore. Thandi Modise, deputy secretary-general of the anc, told reporters that while crime exists in South Africa, racial attacks are rare in the country[what a lie]. "I think it might have been a little better for the Canadian government to see whether or not it is true that any South African gets attacked seven times,"[no ... they normally die from the first attack] MUDise told Reuters. "I don’t know what went on here, but I have my doubts whether racism and racist attacks on a White individual in South Africa would be the case, because our experience is that it happens the other way round in our country," MUDise said.[can you believe this nigger !]

Even more stunningly, a large number of White journalists and the rest of the usual denialist anc-supporting suspects closed ranks and have denigrated Huntley as a dead-beat loser, fraudster and goose-stepping Neo-Nazi racist. At the forefront of this lynch mob are organisations like the jewish board of deputies[whatever that is] (who should know better, since they spend much time in their synagogues planning on how to keep predominantly jewish neighbourhoods safe from marauding black scum). They have the chutzpah to purposely diminish the White South African Holocaust, all while financing and sponsoring security, armed response and even emergency paramedic organisations (like Hatzolah), membership of which is open exclusively to members of their faith, and nobody else.

Right-thinking White South Africans all over the world have come out in their thousands to support Huntley. According to Russell Kaplan, Huntley’s Canadian attorney, his office has been deluged with letters, faxes and emails from White South African victims of the low level genocide. South Africa’s political parties (with the notable exception of the african nignog congress and other black racist extremists) especially the DA and Freedom Front +, who supposedly represent White interests have been deafening in their silence on this matter. Not even a whimper from Helen Zille, whose pale white arse was put in charge of the Cape Province thanks to the very constituency she now studiously ignores, and not even a peep from the two-faced, back-stabbing treasonous Mulders ever since Zuma co-opted them into joining his government. It is left to a lone Civil Rights organisation - Afriform - as well as the bloggers and members of SA’s White civic society to take up the cudgels for this cause, but boy, have we all responded !

In conclusion, I’d like to summarize the most salient points of the Huntley judgement :

The Canadian judge made these findings :

Huntley will be persecuted and victimised on the basis of his race, if he was to be returned to SA;

Huntley was clearly attacked and persecuted previously in SA, simply because he is White;

South Africa has serious human rights problems, including police brutality resulting in death and / or serious injury, and violence resulting from social, racial and ethnic tensions;

White farmers in particular are being targeted for a campaign of genocide;

Affirmative action, black job reservation and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) all serve as legalised disenfranchisement & marginalisation of Whites

Affirmative Action has stripped SA of 75% of its skilled population;

Massive emigration of Whites due to racially discriminatory laws and racist hate crimes;

Rampant unemployment due to the policies of the ANC regime, who are either indifferent to White suffering and even express open hostility to the interest of Whites & other ethnic minorities;

Violent crimes such as rape and murder run unchecked and the vast majority of perpetrators are never brought to book;

The ANC’s racist policies and their endemic corruption has brought SA to the brink of civil war;

That the vast majority of ANC members are most certainly black racists;

The government and its police & security Forces are both unwilling and unable to protect White South Africans;

And that Brandon Huntly had presented objective, clear and convincing proof that Whites are victimised due to their race.

Title: White SA refugees head to Canada
Post by: Private on 10 September 2009 at 12:16
With all that violence and such going on in SA my family and I would be armed quite well.