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Title: Deputy Prime Minister: Does she speak English or what?
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Deputy Prime Minister's accent baffles American schoolkids
Article from: AAP

DEPUTY Prime Minister Julia Gillard's broad Aussie accent has baffled US school children to the point of them asking her whether English is spoken Down Under.

In Washington DC to discuss green jobs and education, Ms Gillard confessed she had puzzled American youngsters after talking to them for a few minutes.

"I have visited two schools in Washington where the kids asked me, after listening to me, whether or not we spoke English in Australia," she told Macquarie Radio today.

"That Australian accent is foxing them a bit."

She was invited by Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, to attend the Excellence in Action Summit to discuss education reform including national curriculum, teacher quality and transparency.

Ms Gillard is also meeting with senior Obama administration officials during the trip.

For those that have heard me speak, I speak with a general to high Australian accent - but that is because I come from South Australia. Gillard speaks with a more country style accent with less British English inflection than the average Australian. Another thing is for a woman, she has a distinctly mannish voice that bugs me whenever I hear her speak.

Someone put a gag over her mouth.


David Tench Tonight - Julia Gillard (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13T85h-IQdI#)