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Title: Sven Hassel: Wheels of Terror
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* SvenHassel-CompleteBooks.zip (18573.32 kB)

Sven Hassel is a Danish author who served in the German Wehrmacht during White War II. His official biography says that he stowed away on a freighter from Denmark to Germany and joined the German army. Apparently he would have preferred Britain to Germany, but that's not where the ship was going. Hassel eventually deserted from the Wehrmacht, was captured and served the rest of the war in a Penal Battalion with his politically unstable and criminal Eastern Front comrades whom he wrote about:

Sgt Willy Bier (the Old Man)
Joseph Porta (Cpl by the grace of God in the German Army)
Wolfgang Creutzfeldt (Tiny)
Alfred Kalb (The Legionare)

The books were written in the style of Erich Maria Remarch of All Quiet of the Western Front fame. Hassel was the first to write about the war from the German point of view (in the 1950's to 80's) and his books were banned in Germany. The characters have an intense hatred for politics of any kind - be it NS, Red or Democratic and they have a mistrust of all officers. (If you plan to join the Army and make a carreer out of it, don't read these books. I did as a child and look at me!) Since the 1980's, others have taken up where he left off, springing a whole new genre of books. Half of which the fictional characters are a reworking of the Old Man, Porta and Tiny. Leo Kessler (real name Charles Whiting) is particularly notorious for that with his SS Wotan books.

The movie (made in Yugoslavia), which Sven Hassel fans report is more comic book style - like Kelly's Heroes - can be downloaded from:

Not Working ... Got a replacement link?

Multiple language options including Spanish and ... other woggy stuff (WOG=White Occidental Gentleman ... European).

More information on Sven Hassel, his books and a Yahoo community of fans can be found at Porta's Kitchen http://SvenHassel.info and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hassel respectively.

Official Website by the publisher is http://www.svenhassel.com

Tiny Meets the Legionare - Now That's a Knife!


You have been reading too much of Sven Hassel, when...

Your collection of all 14 book sets, include versions in Swahili, Chinese and Esperanto.

You have a cat, and you have named it: Stalin, Dynamite, Ulrich.

Several pubs in your neighborhood have banned you, because you refuse to drink your beer without a splash of Gin and 11 Juniper berries.

Several pubs in your neighborhood have banned you, because you refuse to drink your beer from anything other than a flower vase.

You have been banned in all pubs within 100 miles range.

While doing your military service, you insist persistently to call your commanding officers as Golden-Pheasants.

You begin to carry an iron wire in your pocket. Just in case.

Your favorite pick-up line is: "Hello girls, here I am again. Hot as hell. My balls are boiling. I love you. Let's get something to drink in a hurry, and then we'll go to the bunks according to good custom when decent people meet."

Your wife leaves, because you insist on wearing boots and belt in bed, when making love.

Your vocabulary selection has seriously weakened: - high heels are now "whore sandals" and all girls are "sheet acrobats".

You start to like living outdoors in a tent in weather -40° Fahrenheit/Celsius.

You are convinced that you are capable in appendix removal operation.

Your favorite food is Mashed Potatoes with Diced Pork.

You consider lice as pets.

You have 6 children, and their names are: Willie, Alfred, Joseph, Wolfgang, Julius and Sven. Regardless of gender.
Title: Re: Sven Hassel: Wheels of Terror
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Quote from: Private

"I'll give you the recipe you down-trodden peasants," Porta said loftily. "This is the ambrosia of Olympus."

   And then, of course, our Russian colleagues had to interrupt our lovely gastronomic fantasy.


   On the fringes of a forest some miles north of Popeljna the 27th Regiment was put into peaceful positions with only a little local artillery-fire not worth mentioning.
   Our little party was sent on a reconnaissance trip into the forest. With our guns slung carelessly over our shoulders and cigarettes dangling from our mouths we set off.
   Porta ordered a little rest.
   "The bloody war won't run away if we stop a little here."
   He was gleefully supported by Tiny and the Little Legionnaire.
   The Old Un shrugged his shoulders.
   "It's all the same to me. There can't be any Russians or we'd have seen them ages ago."
   We sat, twelve men, on a fallen tree-trunk like swallows on a telephone-wire.
   Porta started to explain how his favourite dish of mashed potatoes and diced pork ought to be prepared.
   "The most important thing is that this dish, which is fit for the gods, should be prepared with feeling." He gesticulated. "Without feeling it is no use."
   Tiny interrupted him:
   "Half a tick, Porta, I want to write down the recipe."
   He asked Stege to give him pencil and paper, and Stege obliged grinning.
   Tiny rolled over on his stomach, wetted the pencil and told Porta that he might go on.
   "First you pick out some beautiful potatoes. You might steal them in the field or find them in a cellar. Anyway, when you've got them you sit on a good chair. If your backside is sore get a cushion. Then you peel 'em. The bad parts, if any, are neatly and lovingly cut off."
   "What badness can you find on a potato?" Tiny asked.
   "Haven't you ever seen a potato with syphillis?"
   "No, I didn't know potatoes whored."
   "Well, there are many things you don't know," replied Porta with irritated condescension. "But do as I tell you. Cut the syphillis out. Drop the peeled potato in a bucket of lovely cold spring water with a saucy splash like a virgin weeing in a stream on a spring evening while the mosquitoes play in the bushes."
   "My God, Porta, you're quite a poet," laughed The Old Un.
   Porta squeezed up his eyes.
   "What's a poet? Anything to do with whoring-boys?"
   "It is possible that among them you'll find a poet," grinned The Old Un. "But never mind, go on with your cook's course."
   "When all the spuds are peeled, boil 'em. Then mash them nicely and according to the rules into a porridge. Now take care and listen carefully. It's most important. Go into a field or a village where the fragrance tells you there's cattle. Find a female cow. I take it you know the difference between a he and a she. If not just lift the rudder at the back end, but keep your nose away. You see, the exhaust sits just beneath it.
   "When you've found the proper animal, draw off a pint of juice from the milk-container. It is an apparatus under the stomach and looks like an electrical fitting. Pour the milk into the mashed potatoes but, for the sake of the holy Elizabeth, be careful you've not found a goat or a donkey. It would be a tragedy to pour the milk of a she-donkey on the lovely spuds because donkey's milk is used for bathing in."
   "Oh, hell," Tiny burst out, "it's bad enough bathing in ordinary water, but in milk it must be horrible. I'd rather carry my dirt around until the funeral-fellow scrapes it off. It's a lie. Porta. Where did you get that from?"
   "Read it, my lad. Once upon a time there was a tart named Poppaea Sabina. A beauty from Italy. She snitched that emporor-fellow Nero away from an old witch called Octavia. This Poppaea was fished out of a brothel by the emporor. Of course she got an aggrandisement complex and started washing in donkey's milk. So, you see: no donkey's milk in the spuds. They are not a sewer-cleaning station.
   "When the pure cow-milk has been poured on the spuds, stir round elegantly and well. Then take a pinch of salt and gently drop it in the spuds, but for heaven's sake with feeling and for the sake of Saint Gertrude stir with a wooden spoon all the time. If you haven't got one, use your bayonet. Remember to wipe off any blood or oil.
   "Then, break ten eggs and in your most charming manner stir them up with sugar. Pinch the sugar from the quartermaster, but for the sake of Holy Moses' blue eyes, stir slowly, dear friends, slowly!"
   "Why slowly?" Tiny wanted to know.
   "What the hell's it got to do with you, you stupid flat-footed vulture? Just pour it slowly as I told you and stop interrupting. You're always such a nosy parker. Boil the whole thing on a slow fire. Never use manure for fuel. It stinks!"
   Porta stopped and glared at Tiny who had put up his hand like a schoolboy.
   "What do you want now!" Porta asked angrily.
   "I only humbly ask, Herr Super-Cook Porta, if I may use birch-wood soaked in petrol stolen from Hitler's vehicle park?"
   "By God, you may! Any more questions? If so, ask now."
   Tiny shook his head.
   Those who lay near him saw that he wrote in large childish letters: "Birch-wood and stolen petrol may be used."
   "The pork is browned over a glowing fire made of birch-wood," Porta added quickly and looked at Tiny whose tongue-tip was sticking out of the corner of his mouth in an effort of concentration over this difficult office work.
   "You cut the pork conscientiously into cubes and let the pieces slide into the mash. It must be done with loving care and feeling. The most important thing is to put one's whole Catholic soul into the job."
   Tiny roared:
   "Have you got to be a Catholic to make potato-mash?"
   "Of course," answered Porta, "ever since the Thirty Years War it's been an established fact."
   "All right," said Tiny, "I'll find a Catholic to make my mash under my direction."
   "While singing a Russian autumn-song," went on Porta, "you cut up a few chives and with a winning smile you spread it over the mash. A pinch of paprika is also very good. And not to be despised is a half-full cartridge-case of pepper. But for the sake of the Holy Jordan don't leave it on the fire too long. You see, lads, this is called 'Burning Love'." He looked warningly at Tiny: "Don't you dare say anything obscene about this holiness!
   "Before you sit down to eat this manna, rinse your spoon well in boiling water. It would be a truly deadly sin to eat the mash with a dirty spoon.
   "Remember to use the meat of a white pig for the cubes; at a pinch use a black one, but never a red one. That would be blasphemy."
   He lifted his behind and put an effective full stop to the lecture. The quietness of the wood heightened the effect.

   A little later The Old Un throws away his cigarette-end and we trudge on.
   The lane has become a narrow path, winding between dense firs and spruces.
   We reach a sharp bend in the path. Suddenly we are faced with a Russian patrol. Like ourselves they are evidently surprised.
   For a few seconds we stand and stare, our cigarettes hanging from our mouths and our weapons over our shoulders.
   Not one of us thinks of firing. The surprise is too complete. Both parties turn and run, the Russians one way, we the other.
   Porta is far in front of us.
   Tiny shrieks with fright, his legs moving like a cyclist's in the "Tour de France". In his terror he has lost his machine-pistol.
   We would have run ourselves to death if Porta had not stumbled over a root and fallen down a fifteen yards steep incline. He screamed like a horse with wolves at his heels.
   After much trouble we got him up. A wild discussion started about how many Russians we had met.
   The Old Un and Stege maintained it was a company.
   "A company," screamed Porta. "You must have been hit in the eye by a wood pigeon. It was a battalion at least."
   "At least," Tiny said. "It swarmed with Russians."
   "Ma Foi, they stood there in hundreds between the trees rolling their eyes," said the Little Legionnaire. "You may stay here, but for my part I'm off."
   At company headquarters we cheekily reported we had met an enemy battalion. At once the report was relayed to the regimental HQ.
   Field-telephones were blocked. The division was alerted. Three storm-battalions were sent to the front-line. Firing orders went out to the 76th Artillery Regiment and the 109th Mortar Regiment. Two storm battalions of light artillery advanced.
   Shells and rockets rained down on the spot where we had reported meeting the enemy "battalion".
   The Russians too were busily shooting. Our colleagues must also have reported a similar exaggerated number of their foes. Meanwhile they sat in their trenches as we sat in ours and admired the energetic work of the artillery.
   Porta said dreamily, while his eyes followed the screaming track of a large shell in the black night:
   "It makes me quite proud to think this festive firework display is all our own work."
Title: Re: Sven Hassel: Wheels of Terror
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Critic: Erik Haaest
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sven_Hassel

A self-styled Danish journalist, has spent many years trying to debunk Hassel's claims.[4]

Haaest writes that Sven Hassel is actually Børge Villy Redsted Pedersen, a Danish Nazi who never served on the Russian front. According to Haaest, the author spent the majority of World War II in occupied Denmark and his knowledge of warfare comes second-hand from Danish Waffen SS veterans whom he met after the end of the war. Haaest also alleges that Hassel's first novel was ghostwritten and when it became a success, he employed his wife to write the rest of his books.

He also used to claim that Sven Hassel's wife was behind a huge ring of sleazy pornography.

Although Haaest's allegations are not generally accepted by Sven Hassel fans, they have focused attention on Hassel's description of his own past and provoked much discussion, particularly on Internet newsgroups and discussion forums, on the validity of Hassel's claims.

Haaest's assertions do however, need to be carefully judged. In 2007 the Danish Arts Council was condemned for providing funding to Haaest for research into Danes who served in the SS, on the grounds that Haaest had stated that the concentration camp gas chambers never existed and that the Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery.

Far from being a mere debunking of Hassel's books, Haaest's charges amount to charges of treason against Sven Hassel. Eric Haaest supplies information that focuses on Sven Hassel's real activities during the period - information that seems to show that Pedersen/Hassel, was in fact a member of the HIPO Corps or Hilfspolizei, an auxiliary police force created by the Germans, consisting of collaborators.

The charges are all the more serious for Hassel, since Hassel writes from an anti-Nazi perspective.

According to Haaest, Pedersen aka Hassel was actually put on trial in Denmark. However, due to his abilities as a story teller, he was able to avoid a death sentence - a fate that many HIPO members faced.

Hassel's book Wheels of Terror contains some detailed accounts about the German breakout from the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket. The fighting at Novaya Buda (which Hassel calls "Nova Buda"), as well as the breakout at Lysyanka, are dealt with from a survivor's point of view. Wheels of Terror also involves a battle for a railroad junction like that of Kovel. It so happens that the fighting in all of the above mentioned areas, involved Danish Waffen SS volunteers from the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking. Later scenes of fighting in Wheels of Terror resemble the Battle of Narva, which included Danish Waffen SS volunteers from the Nordland.

This lends further credence to Haaest's assertion that Pedersen aka Hassel, gleaned some of the material in his books from cellmates who were Danish Waffen SS volunteers.

While Haaest has proved instrumental in casting doubt on Sven Hassel's stories, they were never taken seriously by military or history professionals to begin with.

For example, there was a 27th regiment in the German Army, but it was not penal. Tiger I tanks were in short supply, and were organized in special battalions, directly under Corps command, but attached to a few elite divisions; they certainly were not given to any penal formation.

For this reason, serious historical and military forums on the internet, such as Feldgrau.com and AxisHistory.com, do not treat any of Sven Hassel's works as authentic.

Hassel also used to claim that he served in Finland during the continuation War, and received a Mannerheim Cross, but Finnish military archives and the list of Mannerheim Cross recipients do not support either claim. The claim has since disappeared from his official biography.


Whatever Hassel's real history, the books are based on some of his past and turned into pure escapist entertainment. Some of the people were real. As for events, it appears they served everywhere from Moscow to Stalingrad, and Paris to the Balkans with a stopover in Poland, simultaneously. What is interesting is that Hassel is just accepted as a fiction writer of Danish origin now living in Barcelona in Spain. Yet someone needs to attack him to disprove his fictional books. However, that "critic" is then debunked by certain groups because he doesn't believe in the Holohoax. You might think that certain groups want to protect Hassel because he is clearly an anti-Nazi (he is also anti-red and anti-everything else, and chose to live in post WWII Fascist Spain (which I have been told had more freedom than today's Australia) rather than return to Denmark), but I think their wanting to shut down Haaest is just coincidence. Besides, Hassel is too old and rich in Spain to need to worry about that.

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Sven Hassel: Wheels of Terror - The Yugoslavian Made Movie

Note: They are not anti-Nazi. They are anti-Government. Often in the books they talk about the plight of soldiers fighting and dying because of the stupidity and greed of governments. Nor are they anarchist ... they are just conscripted soldiers doing their duty.


Download from http://en.savefrom.net

Sven Hassel peacefully passed away on September 21st, 2012, in Barcelona, Spain, where he had been residing since 1964.
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You have been reading too much of Sven Hassel, when...

Your cat is named Stalin.

You've been watching too much Dambusters, when...

Your dog is named Nigger.


Torrent Download: https://yts.am/movie/the-dam-busters-1955
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Sven Hassel's books are now being read for you on YouTube, in Romanian


Tiny vs The Legionare
Extract from the American/Serbian Movie: Sven Hassel - Wheels of Terror/The Misfit Brigade

I once assisted them with their site, but I doubt they want to admit that ~ Cailen.