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Title: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 23 May 2009 at 15:48
The planned genocide awaiting the Whites in South Africa have been known by military intelligence long before 1994. The operation was written in the Kremlin behind the iron curtain by the White Man`s eternal enemy - the Jew. >:( It has now been exposed by a  former member of military intelligence, Gustav Muller - also the leader of a movement known as the "Suidlanders" [Southlanders]. Government has tried to shut him up, locking him away for a few days during the xmas period, thus removing him from his family, a time when families are normally together. Muller was not shut up and revealed the genocide awaiting the Whites on DVD and posted it on the net. The Suidlanders also have connections to the "Boeremag" [Boer Might], of which members are still being imprisoned on charges of "high treason" - the court case is the most expensive case in the history of SA. These ex-SADF [old defense force] soldiers are simply being held behind bars as long as possible because the enemy knows whats next if they are released. What follows is what Muller revealed.

The operation goes by different names : Uhuru, Iron Eagle, White clean-up and Night of the long knives; and was to be implemented if power was not handed over to the kaffirs in 1994. The operation`s aim : to kill as many Whites as possible in one night - similar as what happened in the Congo. :o The four names were codes for the four provinces that existed before the `94 election - Cape Province, Natal, Free State and the Transvaal - today we have nine provinces. Military Intelligence thought that these plans were cancelled after the kaffirs came to power; but evidence proves that this is not the case. Massive rioting in Johanesburg and eventual fall of that city, would be the signal for the rest of the country. Because the "police" would be unable to stop the chaos that would follow, Mullers` Suidlanders put their own plans in action should this situation emerge.

Many Whites, mostly liberal, doubts that this situation would ever occur - and dont worry because they have British passports. Does Uhuru/The Night of the long knives exist ? Just following the media it certainly does. In 2006 the following was said in a local newspaper : "although Willy Madisha [president of a Jew/Communist trade union] may not survive the night of the long knives ...". Then on a television programme [180 degrees], Peter Ndoro interviewed another mud and put the following to him : "What can you tell us about Uhuru ?", whereby the nigger answered, "Uhuru ... it is still on track". We know nigger ... we await your move ! The one who draws the sword will fall by it ! Your move ! ;)

The liberal [usefull idiots to the Jew/communist cause] Whites who doubt that Uhuru is possible are either drugged or stupid. With a country where 22 000 people are murdered and 50 000 raped every year [2005/2006] it is most certainly possible. The hugh strikes and mass actions, mostly muds, are simply training actions to mobilize the herd - they are receiving training without knowing it. These actions are done with discipline - those who dont participate are shot, thrown in front of trains or maimed [niggers have been found with his arms chopped because they wanted to work !]. Winnie Mandela did the same with her horrofic necklace-murders in the 80`s, "with matches and tyres I`ll liberate this country". During these mass action cities are completely blocked-off with taxi`s [up to 2 hours at a time] , and strategic roads blocked with burning tyres or bricks. What for ? Because you are not paid enough at work ?!? These are training excercises which will be implemented on the day of Operation White Clean-up - only difference, on that day people are going to die ! Those who are prepared will live ... the stupid will perish ! :D

Right-wing intelligence further found that old APLA[PAC] and MK[ANC] members are receiving military training in Mozambique. What for ? I dont know of any war there ? To finance these terrorists auto banks are being blown up and robbed - similar to what the Jewish born ANC did in the Apartheid years. In the last few years the amounts have been nothing under 5 million Rand. And what is the ZOG`s position on all of this ? After promising Whitey not to abolish the commandos [old soldiers protecting White farmers], they are done away with, even after the "police" asked the "government" not to; nothing gets put in their place - open season on White farmers ! With draconion gun controll they disarm Whitey. When Whitey complains about the anarchy in the country, he gets told to leave the country ! That will be the day nigger ... we`re gonna use you for compost !!!

Whats gonna spark White Clean-up ? According to the niggers - death of Mandela; according to us - anything thats gonna crush the country`s infrastructure. Why the muds death ? Ask any nigger in SA what he is going to do the day 46664 dies - he will answer that he is going to mourn for a week; it is estimated that this will be the biggest funeral the world has seen - and the biggest strike SA has seen ! The old problem - Whites relying on mud labour. With all these muds mourning in the soccer and rugby stadiums ... nobody is gonna work [with Jewish affirmative action they virtually controll everything] - this could bring down the infrastructure. According to the New York Times; the niggers glass coffin is already in Pretoria where he will lie for a week in state. British MI-6 intelligence also have it that British jets are reserved to remove all British passport holders within 24 hours. Why ? Do they know something we dont ? ???  

SAB[SA Breweries] will be supplying the niggers with alcohol in these staduims where they "mourn" for a week doing their ritual dances and opening up the old Apartheid wounds. This incitement mixed with alcohol and a collapsing infrastructure could be the spark to SA`s RaHoWa. We have been slaying them outside our borders in the Angolan and Mozambique war - this time it is going to be on the inside. Muller is not calling anyone to war ... we are just prepared ... all right-wing groups are. SA is a bomb waiting to explode ... it just needs a spark !  

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 23 May 2009 at 18:48
If the niggers of south Africa are defeated by the White SAs the rest of nigger africa will rush to SA to whipe us out. This is one war JOG will not interfere with.
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 26 June 2009 at 07:47
Husband Shoots Muds Who Killed His wife

Minutes after Kleinmond[Western Cape] mother Marne Badenhorst kissed her children goodbye and sent them off to creche, she lay dying after being shot by two muds. Her husband took just ten minutes to drop their six-year-old son and five year-old daughter at daycare, before returning home. When he got there, he had surprised two niggers in his house, police said. He was shot in the leg, just above the knee, and led into his bedroom, where the muds demanded cash. But he managed to draw his own gun and killed his two captors. A relative said he had had special forces training with the police and years of experience had kicked in. Sources said it appeared that the two men had not expected him to return home.

His wife was, by now, barely alive. Police said the husband had raised the alarm and a private ambulance company sent a vehicle to their home. Marne Badenhorst was rushed to Hermanus Medi-Clinic, but did not survive. Her husband was treated for his leg wound, while a friend of the family went to the creche to pick up the children. Sources said that because of the storm that lashed the area yesterday morning, the shots had not been heard. Neighbours had been shocked when more than a dozen police vehicles and ambulances had arrived in Delport Street and news of the early-morning bloodbath spread. They also told of seeing a stranger near the house at the time, but had assumed him to be a labourer working on another neighbour’s house, where renovations had been taking place for weeks. Yesterday afternoon, Delport Street remained cordoned off as investigators combed the house.

Neighbours, concerned and frightened, speculated that “they must have been watching her”. A family member, who asked not to be named, said of Badenhorst’s husband this morning: “He’s holding up as good as one can expect. It’s absolutely devastating. But, with a lot of help, we’ll get through it.” The couple were known as happy, friendly people who loved to walk with their children down to the coastline. They were former police officers and had resigned from the force about four years ago. He set up office in Kleinmond as a broker for Old Mutual products, while she worked from home as a bond originator, not far from Kleinmond’s Harbour Road tourism centre.

Just another day in nigger azania !
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 13 July 2009 at 19:00
Inciting Racial Hatred

In yet another attempt to incite racial tension, a media circus was staged with the usual choruses of anti-White racism, slogans and skewed facts. The state against Dr. Dawie Swart [PhD] who fired warning shots into the air as a deterrent to possible criminals on his private property - the "I am a veectum of receseem" act ! Below find the one sided story the liberal media showed without looking at the other side. It is a clear attempt to smash Dr. Swart in order to discredit his potentially explosive research on black-on-White farm murders, by any means possible. Here goes ...

The Brits community came out in force to protest against the courts’ handling of "racist farmers’ cases" as Dawie Swart appeared on four counts of attempted murder. The angry community were calling for the Brits Magistrate’s Court to revoke Swart’s R7 000 bail. Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi embraced Thabo Thabane, who was allegedly shot by Swart in the eye, as they both stood on a makeshift podium on the back of a bakkie.

"We were only walking home after a game of soccer. I don’t know why he shot at us," murmured the 15-year-old.
[ Feigning ignorance. A commonly deployed trick by locals. A very easy tactic for dimwitted local fauna. Comes naturally to many of these muppets. Many on South Africans will have personal experience with this with their gainfully ex-employed black minion garden boys.]

Next to the bakkie stood his equally shaken brother Tebogo, 13, and their neighbours Leonard Nkadimeng, 19, and Nchocho Ntoagae, who were also shot at by the farmer two days before Youth Day at his Klipkop farm.
[Oops, a little slip up by ... acknowledging trespassing ...]

The other three were shot in their arms and treated and discharged from hospital, while Thabo has to go back to hospital on July 19 for another attempt to remove the bullet from his eye socket.
[The Afrikaans version talks of a "haelgeweer" being used - shotgun. Do shotguns fire "bullets" or buckshot ? The other version suggests that the eye injury was caused by a thorn tree, in his haste to escape. And what happened to the word "allegedly" ? ...]

The four on Tuesday pointed to a spot inside Swart’s yard where orange trees are fenced in.
[Oops, another admission to trespassing or farm invasion. A spot "inside" the fenced property...]

They said they were crossing through when he allegedly opened fire on them with what police described as "live rounds".
[It was fresh air that was shot. How does one "cross through" a fenced area ? Whats going on here ?]

"For over a year we have walked this footpath going through an opening in the fence, and there has never been a problem. People crossed here and we also did on our way to Swart’s shop or to the football grounds close to his shop," Thabo said.
[aaaah ! His fence was vandalized and torn down ... explains a lot. Vandalism : common occurrence in azania. No respect for other people's property ...]

“I don’t know what got into him on the day when he suddenly emerged from the woods and shot at us. We ran for our lives as he shouted "Wat soek julle hier ?" (What are you doing here ?) but I had already been hit in the eye."
[Watch out for those thorn branches when you are running away ... idiot]

The case was postponed to August 7 for further investigation.

Addressing about 300 residents outside court yesterday, Vavi called for the speedy transformation of the judiciary, citing a string of unsolved cases involving murders and abuse of workers by farmers who escaped with a slap on the wrist or were never prosecuted.
[300 ? Rent-a-crowd me-thinks ...]

"Swart claims these boys were stealing oranges from his farm, and in his book, people stealing his oranges must be shot and killed. To him the life of a black person is as cheap as an orange," Vavi said to loud cheers from the crowd.
[Much like the life of elderly farmers are worth a stolen cellphone. Besides, an Orange gives sustenance and thus serves a purpose ... unlike some useless turds in this country. And why are they cheering ?]

He also said that if farmers continued to assault, harass and exploit workers, their products would be boycotted.
[Then you will starve to death ... or get scurvy]

"Those who get arrested get bail, after which their cases will be postponed endlessly. At the end they’re either not found guilty or have the charges changed to culpable homicide, having said they were not intending to kill or had mistaken the victim for a dog or a baboon," he said.

"We urge President Zuma and the minister of justice to ensure that transformation in the judiciary happens without any further delay so that all the victims can see justice."
["Transformation"... stack the courts with comrades ... affirmatrive racism style]

Vavi warned that a "bomb was ticking" and there was a need to address the issue urgently before communities took the law into their own hands.
[Oops ! Placed into context, regarding the "racism issue" to be addressed "urgently", are they letting it slip that the "communities" have a desire to impose xeno-style vigilantism on whites ? Or is Commie Comrade Vavi simply projecting and letting slip his own lustful desires of white genocide ? What is meant by "taking the law into their own hands" in this context and on this subject ? By the way, a bomb is ticking ... and your are standing on it !]

Swart’s bail was extended until his next appearance in August.
[Circus planned for August. Bring your clown outfits ... it is Sharpeville propaganda all over again ...]
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 22 September 2009 at 09:19
Terror And Terrorism

[22 September 2009]

In the last few weeks the country got its regular dose of media reports, from older defenceless people, whose farms have been attacked and have been assaulted and murdered. In most newspapers it doesn’t even rate as front page news. The SABC’s radio and television services don’t even report it any more. Furthermore there has also been incidents of deliberate arson at several farms in the country. Thousands of hectares of grazing was burned including farm labour accommodations.

A pristine game reserve in Hekpoort was overrun by fire, because when the fire-fighters arrived, they were told by niggers, that the property now belonged to them and threatened to murder them if they tried to extinguish the fire. Aside from these attacks, murders and arson, there is a new method of intimidation on farmers emerging. At this stage it’s still called : "bush-butchery". During the night livestock is killed, butchered, cut into pieces and driven off. It’s not done by hungry people, because evidence has been found that these stock thieves operate on an order basis. The same night that the illegal butchery takes place, the meat is sold in mud townships (locations) and other informal places.

Farmers in the Eastern Transvaal now find it necessary to equip their animals with electronic systems, which will monitor any abnormal movements or disturbances and can then send a signal to the farm headquarters. This way the "bush-butcher" can be quickly apprehended. Naturally such systems come at a price. During the past week, in the Bronkhorstspruit and Cullinan areas there have been three such incidents. The barbaric method that was used was to immobilize the animal by chopping the Achilles tendon[sound like Congo years ago ?]. The animal finds itself fortunate if it is thereafter quickly dispatched. In some of the incidents, it looks as if the hindquarters of the cow was removed while it was still alive. Only the Achilles tendon was chopped through and the rest of the carcass was abandoned in the field.

These barbaric offences strongly reminds one of the methods that the South West Africa Peoples Organization (SWAPO), during the old South West Africa, and the terrorist organizations in Rhodesia used to intimidate both farmers and farm labourers, in order to reach their revolutionary goals. Can there still be people who believe that farm murders, arson and animal mutilation is not politically inspired ?  >:(

http://nuus.praag.co.za/dev/ (http://nuus.praag.co.za/dev/)
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 01 October 2009 at 17:55
Dan Roodt Responds To Anti-White Hate Speech

Yesterday, Business Day newspaper published this sickening editorial (conveniently anonymous, as they always do when engaging in anti-White hate speech). Dr Dan Roodt [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Roodt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Roodt)] immediately responded and eviscerated the yellow-bellied writer with a brilliant response :

"For most South Africans of all hues and backgrounds, Heritage Day [the public holiday we celebrated last week] has become little more than an excuse to cremate deceased livestock and suck on a beer.[instead of worshipping the anc nigger heritage ...]. In many respects that is no bad thing, especially if the alternative is everyone seeking out those who look and sound like themselves and congregating to share real and perceived grievances. Far better that heritage be ignored than turned into a rallying point for bitter and twisted racial bigots such as the 300 or so Afrikaner extremists who gathered at the Vegkop monument [http://labuschagne.netfirms.com/vegkop.htm (http://labuschagne.netfirms.com/vegkop.htm)] near Heilbron in the Free State on Thursday to launch a new movement aimed at throwing off what they termed the "yoke of black oppression".

It is tempting to dismiss such groups as insignificant, which they certainly are numerically, despite the exposure in 2002 of the Boeremag conspiracy, which gave rise to SA’s most expensive trial to date . But even if the deluded ramblings of people such as Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Eugene Terre’Blanche come across more pathetic than treasonous these days, it would be a mistake to ignore them. While it is not against the law to be right-wing, or even to harbour racist views — as long as you do not act on them or incite others to commit a crime — the Human Rights Commission [HRC] is right to take such racial rhetoric seriously, especially when it could amount to hate speech.

If, as reported in the Sunday Times, speakers made such inflammatory statements as "the African person is genetically programmed for destruction", and urged Afrikaners to "prepare for the possibility of an organised mass assault by black South Africans", it may well be a case for the Equality Court. Of course, it would be easier to act against white extremists who foment racial hatred if organisations such as the HRC had shown more inclination to reprimand, let alone prosecute, the apparently rising number of African nationalists who also insist on reducing the national conversation to race-baiting.

To which Dr. Roodt responded :

I attended the gathering at the Vegkop battlefield site for about two hours and plead guilty to warning the people there that SA is getting so unstable that organised genocide on the scale of Rwanda is a possibility not to be discounted too lightly. The discussion around genocide over the past few weeks in Afrikaans was set off, not by a "right-wing bigot" as you continue in your tribal Johannesburg-English way to stereotype Afrikaners, but by the left-wing, ANC- supporting theologian Nico Smith.

On September 11 he wrote an article in Beeld, "Pas aan of pas op" [Adapt or beware], in which he forecast that Afrikaners insisting on language rights and complaining about affirmative action will end up like the French Algerians who were given the choice of "the suitcase or the coffin" by the National Liberation Front in the early sixties.No one can deny the wall of hate from the state directed against Afrikaner farmers, teachers, schools, universities, museums, monuments and so on. Huge amounts of taxpayer rands are being spent on court cases and other actions to eradicate Afrikaans from educational institutions and to remove Afrikaner farmers from the land they have farmed for generations.

The nature of injuries sustained in military-style attacks on farms and suburban houses are not of a civil or even criminal nature. At a recent medical conference on trauma surgery held in the US, a high- ranking officer from the US army called the South African delegate aside and told her : "Judging from the type of injuries you have shown us, I am afraid there is a war in your country. Such injuries do not occur in peacetime". I am sorry to disturb you in your liberal dreamworld where you are "cremating deceased livestock and sucking on a beer", but this country is already engaged in a low-intensity ethnic conflict that may well escalate into dominee Smith’s vision of a white genocide.

The umKhonto weSizwe and Apla- controlled SANDF, of which we have recently seen the levels of discipline, has about 500 000 automatic weapons at its disposal. Likewise, the SABC is the perfect weapon to exhort the majority population to drive the hated white racists or "bigots" into the sea. The tide of history, as is amply demonstrated by Algeria, the former Portuguese colonies and, of course, Zimbabwe, is against the continued presence of whites in Africa. We are all living under the sword of Damocles.

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 02 October 2009 at 12:15
Afrikaner Students Targetted By Vicious Hate-Speech

"Your time is running out, white man,’ black student ‘protestors’ snarled at Afrikaner students at the University of Pretoria …  >:(

A journalist who was covering the so-called "electioneering" campaign at the traditionally Afrikaner-University of Pretoria in September , writes that a sizeable group of black pro-ANC student protestors, united in an organisation called the "Student Front" , had rapidly become a bullying mob when they arrived for their "protest march".

These black students were shouting verbal abuse at all the Whites they saw on campus, threatened to stab the Afrikaner students, told all the Afrikaners – whose forebears arrived 350 years earlier -- to "get out of the country, you don’t belong here," and rampaged all over campus, destroying voting boxes, attacking polling stations for the Student Representative Council elections and assaulting campus security officials. This "peaceful protest action" by the student front was put to an end by campus security when an Afrikaner female student was thrown with a rock hurled from the student front mob and matters got out of hand very quickly after that, the journalist reports.

Charl Oberholzer, the Freedom Front Plus party’s youth leader on campus, said in view of this peaceful resistance shown by the Afrikaner students towards the bullying black mob, it therefore was ironic that university authorities had obtained an interdict against the Afrikaner student groups "to try and stop us from interfering in the security measures on campus".

He pointed out that if the Afrikaner students hadn’t formed their human chain, many more campus buildings would have been targetted by the violent, destructive group of black protestors. Student dean Professor Speckman, asked to comment, said "no punitive action has been taken thus far". The Afrikaner students have launched formal counter-charges, accusing the Student Front leadership and its members of outragiously racist behaviour towards the Whites, amongst others lodging formal objections to the use of any Afrikaans in the campus paper the Perdeby and with the SF also accusing the university of "having too many White people working at the University’s security offices".

The journalist reports that black protestors also were hurling grossly-racist insults at the Afrikaners, such as "this is our country and you don’t belong here," and even uttered threats of violence, such as "I am going to stab you with a knife in the ass, that is what I’m going to do, your time is running out white man"… The Freedom Front Plus youth leader demanded that the campus security authorities produce the campus security tapes which showed this violent behaviour by the SF’s protestors – but which tapes have somehow, "mysteriously disappeared".

"This aggressive and racist behaviour by the SF does not solve anything – instead it only creates a climate for revolution", Oberholzer was quoted as saying.The SF-protestors also sang threatening songs such as "bring me my machinegun" [Umshini wham] and were also filmed holding hate-filled antiwhite, racist speeches. Amongst the other racist chants heard during the two-weeks of electioneering for the SRC other slogans which also stood out from the crowd were the ones where chanted and shouted : "all whites are racists" -- together with "all racists should be barred".

Afrikaans students also reported widespread intimidation targetting them by these demonstrators over a two-week period -- creating a very unsafe atmosphere on campus. Many Afrikaans students said that they feared being on campus, and feared having to go and cast their vote amidst this deeply threatening atmosphere targetting the white students. It was also that the SA Police contingent - which showed up in large numbers during the SF protests – provided no protection for the Afrikaans students at all, and when questioned by the students, told the youngsters that "the police were just waiting for the white students to do something wrong before they would intervene".

Just looking at these monkeys dancing fills me with anger ... are they on LSD or what ?!?  ??? ... or do they like the camera ?!?  ???

Voor die GW (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9LRFgrfoWM#)

Source : Censorbugbear 
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 02 October 2009 at 22:41
I really think South Afrikan Whites just have to sort of hold their breath and be patient. I know 3000 Boer farmers have been killed but Aids is killing at least 2000 niggers a day in South Afrika. That's 600,000 per year. (As many as all the Whites in the whole US civil war). Imagine if there was an Einsatz commando unit doing that. Well it sort of is, Natures Einsatz commando. Nature is on the White mans side, Niggers are obsolete.
In time South Afrika will be all White. As will the whole of Afrika. Perhaps in the mean time there are safer places to go. Botswana is reasonably safe for Whites, Many Rhodesians have just hopped the borders to Mozambique- at least until Mugabe goes.
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 03 October 2009 at 11:08
I really think South Afrikan Whites just have to sort of hold their breath and be patient
So true ... first we are going to go through the fire ... to rid the White Race of all the * !
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 28 October 2009 at 21:05
Black Launch Racist Hate Attack On White Students

You’ll never read about this incident in the English press - in fact its a miracle it even made it into the Afrikaans media ! Die Volksblad newspaper, a small regional paper which serves Bloemfontein yesterday reported this shocking incident which I translated from the original Afrikaans. Nobody’s been arrested and as is the case with all black on White hate crimes and racist attacks, the incident is quickly being covered up as if it never happened. Six White female students belonging to the University of the Free State in Bloem were attacked by a mob of blacks who hurled bricks, threatened them with rape and racially abused the shocked women.

In a racist incident which is strongly reminiscent of the racial attacks and riots at the University of The Orange Freestate following last year’s violent incidents involving the Reitz video debacle, six women were gratuitously attacked by blacks. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The women students [who requested anonymity] went for a walk on the campus on Thursday night. They were en route to their dorms from the campus swimming pool complex when the incident happened. A large group of students from various dormitories were revelling near the pool area. The six girls decided to leave the pool area after most other students had left.

"We felt safe because the campus was busy and there were students everywhere" said one. Various dorms had had parties on Thursday night and many students were standing around in front of their dorms chatting and socialising. When the women walked past the faculty for Agriculture, they saw a group of black students sitting on the grass behind the building. "We didn’t worry about them as we thought they were busy playing soccer" the girls said.

As the White girls walked past the group of blacks, one suddenly picked up a brick and threw it in their direction. "At first I thought they were joking, because he didn`t throw it too hard but then he picked it up and threw it at us again, this time really hard". After this, the rest of the blacks joined in, picking up bricks and hurling it at the shocked girls who started running away. The blacks ran after the girls, screaming "f*ck off from our campus you white bitches. We are going to rape you".  >:(

The terrified girls ran away and and were chased by the blacks for quite a distance. The women approached two  security guards and told them about the incident but the guards completely ignored them. They then went to their dorms and reported it to the security guard there, who shrugged his shoulders and refused to help. The students asked that the name of their dormitory be withheld for fear of victimisation. "We`re not sure if the incident was related to a protest meeting held at the campus earlier on Thursday, or whether the blacks merely wanted to vent their frustrations on us" they said. "We just think that its a serious problem that the security guards refused to help us. A few other White girls walked back alone from the pool area, what if it happened to one of them ?"

They reported the incident to the UV Security Services on Friday. Mrs Lacea Loader, UOFS spokesperson confirmed that they were aware of the incident. "The matter was reported to our security services and is being investigated. We strongly condemn behaviour like this and students must refrain from making themselves guilty of such unacceptable behaviour". Loader said she didn’t want to speculate on whether the incident was related to the current Reitz debacle.

[Source : Volksblad]
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 12 March 2010 at 09:27
ANC Defends "Kill The Boer" Song

Johannesburg - The ANC defended youth leader julius mudlema on Thursday for singing, "shoot the boers, they are rapists", saying the lyrics of the song had been quoted out of context. "Let's discuss appropriately on this matter. Don't blame Julius. In fact, on this one, I will defend him," ANC spokesperson Nog Mthembu told Sapa by phone on Thursday morning.

"This song was sung for many years even before Malema was born ... Julius doesn't even know who's the writer of the song. He got it from us [the ANC]. You must blame the ANC, don't blame Julius. But when you blame the ANC, then contextualise it." [ ... contextualise my ass ... this is a blatant racist song asking for the extermination of Whites ... may your god help you when the walls come down on you and him !]. Mthembu said the song was an old struggle song that Malema learnt from his ANC colleagues. [ ... struggle meaning communist revolution]

There were many songs in South Africa's history that could offend people, he said. "I know of songs that sing of generals ... but let's leave that aside," he said, declining to name the song, but in a clear hint to the Afrikaans hit, "De la Rey", about a general in the Anglo-Boer war. [ ... the song was about the Boer/British war you incompetent nigger, not about killing muds]. The song Mudlema sang was not meant to attack boers, said Mthembu. [ ... now what exactly is meant by "kill the boer" ? And how would you know anyway ... are you inside that niggers` head ?]

"If you don't look at the song in its entirety, then you lose the meaning," he said, before starting to sing it to Sapa during the telephonic interview. Mthembu then explained : "It [the song] says, 'some people are cowards', it says, 'use your gun to shoot', because it is reminiscent of fighting a war." [ ... the only people that are cowards are niggers killing defenseless Whites]. It refers to all people who are cowards, including blacks who were cowards, Mthembu said. [ ... BS ... it sings about Whites ... and why would you want to kill coward niggers because they dont want do what you tell them ?]

"[It is about]... black people who were cowards ... it means oppressive forces, it means those who are against transformation, those who are saying this ANC regime is against the 'blanke volk' [the white nation]. [ ... show me Whites that are against your commie transformation ... we have no choice but to tow the line - but a time is coming when the White, the so-called "volk" you are talking about, is gonna rise up - we have nothing more to lose but everything to gain]

"There are some white people who say so, who say we were better off with white 'volk' in government." [ ... and we were; even the niggers admit that !]. Mthembu said he knew not all white people said this. The song was also sung in the past by white [jewish communist traitors] freedom fighters.

"Even when we sang the songs, we didn't want joe slovo to be killed. Ronnie kasrils ... in fact, they were leading us in those songs." [ ... both of these people were jewish communists ... the niggers take it that they are White ... you have been joeed !]. Mudlema is facing a criminal charge and a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for reportedly singing at the University of Johannesburg, "Dubula amabhunu baya raypha" (Zulu for, 'Shoot the boers, they are rapists) with a group of students. The song is reminiscent of the late Nog Mokaba [ ... who died of Nature`s revenge - aids], a former ANC Youth League leader known for chanting the slogan, "kill the boer, kill the farmer" during the struggle against apartheid.

The Freedom Front Plus laid a criminal charge against Malema for allegedly advocating hate. The Afrikanerbond lodged a complaint with the SAHRC. The Freedom Front Plus won an appeal related to the "kill the farmer, kill the Boer" slogan in 2003 when the SAHRC ruled it constituted hate speech. [ ... but they still used it without a problem]. Mthembu said people who were unhappy with the singing of the song should approach the ANC so it could be discussed. [ ... what a waste of time ! The lines have been drawn ... time to fight or die Whitey !]

"The issue is, indeed, some people might be correct that there might be songs we should not sing. Let them put them on the agenda and convince the ANC that we should not sing those songs and tell us why. "But then they should also look at songs that were sung by the forces of oppression." [ ... you dont know oppression ... Apartheid was a kindergarden to communist oppression, that system you so eagerly advocate]

Source : http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/e84a071143334893aae38da57e99d5d2/11-03-2010-12-24/ANC_defends_kill_the_boer_song (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/e84a071143334893aae38da57e99d5d2/11-03-2010-12-24/ANC_defends_kill_the_boer_song)

Julius Has a High Noon Date
Cape Town - The national secretary of the Verkenners Beweging (scouts' movement) Ben Geldenhuys has challenged julius mudlema to "shoot me" instead of innocent farmers, and even named a place, date, and time for the event. In a statement on Thursday, Geldenhuys said the Verkenners Beweging was "furious" about the ANC Youth League leader singing "shoot the boer".

Since the ANC came to power in 1994, more than 3 000 farmers, mainly the elderly and women, had been brutally murdered on their farms. This could not simply be ascribed to crime, Geldenhuys said. Mudlema's utterances were considered by the Verkenners Beweging as incitement to murder farmers and was totally unacceptable, Geldenhuys said.

"If Mudlema is so keen to shoot a boer, let him come shoot me instead of inciting other people to murder defenceless elderly farmers and women. "To make it easy for him, I will wait for him at Fort Schanskop at 12 noon on March 19 2010," Geldenhuys said.

Source : http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/Politics/1057/348d7293693f4aa2a5f32fcfbd9e7489/11-03-2010-10-10/Julius%5C_has%5C_a%5C_high%5C_noon%5C_date (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/Politics/1057/348d7293693f4aa2a5f32fcfbd9e7489/11-03-2010-10-10/Julius%5C_has%5C_a%5C_high%5C_noon%5C_date)
Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 23 March 2010 at 03:04
I remember when they questioned Mandela about his chanting "Kill the Boer! Kill the Boer!" and dancing to it on a balcony after his election. His excuse was that it's a traditional song and told the media not to take it out of context. The matter was dropped and Mandela went on to sing a lot of songs about killing Whites and was never asked about them again.

Follow the link to do a search on YouTube for "Nelson Mandela Kill the Boer (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Nelson+Mandela+Kill+the+Boer)"

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
Post by: Private on 08 June 2010 at 18:11
A secret committee made up of ANC and government security agents is coordinating the country's post FIFA 2010 World Cup cleansing activities and it is already in full swing, identifying targets, and preparing use of hit squads, highly placed sources in South Africa and Zimbabwe said. Together with xenophobic attacks, South Africa’s ruling party ANC is planning Zimbabwean style land invasions after the football World Cup. Zimbabwe's military and Robert Mugabe's War Veterans of the liberation struggle have been ropped-in for crucial frontline back-up for the violent programme.

ANC's Youths who have been undergoing training in Zimbabwe, at the army's Staff College have completed their rigorous training and they will soon be deployed throughout the South African provinces ready to kickstart a State assisted land invasion which will be reported in the State media as spontaneous. Controversial African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) President, Julius Malema, has already visited Zimbabwe for a a briefing by Robert Mugabe and he had a series of meetings with Zanu PF and Zimbabwe government's security agents.

Early this year, South African Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gukule Nkwinti has accused white farmers of scuttling the land reform programme by frustrating government’s willing buyer willing seller policy through inflating prices. He has warned that South Africa risks sinking into chaos as the patience of new black farmers is running thin. Foreign migrants and refugees in South Africa have been warned to prepare for a wave of xenophobic attacks as soon as the final whistle of the World Cup blows.

Two years after the start of the 2008 riots that left scores dead across the country, a consortium of leading migration organisations has said it had received reports by foreign nationals that they were being threatened with violence after the tournament. "These threats are coming from many different people: neighbours, colleagues, taxi drivers, passersby, but also from nurses, social workers and police officers," said Cormsa, whose members include Amnesty International, the South African Red Cross Society, and the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation . "Some of those making the threats believe that they have the support of senior political leaders," it said.

Dozens of Zimbabwean women interviewed by the Guardian in Hillbrow, downtown Johannesburg, said they were being intimidated and threatened daily by their landlords and groups of men gathering outside their homes at night. "They say they will come after the World Cup and they will kill us," said Ethel Musonza, 32, a mother of four. "These people are serious, they are organised, they know where we live. They say they won't do anything during the World Cup because of the foreign tourists but afterwards the police will step aside and some of us will get killed."

In an informal settlement in East Rand, groups of men who claimed they took part in the "war" of 2008 have told foreign migrants and refugees to leave the country before 11 July. "We sat down and talked and said let us leave them until the World Cup is coming to our country," said one, who admitted he broke the law to "protect his country from foreigners" in 2008. "If we fight now, maybe they will stop 2010 … after that there is no one who can come to us and say don't fight," he added.

Cormsa has urged the government to act against xenophobia to try to defuse the risk of further violence. It has asked authorities to punish officials have used the threat violence to intimidate foreign nationals. On 12 May 2008, a series of riots started in Alexandra township, north-east Johannesburg, targeting migrants from Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. In the weeks that followed, the violence spread to other informal settlements in the Gauteng province, Durban and Cape Town, and then to the rest of the country. Sixty-two people were killed during the clashes, including 21 South Africans.

Source :http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/world/5383.html (http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/world/5383.html)

It is expected that the xenophobia could spill over into to the White areas, which could lead to property invasions - if the communist are going to succeed in robbing the White Man, remains to be seen. Their plan failed to pull the rightwing into a fight with the murder on Terre`Blanche; the only solution for them now is an all out confrontation, they are tired of waiting - this could be a fatal mistake. Its important for the world to know that the Boers are going to be attacked first, and they are merely going to defend themselves - whatever, however, at any cost - we did not come to the southern point of the kaffir continent to be wiped out. Its not our fault that we had to flee Europe because of religious intolerance.

RaHoWa !
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How about this  PM Cambeul? 

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
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How about this  PM Cambeul?

April 10th, 2010 Author: Rev.Maritz
https://rahowadirectory.com/sacreativity/more-on-the-terreblanche-murder (https://rahowadirectory.com/sacreativity/more-on-the-terreblanche-murder)
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Mandela Was Ready To Kill For SA - Malema

Pretoria - Late former president Nelson Mandela was ready to kill for this country, EFF leader Julius Malema said on Thursday. He said, as a leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Mandela was one of the first people to be trained on how to use arms. "You don't take up arms and go and kiss people," said Malema. "You pick up arms to kill ... Madiba was ready to kill for this country." He was speaking at a public lecture at the University of Limpopo's Medunsa campus situated in Ga-Rankuwa outside Pretoria. He urged the youth to follow in Mandela's footsteps. "Black people who are in business with white people are economy security guards," Malema said. His comment was met by loud applause and laughter. "They are protecting the interests of white people," he said.

http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/Mandela-was-ready-to-kill-for-SA-Malema-20140717 (http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/Mandela-was-ready-to-kill-for-SA-Malema-20140717)
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And the only response to that is to kill all the niggers.

There is no question about it; they either live our way, or they die ... or we die.

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
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I agree, but that being said - when your back is against the wall you need a clear and cool head. We`ve had several attempts to overthrow the communist government, the Boeremag being the most recent - where did it get the White Racialists ? In prison, some of the best guys are behind bars. The correct thing to do imo is to get ready, as a matter of fact, if you`re a White Racialist in South Africa you should have been ready long ago, at least ten years ago. When the commies collapse all hell will break lose and then will be the correct time to act. In the meantime, if not already done, put in place emergency plans, get survival gear and most important, band together with like-minded people
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Malema : We’re Bringing 50 000 To Joburg

Johannesburg (Liberal nest in the Transvaal) - The Economic Freedom Fighters are preparing to bring 50 000 of its “fighters” from around the country to march on the Gauteng legislature in Joburg. Speaking on the eve of the party’s first anniversary on Saturday, leader Julius Malema said the party would not be bullied by the ANC. “We are not schoolboys. We have taken a decision that we will bring 50 000 people here. “Undermining the EFF in Gauteng is undermining the EFF around the country. We are a unitary organisation. We are going back to that legislature and we are going to fight.” EFF members protested this week against the decision of legislature Speaker Ntombi Mekgwe to prevent eight MPLs from entering the chamber while dressed in their red overalls and domestic workers’ attire. “They know us. We will teach them a lesson because we were not being disruptive. If the ANC had accepted overalls, today overalls would not have been an issue. “We fought for this right to protest, and so we are coming to Johannesburg with a full force.”

Addressing hundreds of EFF supporters and students at the launch of the book, The Coming Revolution, at Wits University Great Hall on Thursday night, Malema said EFF leaders decided to write the book because they did not want others to distort their ideas on socialism. “We are writing our own book, because we don’t want our story to be written by a young white person,” he said, in a veiled reference to Nelson Mandela’s former PA Zelda la Grange, who launched her book Good Morning, Mr Mandela recently. “We have let our story be told by some young white kids who have no history in the Struggle. We were more agitated by the fact that some people have written books with regard to nationalisation, without the perspective of the EFF. We wrote our own book because we want our people to read a reliable story, and not a distortion.” Malema urged his audience to prioritise education and not materialism. (yeah right ... while this fat nigger lives in luxury) This, he said, was the viable means to defeat “white monopoly capital”. “An educated nation is a liberated nation. We want you to compete with qualifications and not names of jeans. We want a knowledgeable society with qualifications. We don’t want people who compete with material, we want people who compete with knowledge.” ( ... which the niggers are unable to do, thats why they enforce affirmative action, equality the nigger way)

http://www.iol.co.za/news/special-features/malema-we-re-bringing-50-000-to-joburg-1.1725465#.U9OZVeOSwf0 (http://www.iol.co.za/news/special-features/malema-we-re-bringing-50-000-to-joburg-1.1725465#.U9OZVeOSwf0)

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Zuma : If ANC Goes Gown, So Will SA

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday admitted that the ANC had been shaken and was in trouble. "The youth league has been shaken but also the mother body has been shaken," he told delegates at the ANC Youth League consultative conference in Soweto, Johannesburg. "We admit that the organisation is in trouble."

Zuma was referring to discussions held by the African National Congress's combined national working committee and national executive committee meeting on Tuesday. "I can guarantee you that if everything goes wrong with the ANC, everything will go wrong in this country. There is no doubt about it." Zuma urged youth league members to defend the African National Congress. Before Zuma arrived, delegates sang songs praising the president, "lead us Zuma", they sang in isiZulu. When he entered the hall the ANC Youth League delegates cheered and started to sing "Umshini wam" (bring me my machine gun).

Title: Re: The Coming RaHoWa In South Africa
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According to an article published in The Mercury today (quoted below) , king Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu of the Zulu’s called upon young Zulu men to prepare to take up arms against people destroying African culture and preventing him from reclaiming land colonials “seized” centuries ago.

Let us kindly correct one or two little things here:

1) As far as I understand there has been a palace revolution brewing in the Zulu nation about who is REALLY the Zulu king as king Goodwill’s claim to the throne is not undisputed. To hear such utter bollocks from a man who probably is not even really the King, is no reason to get upset in my humble opinion. This is coming from a King who had to beg for a sack of maize last year because he was so broke (despite his HUGE salary for doing nothing which he gets from the pocket of the tax payer) that his wives and uncountable offspring did not have porridge for Christmas. One sometimes wonder who is the bigger clown: the King or mister Zuma, the court jester?

2) Does the constitution make provision for any leader of a specific group to call for taking up arms? Does this not constitute civil war and disruption of the authority of the State? I can only imagine if an Afrikaner leader makes such a call, he would be behind bars in the blink of an eye. So why hasn’t the King been charged with sedition yet?

3) The lands “seized” probably include the land between the Tugela and the Umzimvubu from the Drakensberg to the sea including Port Natal. This is the land sold to the Boers in a treaty between Dingaan and Piet Retief I n November 1837. This was later confirmed in a treaty between Mpande and Henry Cloete after the British Occupation. There are others lands as well such as the New Republic and the Kliprivier Republic. These were obtained from mutually agreed negotiation and properly witnessed. We are not even interested in your sad stories about Kings who were so stupid that they didn’t know what they signed. It is not our fault that your ancestors could not develop that skill even by the mid 19th century. We claim that land and Front National intends to use every legal mechanism available to stop you from STEALING what is legally our land. Got it, your majesty?

4) Lastly, we take note of the threat hidden in what you say. You don’t need to be a great leader to learn from the greatest master we have: History. So learn this from history: The last Zulu King who called his young men up to take up arms was Dingaan on his way to Blood River. We haven’t forgotten that. I suggest you don’t either.

Department Information
Front Nasionaal Suid Afrika



* Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, and his entourage spend over R800 000 a month simply on travel expensive-

*He was  tabling a budget of R63 million of taxpayers money for the department of the royal household-

* ANC spends R15m in renovating Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini’s SEVEN palaces in 2012/13 financial year-

* R3-million for crop and animal production on his farms-

* R1-million-a-year salary -

* He received an additional R12-million last year for the refurbishment and renovation of his seven palaces.

* Zwelithini has taken five wives and fathered 28 children in 45 years- all now supported on white taxpayer’s money-

*  Each wife has her own royal home, and according to reports it costs the taxpayer over R63-million per year to maintain the royal household.

* R1.6-million owed to Sizwe Gwala, the owner of Xolisisizwe Trading and Projects, which organised the 66-year-old king’s wedding to Swazi national Zola Mafu was paid from taxpayer’s money.



http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=37097 (http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=37097)