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Title: Encounter with a Libtard - Don't Breath on a Creator or You Bleed
Post by: Private on 08 April 2020 at 14:43
This Chinese Virus really brings them out.

I live in South Australia on a bicycle path, rather than a street. Walk down a brightly lit alley and you may find me just near the Number 23.

I do gardening. Which for me is walking around with a switchblade whipping it out on occasion to pull out recalcitrant weeds. Neighbours/Arabs have complained before, claiming that ... well, you know. The result, it's my yard, and if I choose to carry a ten inch fixed blade for gardening, or a four inch foldable blade, that's my choice in my garden.

So, again, I am in the front yard, my yard doesn't have many weeds but I do have to spend about five minutes of effort per month or two keeping it neat. In this case, it was some old fella walking past that I'd never seen. I'd just put my Nigger inside (she's old) and was attempting to pull out a weed when he greeted me from the path, telling me how great my garden is.

It's not great. I use a lot of free Texan, South African and South Australian plants. I planted them knowing what they will do together and I let them grow and they keep out most of the weeds. How difficult is that? This is South Australia, where the climate is the same as South Africa and Texas.

No junkies, coons or so-called "Orphans" allowed at Rahowa House
Just the White Warriors

Anyway, after complementing me, this wanker complained that I had whipped out a knife/a switchblade to jam in the ground to rip out a weed. After telling him that he wouldn't say that if I was a coon, I guessed he was obviously a libtard that blamed the nigger world on my garden switchblade - Or so he alluded to in his following rant about White Supremacists, for which I assume I was supposed to cower, and slink away from in shame. An old Boomer looking out to F. up a GenXer? #HeyBoomer, we're not #Millennial. SJW shaming doesn't work on us.

Being segregated as we are, the old twat didn't want to move along and kept ranting. I thought this quite fun. I watched it rant for a while and eventually asked it if it was finished. The old fart said no and started on again about the American slave trade with Aborigines .... I walked inside, grabbed a pickaxe handle and I poked it in the old libtard's chest hard to remove it from my vicinity and to make sure it would not come back again. The old probable one-time hippy reborn as a geriatric SJW fell over on the lawn in the park as I pushed it backwards. A boot in the throat and a "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE CREATIVITY ALLIANCE IS?" finished the job.

I also kept the old fart's driver's licence.

So what? Will the police show up and give a damn? If the victim was White and the perp was Black, they wouldn't show up at all - that's standard practice.  In South Australia, the police have removed a lot of Aboriginal people to their lands where they are protected from Da White Kunt Virus. Without Abos, police now spend their time dealing with Chink Virus transgressors. They don't even test drunk drivers any more. The police are not interested in White people poking a stick to remove a tresspasser. So, if you're White, you gotta think for yourselves. You're all individuals (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=life+of+brian+individuals) - trapped in a group hug that will kill all the old White people and 35% of you youngans.

Civilians, don't screw with Creators: We Creators do have is a particular skill set. Screw with us and will hunt you down and we will kill you. There are many Creators that were Special Forces. Do you really think that skills and training end because your democratically elected government shitcans old soldiers?

That old wanker that screwed with me lived to moan another day, because all I did was poke him in the chest with a pick axe handle when he came onto my turf. I could have done a lot worse. Can you dig it?

Don't breath on a Creator, or you will bleed on a Creator - RAHOWA!