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Title: The Inferior Mud Races & Beastiality: Fornicating with Apes
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Indonesia: Farmers Use Orangutan as Sex Slave

JUNGLE'S SICK SECRET The horrifying story of a prostitute orangutan named Pony who was chained to a bed, shaved daily and forced to perform sex acts on men twice her size

Pony spent six years having sex with men twice her size and was forced into wearing make-up and jewellery

Miranda Cox | The Sun (https://www.thesun.co.uk/) (UK) | 26 November 2018


Excerpt: CHAINED to a wall and lying on a dirty mattress with a full face of make-up, Pony the orangutan waited for her next client.

Men working in the nearby palm oil farm in Borneo would come into the brothel and could pay a couple of quid to have sex with a prostitute, or, shockingly, with her.


Knowing what was expected, Pony would gyrate her hips when a punter came to the door before being raped by men twice the size of her who paid her owner for the experience.

Stolen from her mum as a baby, the gentle ape’s entire body was shaved every other day, leaving her skin irritated, covered in sores and prone to mosquito bites – and she was taught how to perform sex acts

The threat to the existence of orangutans is an issue currently thrust to the forefront, with Iceland’s now-banned Christmas advert highlighting the impact the non-sustainable palm oil trade is having on their lowland jungle habitat in Borneo and Sumatra.

Here, The Sun Online speaks to the Orangutan experts who helped rescue and look after Pony, and investigates the illegal ape trafficking trade – where primates are sold for up to £10,000 via the black market and are even bought through social media sites

No one knows exactly how long Pony was forced to work as a prostitute before being rescued from a brothel in Indonesia.

It’s taken over a decade for Pony to recover from the unimaginable cruelty she suffered at the  “brothel” village – a destination popular with local farm workers who used prostitutes.

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"With a full face of make-up, Pony the orangutan waited for her next client"
It's sick, but that's the reality of the inferior mud races
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The 1970s sideshow circuit gave audiences the chance to meet Oliver—a chimpanzee like no other. In fact, Oliver was so different from other chimpanzees that he was thought to be partially human.

Brought to the US from Africa, Oliver was presented as the “missing link” between the two species. The bold claim was made that he possessed 47 chromosomes, one more than man and one less than a typical chimpanzee. Regardless of this ploy to sell tickets, Oliver was indeed different.

The suspected human-chimp-hybrid appeared to look human and was even adorned with a pattern of baldness. He had a soft voice and his demeanor was quite charming with the ladies. From living with his trainers, he quickly learned how to use tools, do chores, and picked up on human habits like drinking coffee. Oliver even walked upright

Now we know where humanzees come from? That bloody farm in Borneo!
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The genetic makeup of a 12-year-old Angolan, boy is now disputed by experts after his deceased mother allegedly told him he is the offspring of a human-chimpanzee love affair, reports the Gazeta Nacional.


The story made national headlines and has unleashed an outpour of generosity towards Augusto Dembo, 12, who now lives with his uncle and aunt in the capital city of Luanda.

Although the young boy has become an instant celebrity, many experts dispute the claim that he is the product of the s*xual intercourse between a human and a chimpanzee

“S*xual relationships between humans and chimpanzees are fairly common in the region but this is the first time a pregnancy is officially reported,” Dr. António Mendes of the Hospital Municipal do Luena doubted.

Angola President João Lourenço has already nicknamed the boy the “Angolan Miracle Child” as well as praising the young man as a “National treasure”, “a sign from God” and a “testament to the majesty and greatness of the Republic of Angola.”

This discovery could even challenge the basic foundations of modern science,” has even commented on the current Minister of Science and Technology, Maria Cândida Teixeira.

A spokesperson from the Parc national de Cameia commented on the news by saying that they sincerely regret the loss of Anita Dembo but also condemned “any inappropriate or s*xual acts with any animals in the park.”

“Any s*xual interaction between employees or visitors of the park with animals is not encouraged behavior under current park guidelines,” a spokesman for Parc national de Cameia told reporters.

Can humans and chimpanzees mate and have babies? Is cross-breeding humans with animals possible? Will we see hybrid chimp-human babies in the future?

As for the child’s mother, Anita Dembo, allegedly entertained an affair with a chimpanzee that endured for many years during her employment at the Parc national de Cameia where she has worked as a conservation officer since 1998
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Are “people equal?” / “ what is a person”? /“Are people on different levels?”
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As the old saying goes 'niggers are descended from apes' and no doubt cross breeding is common among black africans wanting to stay close to their chimp cousins. You take the nigger out of the jungle but the not jungle out of the nigger. ;D