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Title: I.C.E. RAIDS
Post by: Private on 12 July 2019 at 19:47
Of course our enemies and propaganda media spin this as one of the most evil things ever, like in this article. I think it's a joke, if it even happens. Trump has already postponed it once. But why I say it's a joke is because if you run the numbers. So, the raids are suppose to round up 2,000 illegals nationwide and the estimated number of illegals (because there's no way to know the real  number) is 22 million. When you put it into that perspective W.T.F. is 2,000. It's looking pretty obvious that neither side of our government truly wants to fix our illegal mud problem.


Houston Police Chief Torches Donald Trump Over ICE Raids: Chase Crooks, Not Cooks

“It’s creating havoc in our community,” Chief Art Acevedo told CNN’s Don Lemon.

By Lee Moran
07/12/2019 07:55 AM ET

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo on Thursday explained how President Donald Trump’s plan to deploy Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to raid homes of undocumented immigrants is “creating havoc in our community.”

Acevedo told CNN’s Don Lemon that the U.S.-born children of immigrants had approached him at forums saying, “I’m afraid to go to school, I’m afraid to leave the house, I’m afraid to come home and find my parents are gone.”

“Those fears are real,” the chief said.

Raids by ICE agents are slated to start on Sunday, The New York Times reported. Trump had initially planned to launch them last month, but paused the operation in a bid to come up with a “solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border” with Democrats, he tweeted.

Acevedo said pronouncements like “we’re gonna go round up a million people” also pushed people “further into the dark and further outside of the realm of society, which means we have a harder time investigating crime.”

“I think we should be chasing crooks, not cooks,” he added.

Acevedo acknowledged that his department does work with ICE “as it relates to Homeland Security investigations, going after real hardcore criminals.”

“There’s a lot of them out there and we’re just hopeful that we don’t create greater problems for society by separating families,” Acevedo added. “Families belong together, they certainly don’t belong apart.”
Title: Re: I.C.E. RAIDS
Post by: Private on 13 July 2019 at 04:37
I think they want the raids to happen...  but dont want to look like they support it..  so thats why the dems are acting like goof balls..  to chase away their base...  and put up a legal fight..  which they have to eventually cave on.. "Pleease..  2 weeks..  pleease.."
Title: Re: I.C.E. RAIDS
Post by: Private on 13 July 2019 at 11:53
I think they want the raids to happen...  but dont want to look like they support it..  so thats why the dems are acting like goof balls..

You could maybe make a point that the Republicans might want the raids so that Trump can  appease his "base". Gather a very few illegals up to make it look like their trying to do what they said on the campaign trail. As for the Democrats, I'm not sure i agree Brother. I truthfully believe the majority of them want open borders but aren't ready to say that publicly (not sure enough Americans are on board for that yet). The  Dems like the cheap labor (Republicans too) and the other benefits the illegal muds bring them. Like greater numbers on the census for federal aid and the number of representatives in Congress. Not to mention the Spanish speaking mud races also vote around 80% Democrat.
Title: Re: I.C.E. RAIDS
Post by: Private on 14 July 2019 at 05:49
I didn't follow politics much during the Obama admin..  But others who did follow it said that it was almost like the Republicans didn't even try. Like they essentially handed them the elections.. I'm guessing to get this "Black President" business out of the way.  I'm not even going to get into how I think he was completely fabricated and wasn't even a president..  or possibly created as a recommendation from Homeland security to settle various threats they saw rising..  racially and religiously...  whatever..

But like...  during the Clinton years.. Dems didn't act this frikken loony.  They could actually debate..  had thought provoking comebacks...  were essentially "on their game" if you agreed with them or not..  This current face of democrats just seem angry for no reason.. 100% emotion driven with bad logic..  and like temperamental children.   That's why I'm saying its like they are trying to drive their base away.   Could be agreements between the parties that are still in play.. "You low ball it for us so we can get Obama.   We low ball it for you for the next 8 years..  no matter who you pick".. 

3rd worlders coming in initially settle in the city..  It takes a few generations before they realize the city is a trap designed to lower population rates... and take your money..  in the disguise of convenience, speed, and luxury..  When vote time comes the electoral college slaps all that down..  It isnt majority rule. 3 billion nigs voting from the same crack in the wall doesn't mean they get to decide what happens in the rest of the house.