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Title: Is Lack Of "Group Think" A Strength?
Post by: Private on 09 July 2019 at 02:11
Been trading info back and forth.  Blacks, Mexicans, Etc..  they go into group think faster..  much faster..  than Whites.  Some say this makes them easier to control.  Individuals are hard to control.. groups are easier.

Perhaps that is why this group's membership isn't thousands and thousands of raging racists strong..  even though being a White racist exists..  There are a lot of groups that only have a handful of members...  similar ideology though...  kinda though for 1 "icon" to reel them in and "do what I say"..  but they all have the same essential goals.. 

Just thoughts
Title: Re: Is Lack Of "Group Think" A Strength?
Post by: Private on 09 July 2019 at 14:29
Confusing what you see online in a forum with the real world  ::)

And that brother, is why Rev.Dr.W.Texas wants you to be a Prospect for six months like all other members must be when they first join. (Rev.Dr.W.Texas and I have not discussed you or your position at all.) You may have been around for eleven years and did some good work at times, but I am the only one that knows. Keep in mind, that you serving as a Prospect is rightfully Private's  choice because he is the American National Coordinator. He doesn't know you like I do - and yet, after that post of yours, I agree with him.

... But getting back to the topic: You've been around long enough to know better, brother, and that comment, while correct for some groups, is not correct for us. Creativity is happily growing, and is much bigger and has more contacts and others working for us than you know.

We are not building a group that needs to scream and shout and tear this world down; we are building a religion. We want dedicated people in all sorts of positions within society. We want the angry unemployed with time on their hands, we want the dedicated workers, we want the factory/shop/warehouse/office managers, we want the farmers and business owners ....

We want you to be a real Creator rather than a hang around. Sure, we'll give you the title of Prospect for the next six months, but - like all Prospects - we expect you to rise above the title of Prospect of your own volition.

We want you to put out a minimum of six hundred flyers within six months and to photograph your efforts ... but, Private, I know you and, unlike newbies and others who drift in, the question is not whether we are allowing a loony into our ranks or not. So, for you, as well as the six hundred flyers, I want you to emulate every flyer you put out with an advert online. Again, because, I know you too well: I know you can put out six hundred automated adverts online in one hit. Therefore, as your 1 "icon", I want you to do exactly that every month.

A hundred flyers and a Google Bomb every month. Is that too much to ask for?

Just a thought for you - Just standard operating procedure for the Creativity Alliance.


To answer your question on Group Think:

Every tribe, every nation and every race has Group Think. Non-White nations' religious and political leaders use Group Think as a means of manipulation and total control. In White Nations, Group Think is only allowed for Whites in the form of Group Guilt.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Group Think for Whites has been replaced with the Cult of Individuality - which itself has brought about the erosion of White Society and the rise of individual perversions. Whites that have beliefs that are detrimental to White Society are encouraged to monopolise the Group Think method: Faggots, Feminists, the Kill Whitey Crowd .... As for the rest of us, enforced Individuality is the order of the day, and the last vestige of Group Think that we, the average White People, are permitted is Group Guilt - or rather Representative Guilt. Hence, the White Man's modern burden is to bear the representative guilt for the imagined sins of his forefathers. The rest is Divide and Conquer in order to control and ultimately destroy the White Masses through White Genocide.

That's the only ACCEPTABLE form of Group Think ALLOWED for the White Man. That is why it is our task to re-educate the White Man. Or better still, educate the ignorant White Man so that he understands his true potential - rather than wallowing in guilt for the imagined sins of his ancestors.


Saying Lack of Group Think is a Strength is like saying Diversity is Strength.

The anti-White definition of Diversity is the total exclusion of all White People. Which supports the anti-White Group Think of the non-Whites. There is no actual Diversity amongst non-White groups. There is only Group Think.

If the only permitted form of Group Think for Whites is Guilt, then ironically, it is our task to bring Individuality to the Group Think of Representative Guilt, in order to quash all feelings of guilt for the uncountable imaginary sins and bring about the Group Think that is White Racial Unity.

That is the Conundrum of the Creator.

Title: Re: Is Lack Of "Group Think" A Strength?
Post by: Private on 10 July 2019 at 06:15

I don't mind waiting 6 months. I don't think I'm so special as to require rolling out the red carpet and getting special treatment.. bypassing requirments other members have to take. In fact, if I were to skip the 6 months it would be a sore when I would be compared to other current and future members.

Automating and blasting out messages via Email..  is no problem. Would like to remind everyone of the time some college started with racial stuff.. I forget which one..  and I scraped their entire website for the web for every email address aasociated with their college and emailed all of them inviting them for a group discussion on racial matters.   The only reply I got back from them was a carefully worded message I can only describe as "carefully coded" explaining that (reading between the lines) that they do not have enough white people to force the issue so thwy, while still maintaining white control, allow the blacks to so their useless media dance.

Online mass mailing..  no problem..  Getting through spam filters is tricky though. Easy enough to stay legal with the "can spam act"...  tougher to avoid spam folder.

Currently working on friend requesting people on facebook and then when I get a handful of fresh folks..  I send them links to here.

I currently don't have regular internet.. I get 10gb Wi-Fi hotspot a month. Using a computer uses more data than a mobile device. Automating a mobile device to free up data is possible..  but slower. and I still need to power my laptop.  Recently my panels have been damages.  I get 33 watts until my new panels come.. I will have 150 watts soon..  and Will build more panels when budget allows. 33 watts is enough to charge my phone a few times and my flashlight.  Right now my computer requires too much power to use.  Im not running my generator just to power my laptop.  Too inefficient. Generator is reserved for power tools and extreme Emergancy.

You want me to mass mail?..  no problem. I will pop out a few thousand emails for yas soon.

Flyers..  physical flyers..  Now you are asking me to buy ink..  paper..  and use electric to run my printer..  And where will I go? Closest city is El Paso.   

79% Hispanic.. Not good for flyering. If anything it will increase the local hispanic racial activity since a racial rival has been identified in the area. 

I've sent information to Rev.Dr.W.Texas Wilson about a proposed location for his planned..  town?... on the outskirts of El Paso..  In a ghost town. I dont know what the goal of this..  town.. Will be..  but personally I see it as a great chance to have a landing pad to help get white people settled into the area with the goal of working together to take over El Paso..  First by opening businesses there..  then by buying all the real estate..  using the Town as a fall back location instead of dropping cash into nonwhite renters hands.. 

Its his project though.. I have no idea what his plans are or how successful it will be..  or how thorough its being planned out.. I'm sure he has something up his sleeve to even attempt to take on the task.. But many people have tried to set this type of thing up and failed..   ( see video link with Craig Cobb )

I'm in a ghost town..  Physical flyers won't do anything but waste my thin budget. The person who showed me creativity saw how I was automating the Myspace social network at the time and before we parted paths he gave me the advice to "Do what works".

As for the toxic group think..  Yes I see that happening.. And promoting healthier ideals is a goos route to go.  But I also see these... social experiments.. as weapons that we hit ourselves with to better understand them.  Look...  when we tested the nuclear bomb.. we had our own soldiers get exposed to it so we knew what affects it had.  We knew it wouldn't be good either way.. but we still had to know.

These social weapons.. we hit ourselves with so we can see how the psychology operates..  and can map how to undo it. The media makes it look like its a lot of people..  but it is a small percentage..

As an example of the results of these social weapons..  look.. With the gay agenda.. Now..  it would appear that if whites become gay..  they often go back to being streight..  while non whites..  they stay gay forever. 

So that's just an observation I see with theae social weapons..  sure we get hurt..  but man.. when we turn it on others they get destroyed.

I get that our goal is to get the material into every white persons hands..  and once it is..  the problems will fix themselves. 

I also..  Unfortunatly.. understand that the people who will fix it are much smarter and capable than me... so their more effective methods may seem very alien and counter productive to me.  So I will always question what I see, and know there is more going on than I understand.. and will keep pushing towards the goal even if others tell me to stop because that's the goal and I'm nlt really sure is the people telling me to stop are trying to stop the goal.. or are pushing towards the goal from another direction that I dont see.

This is getting long.  I have stuff to do..  R


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Video: Craig Cobb - Leith


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Title: Re: Is Lack Of "Group Think" A Strength?
Post by: Private on 10 July 2019 at 06:45
I'm in a ghost town..  Physical flyers won't do anything but waste my thin budget. The person who showed me creativity saw how I was automating the Myspace social network at the time and before we parted paths he gave me the advice to "Do what works".

You can get a pack of a hundred flyers from Rev.Dr.W.Texas. That should be enough for El Paso. The goal for a place like that is to provoke the MSM into giving us free advertising by stirring the hornet's nest. Other than that, flyering isn't mandatory. If you have something else you can do, then do it, but El Paso will need hit at least once. The idea of six hundred flyers being distributed by Prospects is because typically they have no idea what else they can do. It's not up to us to advise Prospects on what to do; we want to see them get creative. Flyering is the most basic task a Creator can do, so that's where everyone begins. It's up to them to show us whether or not they can move on from there.

We will not be doing the Cobb & Co thing. We have our own plans. Apart from that, Cobb is an attention seeking show pony. He took the route of boasting before he even got started. The end result is he totally screwed up himself, and an innocent family - Brother Private and his family. Cobb can never be forgiven for that.

Title: Re: Is Lack Of "Group Think" A Strength?
Post by: Private on 10 July 2019 at 10:00

I found a map tool that shows demographics of El Paso by race, by area.


I go into El Paso once a month and will hit these locations using hand written notes on Rice Paper.

Rice paper dissolves when wet, and doesnt count as littering. Just like sidewalk chalk doesnt count as graffiti.

Its illegal to staple flyers to telephone poles.

And it's illegal to do flyering without a solicitation license.

I've just bought a 500 pack of rice paper wafer notes. They will take about a month to arrive