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Title: 2019-05-02 Jewish Journalist Fakes Story About Church of Creativity
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This is supposed to be written by a former member of the Church. The description however reads exactly like a journalist's idea of what we get up to ...

10 people share the moment they realized they may have joined a cult

Irene (((Fagan))) Marrow | Some Cards News (https://www.someecards.com/) | 2 May 2019


9. nepworks1 has an important cautionary tale for us.

Was an edgy teenager. Got bullied a lot. Didn't have someone to give me any wisdom. Turned to people who sympathized with me and looked out for me.

Look, it called itself the "Church Of Creativity." That hardly sounds like a hate group's name. They constantly said that they were a peaceful religion and not a hate group. It was based on science, and evolution, not hate, right? It was mostly just talking about movies or hunting or school with other, kind white people.

Except you were recommended to refuse to associate with "muds." If the cashier at a store was black, you'd go to a different register. If the person serving you was Mexican, you'd eat somewhere else. It was constantly hammered in that the church didn't hate them, it pitied them. They didn't choose to be inferior, right? It's just nature. Sure, the founder of the organization built a compound where he trained young boys to survive after the apocalypse. But that's just about being a man, right? Totally not preperation for racial holy war.


Thankfully, I broke away from those people when I was about 16. And then my only real friend in Basic Training was a black Buddhist. It kinda made me reconsider my views of people. I am not ashamed of my involvement in that organization. They used predatory tactics to bring in young men and slowly turn them toward hate. I walked away before I did something stupid. Being ashamed of it won't mean it didn't happen, so I might as well own up to it and make sure other people are aware that organizations like this exist.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually realized how cultish their practices were. Parents, if your kids start talking about Ben Klassen, take away their computer.

We don't pity our racial enemies, we hate them. We want our racial enemies out of our White Nations and don't care at all whether those muds and their white-skinned race-traitor allies prosper or die out - just as long as they leave us alone ...

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