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Title: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 April 2019 at 12:11
With voting being compulsory in Australia, we have to at least pretend to vote for a pack of arseholes we don't want to vote for. So, stuff going in and waiting in line with the stinking masses to vote. Apply for a postal vote online and vote for Uncle Adolf from the comfort of your own home.



Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 06 May 2019 at 10:36

Wentworth MP Dr Kerryn Phelps says she has referred racist emails falsely claiming she is ineligible to stand at the federal election to the Australian Federal Police

The emails were yesterday sent to an unknown number of voters and contained incorrect voting information and several anti-Semitic remarks.

They falsely claim Dr Phelps is ineligible to stand at the election because she is an Israeli citizen.

The independent was also targeted with obscene emails claiming she had AIDS during last year's Wentworth by-election, in which she narrowly beat Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

Dr Phelps said it was the fifth round of vicious emails to have circulated about her, but said the latest attacks amounted to electoral interference.

"The content of the emails is very disturbing," she said.

"The problem with this kind of email is that it's an incitement to hatred, we know what the consequences of that could be.

"Whichever individual or group is responsible is trying to influence the outcome of an election and I think they should be investigated and brought to justice."

She said she was frustrated with the AFP, and claimed they stopped investigating the last round of emails after the Wentworth by-election.

"The Australian Federal Police need to take this seriously and I have asked for them to increase their efforts," she said.

Sharma condemns 'racist, bigoted' emails

The new emails — which contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors — claim Dr Phelps "is hiding" to "avoid jail from this fraud".

"Kerryn Phelps has been disqualified from election, she is a Jew and entitled to automatic Israeli citizenship," it read.

"This is very urgent, the voting card has been printed already, you will still see her name, but she is no longer eligible


Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 06 May 2019 at 10:53

Hitler moustaches, devil horns and the words "right wing facist (sic)" have appeared on posters of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in his Melbourne electorate of Kooyong.


Textas were used to deface a number of posters of the Jewish MP in Hawthorn overnight.

Prime minister Scott Morrison told reporters on Saturday the vandalism was "appalling", and called for anyone with information about the matter to cooperate with authorities.


"This is about crimes and hate ... this should have no place in our elections, absolutely no place," Mr Morrison said.

Mr Frydenberg tweeted his abhorrence to the "cowardly and criminal act" and said the incident was "about a broader and disturbing trend in society of anti- semitism and intolerance".

"The latest act of vandalism in Kooyong using Nazi symbols on a billboard of mine is an insult to every victim of the Holocaust and Australian servicemen and women who fought against Nazi tyranny

The treasurer said Holocaust Remembrance Day was this week, and the vandalism "shows how ignorant the perpetrators are of the horrors of history".

Mr Frydenberg's mother was a Hungarian Jew who arrived in Australia as a stateless child after escaping the Holocaust.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said the "escalating virus of intolerance has to stop

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 06 May 2019 at 11:06

”Eh! Which one of you bluddi whie carns says dat you are gunna kill me? Ya don tink Iye can run da show!? Well gib me a couple bucks for da bus or I’ll smack your ya whiee carn wid mah magic stick dare bruddah! Go point da bone at you over dare!”
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 06 May 2019 at 12:53
I beg to differ there gentle brother. As correct as you are on the other photographic type pictures, I do believe the final there in the trinity of photo-optical shares is in fact, incorrect:


Holds a "smoking stick" dipped in hash oil ...
"Gis us a light, ya fukkin' White dogs or ahI cave yer fukkin' head inta tha groun'.
 Fukkin White cun's.
You'se all the fukkin' same, you'se White cun's.

"Where's me fukkin' thong?
Some White cun' stole me thong!
I foun' that fukkin' thong!
Is fukkin' mine.
Fukkin' White cun's."
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 07 May 2019 at 20:28

The Greens have stood by a candidate who shared a 'racist' social media post about  his Country Liberal Party opponent

George Hanna, who is fighting for the division of Lingiari in the Northern Territory, posted a meme of Jacinta Price - also running for the seat.

The image showed Ms Price with a coconut with caption: 'It's not every day you see a coconut drinking from a coconut'.

A Greens spokesman told NT News they condone the racist slur but 'stand by George as the best candidate' for the seat of Lingiari.

Coconut is a derogatory term used to describe someone who has dark skin but but 'acts white
Fellow Greens member Justin Tutty said he was disappointed by the post, which he thought was 'racist'.

'Calling someone a coconut, it implies you have to act a certain way to be black and that's unpleasant. I don't like it,' he said

The meme posted by Mr Hanna was the not the first time he had taken a swipe at Ms Price.

In January, Mr Hanna called Ms Price a 'little gremlin' who had come out of a sewerage system.

'I'm not denying it,' he said.   

'But I think quite a few Aboriginal people feel she's not a friend to us. She's too outspoken, too negative.'

Mr Hanna said he had made the comments before he decided to run for the Lingiari sea

Ms Price referred to Mr Hanna's comments as 'bullying and racial vilification'.

The CLP candidate claims the worst forms of bullying she has received have come from Greens candidates.


Well I thought only whites got called “racist” ? Well if you are black but want to be civilised and reason like a white person then that is frowned upon by other blacks?
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 17 May 2019 at 07:15
I sent off my postal votes today. If they allowed me to, I would have put 1 for Australia First Party (which was not an option) or Senator Anning's party (which was an option) in the House of Reps and the Senate. However, Australia's compulsory system doesn't want that. They force you to choose your preferred options in order. So that would be 1: AFP, 2: Anning's mob 3: ??? The point of all this is that Preferences are how they Australian system works. Millions could vote for AFP or Anning, but preferences would mean that others with less votes would take over.

Back in the 90's, Pauline Hanson's One Nation - a monocultural multiracial party labelled as RAYSIST! by the MSM and the local version of the ADL - got more votes than any other party except for the Liberal Pary, which retained power. That's understandable, but due to preferences every vote for PHONy was a wasted vote. Even the total failures had more power in Parliament after the election than poor old monocultural multiracial PHONy.

That's the planned total disenfranchisement from above of the White working and lower classes for the benefit of the mud slave and uber rich Zionist masters. That's White Genocide in action.

Democracy is a farce. What's the point? Why vote at all in a rigged election?

So, what did I vote? Because it is compulsory to vote in Australia, I voted for
CREATIVITYALLIANCE.COM (https://creativityalliance.COM)

Can't be bothered voting tomorrow? The shocking consequences of not turning up to the polls - and it goes well beyond paying a modest $20 fine
Australia is among only a dozen countries that enforce compulsory voting - and the consequences of failing to cast a ballot can be more serious than people believe.

Well that was honest! Woman’s VERY blunt confession on who she voted for in the election
'I chose the party based on my lifestyle. So I voted for the Marijuana Party,' she said, smiling.

If I was asked by MSM who I voted for, I would have been honest and very blunt. I would have said something like, "I voted to rid this nation of parasites like you. I voted for WHITE POWER! RaHoWa!"

White Revolution is the Only Solution.


BTW: Voting informally as I did is also a crime ... but how are they going to prove that on a secret ballot?
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 17 May 2019 at 09:30
Voted earlier this evening. I didn’t see Australia First. Fraser Anning was represented so he got my number 1 of the 6 over the top line. The Greens got last!

If Australia First was in my electorate, I would have gone for them so that I’d have voted for a party interested in a re-introduction of the White Australia Policy. That’s what we need here!
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 04:16
I received a frigging phone text message and an advertising email from the Liberal Party HQ this morning. I just had to reply ...

Quote from: Private
Dear voter,

We’re writing to you because this election is critical to Australia’s future.
It will be very close. The result will determine who manages our economy.
This year, the Morrison Government is delivering the first surplus Budget in more than a decade. Last year, for the first time, 100,000 young Australians found a job.

We’re delivering tax relief for niggers, kikes and other parasitical trash blah blah blah ...

To Liberal HQ,
no-reply@liberalparty.org.au; enquiry@cchq.org.au
You are a pack of traitors to WHITE AUSTRALIA.

Your faux democracy is a load of bullshit. I would not vote for any of you, Lib/Labs if my life counted on it.

The Only Solution is White Revolution. RaHoWa!

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What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

The W in our Church Emblem stands for White.
It is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

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We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism.
We do not promote, tolerate nor incite illegal activity.

Yours Faithfully,
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
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Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 07:12
Liberals aren’t the greatest (or functional) party right now.
A lot of people vote them to keep the Greens and Labor out.

Last time we had Rudd and Gillard what did they do for this place?
Refugees and debt! Destruction of coal power plants and affordable power!

I do think it’s better to vote correctly rather than donkey vote. Fraser Anning got my vote. Best party on my form with Australia’s interests at heart.



Vandals have defaced campaign posters of a Labor candidate in a key Melbourne seat by drawing a niqab over her face

The posters had images of Ms Morris, which were vandalised to depict her wearing a niqab. She is not believed to be a Muslim.

The candidate, who is of Fijian-Indian heritage, was cleared earlier this month of having Fijian dual citizenship

A niqab is a garment of clothing that covers the entire face except the eyes, worn by some Muslim women as part of their religion.

The attack, spotted just days before the federal election, was posted to the Labor politician's Twitter.

'Using Islamophobia to try and secure votes … disgraceful,' Ms Morris wrote
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 07:18


In the nearby electorate of Chisolm, signs were spotted in Mandarin instructing Chinese voters to vote Liberal and were criticised as 'misleading'.

Luke Hilakari, the Victorian Trades Hall Council secretary, tweeted an image of the posters in the electorate of Chisholm, claiming the posters had the same font and colours as official voting information from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

He said the posters read 'the correct way to vote is to put a number 1 next to the Liberals and number every other box', and appear to be written like an official AEC instruction to voters

'This is a rort. The Libs are trying to trick Chinese voters. Morrison's Libs should never have approved these signs,' he tweeted on Saturday

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 12:31
Marxist Labor (Democrat style) Party loses, pseudo Marxist Liberal (Republican style) Party wins ...


Scott Morrison will remain as Prime Minister after an extraordinary night saw the Coalition claim an unexpected election win

In a result which opinion polls and betting markets failed to predict, the Liberal and the National parties recorded strong swings to them - particularly in Queensland - granting them a possible slim majority or a minority with the support of independents.

The result was called shortly after 9.30pm AEST - as results began to be called in Western Australia.   

Labor struggled to pick up enough seats even in Melbourne, in its strongest state Victoria, and has lost electorates in Brisbane, north Queensland, western Sydney and Tasmania.

ABC election analyst Antony Green said Labor had little hope of even forming a minority government, with Labor failing to pick up any marginal seats in Perth.

'At this stage, we think the Morrison Government has been re-elected. We can't see an alternative to a Morrison Government in the numbers we're seeing at the moment,'  he said.

'We can't say whether the Government will be in a majority or minority, but we're certainly seeing enough numbers to say that the Coalition will end up with more seats than Labor.'

Mr Green said the result was a 'spectacular failure of opinion polls' with the upset representing the first occasion since 2004 that a federal government has enjoyed a swing towards it.

Former Liberal prime minister John Howard, who won that election, said voters had rejected Labor's 'class division
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 14:01
Still doesn't mean anything. Preferences mean that if Labor can form a coalition of minor parties and independents, they will take control.

That is not democracy, it's bribery. Two party system ... nothing ever changes. What Labor proposes and Liberal rejects, Liberal does six months later.
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 18 May 2019 at 18:37
The Liberal Party won.

Quote from: Private
Things have to get worse before they can get any better.


Scott Morrison celebrates the Coalition's incredible election win with a rousing victory speech and vows to 'burn for you every single day' - as a devastated Bill Shorten resigns as Labor leader

‘Australians are dumb, mean-spirited and greedy’: Celebrity backlash after Coalition’s shock victory


Niggers and libtards do that every time the Liberal Party wins.

1997: "The most racist government Australia has ever seen has been elected." (Or words to the effect.)
(Check the site link and read the comments. Just about everyone else hates these celebrity twats as much as I do.)

They weren't happy until a Milky Way Kid looking twat with a Chink fetish (and a fair suck of the rice wang) was elected and said "SORRY" for being WHITE.

Peter Dutton, now that you've won ...
What are you going to do for White South Africans?
F*cking NOTHING I bet!

If only he'd joined with Australia First Party, he wouldn't have divided the White Vote ...

The end for Fraser Anning: Far right senator FAILS to win a Senate seat after vile remarks wise warnings about the Christchurch massacre

If only he didn't have that Paki within his ranks?

. . . .

If only I'd actually voted instead of my usual ...

CREATIVITYALLIANCE.COM (https://creativityalliance.COM) ???

As if!

Democracy is a fraud. The Only Solution is White Revolution - RaHoWa!

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 19 May 2019 at 19:35
Liberal Party Satellite Report ...

Quote from: Private
On Facebook, Pauline Hanson sounded positive about a result that will deliver a Coalition Government ... One Nation and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party gathered enough votes to help the Coalition retain power through their preferences, but Ms Hanson’s party got just three per cent of the primary vote, and Mr Palmer seems likely to miss out on winning any seats.

Source: https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/hanson-absent-at-vote-issues-statement-about-anxious-wait/news-story/42397123e9e0785bf65aa0c52905e068

One Nation billboard truck is set on FIRE while candidate buys groceries - as Pauline Hanson slams 'left-wing' arsonist for 'acting above the law'

* Pauline Hanson is furious after a One Nation truck was set on fire in Tasmania 
Video shows the truck parked outside a shop in Hobart go up in flames
* Hanson has said that someone was seen fleeing after setting the truck alight
* The ON leader says the people responsible act 'like they're above the law'

Alana Mazzoni | Daily Mail (http://) (UK) | 19 May 2019



Extract: Pauline Hanson has furiously slammed her 'left-wing' critics for 'acting above the law' after a One Nation truck was set alight by a mystery arsonist.

Ms Hanson said on Sunday night that the billboard truck was parked outside a shop in Hobart while Tasmanian senate candidate Adam Lambet ducked inside to buy groceries.

She said someone was seen torching the vehicle before fleeing the scene, at the Shoreline Shopping Centre car park on Sunday evening.


In video posted online the truck, with One Nation posters on it, can be seen going up in flames.

'It is amazing how the left call for tolerance but act like they're above the law when you don't agree with their ideologies,' Ms Hanson tweeted.

'This is what the left do to conservative parties.'

It took three fire crews to extinguish the blaze after a bar worker from a nearby pub called police after noticing the flames just after 5pm. 

Passersby from the shopping centre said they heard an explosion that 'sounded like a petrol bomb.'   

Hanson also took the opportunity to call out people who allegedly bashed a One Nation volunteer in Western Australia on Saturday.

'Yesterday one of our volunteers was bashed and called a 'white dog' because he asked a man to stop wrecking our signs in Cowan - West Australia.

'I'm concerned about where politics is heading in this country.'

Note: Australia First Party volunteers were bashed several years ago during an election by Union thugs working for the Labor Party. AFP is considered to be White Supremacist, so there was no police investigation. As a consequence of the Libtard thugs discovering their immunity from prosecution, there have been other attacks - threats, abuse, assaults and property damage.

Why bother to obey laws that do not protect you? If you are going to be treated like an outlaw, behave like an outlaw and make sure you beat the bastards into the ground where they belong.

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 20 May 2019 at 13:35
The bitching from the Antis is getting better ...


'Go to New Zealand': David Koch's blunt message to left-wing celebrities and bitter Labor supporters calling Coalition voters 'racist and dumb' after Scott Morrison's surprise election victory

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7047811/Go-New-Zealand-David-Koch-delivers-blunt-message-moaning-Labor-supporters.html

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 21 May 2019 at 07:17
Better and Better ...

Huge surge in Australians looking at moving to New Zealand following the surprise election result

* Ten times as many Australians as usual were looking at Immigration NZ website
* Australians do not require visas to be able to move and settle in New Zealand
* Since Coalition's shock victory upset Australians have said they want to move

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7051589/Post-election-surge-Aussies-mulling-NZ.html


And illegal aliens are attempting suicide  >:D

Manus activist says detainees have ‘completely lost hope’ after election result

While Australia has been left stunned by the election win, it has also reportedly caused some to lose hope completely. WARNING: Distressing LOL content

Source: https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/manus-activist-says-detainees-have-completely-lost-hope-after-election-result/news-story/90207682e619789e0fa55eca433b3e2d

Suicide crisis on Manus and Nauru island as six people make attempts on their lives after federal election result

* Results of the federal election caused a suicide crisis on Manus and Nauru island
* Refugees at detention centres on the islands took to Twitter to express fear
* Up to six people have reportedly attempted to take their own lives since Sunday

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7052311/Suicide-crisis-Manus-Nauru-island-six-people-make-attempts-lives.html
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 22 May 2019 at 13:58
LOL! Even the Chinks are having a bitch ...

‘Bias and suspicion’: China’s icy response to Morrison Government’s election win

The Chinese Government has finally responded to Scott Morrison’s surprise election win — with a way harsher response than other world leaders.

Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 22 May 2019 at 20:03
Like ?!...what’s to trust about China? They are the God father of North Korea, they are asserting themselves illegally in the South China Sea. They are even pushing the US around there!

These “human insects” are after everything! :- Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, SAN Francisco, Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan. Shut the door on Chinese Imperialism!


Then we have this old wanker “has been” Paul Keating former PM, who always pops up and says “ Ditch the US as our ally and go with China!”

Australia is already getting screwed over. Go into a shop, hotel, restaurant and petrol station. It’s odd to see White people working there. Where do Australians work now?
Title: Re: Australian Federal Election 2019
Post by: Private on 24 May 2019 at 22:38
Libtard Rule #1: White people who are not 1000% totally self-hating Marxists are Racists ...

By Zoe Zacsek | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 24 May 2019


Extract: Thousands of protesters in Sydney took to the streets to raise awareness about Aboriginal issues as a week of frustration at Scott Morrison's election win boiled over.

Hey Libtards! If WHITE AUSTRALIA is so bad, then GTFO!
Hand over everything you own to a poor Abo family & kill yourself.
Don't go to Europe; that's African/Muslim Land now.

GMAR founder Aunty Hazel Collins said: 'I want to address Scott Morrison and I want to ask the question: ''What is he going to do as Prime Minister in relation to the ongoing Stolen Generations?'''

'Is he going to abolish forced adoption laws? Is he going to address the growing number of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care?'

'Or is he going to be like previous governments that continue to practice genocide in Australia?'

One protester was seen clutching to an 'Abolish Australia' poster while attending the march on Friday afternoon. 

'Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land,' another poster read.

.....And I am sure everybody thinks Abos are capable of running the show?


More: Australia's Prime Minister KRudd says "Sorry" to the Abos