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Title: Auschwitz Blah Blah ...
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 01 April 2019 at 15:16
Sounds and looks like someone decided to pocket a rock from the Auschwitz railway. The stones between railway tracks are known as metal. If I'm right, then either the journalist or Auschwitz representatives are attempting to con the world for attention ...

Tourist faces jail for trying to steal artefact from site of Auschwitz death camp

Weeks after tourists were told off for “disrespectful” photos at the Holocaust death camp, an American tourist has been caught trying to steal from it.

Lauren McMah (http://twitter.com/lauren_mcmah) | News Ltd (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 1 April 2019


Extract: An American tourist in Poland is facing the possibility of 10 years in jail after he admitted he tried to steal from the former Auschwitz death camp.

The man, 37, tried to take a metal part of the infamous railway tracks leading to the gatehouse of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp, according to police.

A police spokeswoman in the southern Polish town of Oswiecim told the Associated Press the man was charged with attempted theft of an item of cultural importance, which could attract a penalty of 10 years in jail.

The man admitted to his crime and has been released as he awaits the next steps, the spokeswoman said.

The memorial museum’s security discovered the man was trying to remove the metal piece from the railways tracks and called police, museum spokesman Pawel Sawicki said.


Title: Re: Auschwitz Blah Blah ...
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 02 April 2019 at 03:39
Anyone who has enough snap to check the numbers out knows there were only 271,000 + or - a few Jews killed during the war... I am tired of hearing about this b/s numbers that only a idiot would believe!23/23 RaHoWa!!!