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Title: Australia's Spy Agencies are Watching YOU!
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Elsewhere in this forum is an article covering Australian police and spy agencies' surveilance on Australian Nationalists, White Nationalists, White Racial Loyalists and National Socialists, stemming from the 1930's until today. If you find it, add the topic link to this one.

From hiding cameras in cigarette packets, books and radios to leaving messages in invisible ink: The secret 'James Bond' gadgets ASIO (Australia's CIA) used to spy on Soviets and ordinary citizens

* National Archives of Australia has a new exhibition -  Spy: Espionage in Australia
* The exhibition draws on Australian Security Intelligence Organisation artifacts
* Among items on display are hidden cameras and other 'James Bond' gadgetry
* Surveillance photographs show ordinary Australians attending protest marches
* Children can use a code-breaking machine and learn how to use invisible ink 

With a little help from their Red Friends


Extract: In the 1960s ASIO was monitoring ordinary citizens taking part in protests over race, industrial relations, politics and the Vietnam War.

Such surveillance operations were not particularly useful, concentrating not on genuinely subversive behaviour but Australians exercising their democratic rights. 

'The best way to describe it is they lost their way,' Ms Catt said of ASIO at that time.

Title: Re: Australia's Spy Agencies are Watching YOU!
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Nazi branches formed in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tanunda. Because there was plenty of enthusiasm for Nazism from the Volksdeutsche, Becker set up a Club for Further Education, the cover for a Nazi propaganda group. After his return from Germany, where he met prominent Nazi Party officials, Becker set out to gain control of the main German institution in SA, the German Club. In 1934 the German Club tried to refuse admission to members of international political parties, but Becker succeeded in overturning the ban and his group took control. One image in the book shows the German Club's celebration of Hitler's 50th birthday in 1939, with a flower-bedecked dais with a large portrait of Hitler, and Nazi and Australian flags on either side.

Poniewierski says that Becker became the senior Nazi Party representative in Australia, to the point where even the German Consul-General to Australia had to turn to him for approval before the consulate could issue passports. In Australia, Gestapo or secret police representatives operated as part of the Hafendienst, or Harbour Service, responsible for looking after crews of German ships. Poniewierski says that in 1934 Becker appointed the first Gestapo representative as head of Hafendeinst, Wilhelm Heiler, who was head of the Nazi Party in Melbourne. While not an officer himself, Becker made it clear in writing that Heiler answered directly to him. Becker then passed on any information to the actual Gestapo in Germany. Poniewierski uncovered a report of a sailor who was jailed in Germany after making a disparaging remark in a hotel in Tanunda.

She says Becker recruited Nazis in Australia by various means, including threatening to have men visiting Germany jailed there if they did not join the party first. Many of those who joined the Nazi party under duress later became naturalised Australians to make themselves ineligible, so the branch remained tiny in SA. Becker ensured South Australian agencies for German exports to SA went to Nazi sympathisers.
Title: Re: Australia's Spy Agencies are Watching YOU!
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Coppers Busted for Illegally Spying on a Private Web Page

Article on Adelaide Being Home to 1990's Right-Wing Extremists

Queensland Police Now Allowed to Spy on You Through Your Phone & Fridge

National Party political candidate Dan Van Blarcom ...
1970 as an undercover operative for the Queensland Government.
卐 National Socialist Party of Australia - Canberra 卍

And here's the Race-Traitor today, standing for the Liberal Democratic Party: