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Title: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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Catholic Cardinal George Pell, 77, was found guilty of molesting two choirboys in 1990s

Convicted sex offender George Pell is led from the dock to JAIL for his 'utterly brazen' sex attacks on two choirboys - as prosecutors say damage from 'five to six minutes of abuse can last a lifetime'






'Thanks for being a huge fan!' C-Rapper Flavor Flav is tricked into giving disgraced Cardinal George Pell a shout out for his 'retirement'



George Pell case needs to be heard by appeals court before we judge, Archbishop of Sydney says



And yet, when it IS one of ours, Creator Brothers, Sisters or Ministers accused of bogus charges, it's filth like that Catlicker PEDERAST PRIEST loudly declaring GUILT BY ASSOCIATION! And that's without even a conviction, never mind there ever being an appeal.

Creators do not get appeals, parole, probation or even bail. The accusation - bogus or not - is all that is required to lock up a Creator.

Creators are the True Outlaws. RaHoWa!

Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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A cousin of mine was raped by a ChristINSANE priest. This is not his story ...

Sexual abuse survivor fought for 15 years to get justice

As an 11-year-old, Marco Fabbro was whipped and brutally raped by a sadistic Jesuit priest. It became a rapid downfall for the young boy.

Rebecca Franks (http://twitter.com/MrsBecFranks)  | News Ltd (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 4 March 2019


Marco Fabbro was sadistically raped by a twisted paedophile priest at Melbourne’s prestigious Xavier College aged just 11 years old. The violent and horrific experience left him humiliated, disgusted, ashamed and really, really angry.

“At school, I turned to the Church because there was a sense of belonging and love that I wasn’t getting in my family. I became a choirboy, I looked up to the divinity and Christianity and the belief system very avidly,” Marco tells news.com.au.

That was until the day his innocence was stripped away from him in a brutal and sadistic attack in 1971 on the grounds of Xavier College’s preparatory school Burke Hall in a small room behind the Jesuit priest Father John Byrne’s office.

Marco has tried to block details of the attack from his memory; of being whipped and sexually assaulted on a leather couch by Father Byrne during school hours while the 59-year-old priest mumbled Latin behind him.

“I became very rebellious, very angry,” Marco says. “At school I was what you would call the class clown or the ‘village idiot’ because I didn’t want to be taken seriously, due to the seriousness of what happened.”

Marco Fabbro was brutally sexually assaulted aged 11

Soon after, Marco was sent to St Ignatius College Riverview, an exclusive Catholic boarding school on Sydney’s lower North Shore which includes former prime minister Tony Abbott and former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce as alumni.

It was here, Marco says he was further vilified and brutalised, belted with a leather strap and made to strip while boarders slept in the dormitory next door.

Last year, Brother Victor Thomas Higgs, 81, was convicted of abusing six boys aged 12 in the 1970s and ’80s while a teacher at St Ignatius. The court heard the former Jesuit priest would summon his victims to private locations where he ordered them to undress and would molest them, progressing to sexual penetration on some of the boys.

According to Broken Rites Australia, an organisation set up to help people hurt by the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crimes, Higgs had been transferred to the Sydney school from St Ignatius College in Adelaide — where he had sexually abused boys — and later to Xavier College in Melbourne as boarding house supervisor.

He was jailed for at least seven and a half years in November last year.

Like many others who had been molested as children, Marco, an advocate for victims of sexual abuse by priests, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a direct result of his sexual abuse at Xavier College.

“By 18, I’d been expelled by two schools, thrown out of two pubs and thrown out of home,” he tells news.com.au. “I was extremely angry and self-destructive. I could not look people in the eyes. I had so much guilt.

“I was humiliated by what had happened … the abuse. I was a bit of a mess.

“They (priests) say, ‘If you do not do the right thing by people and the Church, you are going to hell’. They twist the children’s minds. I remember having this image of hell, like a black soul. It’s a guilt trip.”

Marco ended up failing his HSC, lost friends and all sense of self-worth and self-respect. Totally demoralised, he hitchhiked around Australia for many years.

By 1996, Marco was ready to get some answers, some recognition and justice from the Catholic Church — the institution he blamed for destroying his childhood and teenage years.

He was one of the first people in Australia to contact the Melbourne Response — an organisation established to give support and compensation to victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests — shortly after it was set up by Cardinal George Pell, now himself a convicted paedophile.

Shortly after setting up the Melbourne Response, Pell went on to sexually assault two alter boys in the city’s St Patrick’s Cathedral after a solemn Mass in December 1996, crimes for which he is now languishing in a suicide-proof prison cell awaiting sentencing in March.

Pell’s legal team has lodged an appeal to his conviction.

This twisted irony is not lost on Marco, who says the organisation should be immediately dismantled — views echoed by Chrissie Foster whose two daughters Emma and Katie were raped by Melbourne priest Kevin O’Donnell, totally destroying their lives.

Emma became addicted to drugs, had eating disorders and self-harmed before overdosing on medication at 26. Katie was hit by a car after a drinking binge in 1999, leaving her brain damaged. Their late father Anthony, a campaigner against sexual abuse, fought for years to get justice for his daughters.

After news of Pell’s conviction became public this week, Archbishop of Melbourne Peter Comensoli admitted to ABC Melbourne the Church had engaged in cover ups and attempts to obstruct victims seeking redress and compensation.

During the interview, Archbishop Comensoli apologised to victims but refused to immediately dismantle Melbourne Response, saying calls were still coming through and he wished to keep its support arm, Carelink.

But Marco says victims of sex abuse by Catholic clergy should not touch Melbourne Response with a “10-foot pole”. Instead, he urged them to contact police and Broken Rites Australia.

“I was one of the first survivors to actually approach the Melbourne Response in 1996, a couple of months after (it) was set up.” Marco tells news.com.au.

“I had battled with what happened to me for a very, very long time. I went to the Church to seek an apology and recognition and acknowledgment of what happened to me.

“I went to an office in Melbourne. I went to see the commissioner (Peter O’Callaghan QC). That particular commissioner had explained to me a number of things that caused me to be effectively dissuaded from pursuing the Church.

“He said I was unlikely to get an apology. I left feeling very demoralised, very defeated. It was not a nice experience.”

The stigma of being branded a liar who no one would believe reinforced what was instilled in Marco as a child, and he did not pursue the matter further for a few years. However, eventually he decided to battle on and he again approached the Church, determined to get justice.

He contacted the Melbourne Response a second time, speaking to Mr O’Callaghan, who hit the headlines in August 2014 when he told the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse that he had never reported sexual abuse complaints against priests to the police.

“He said, ‘It will be hard to substantiate what happened to you’,” Marco told news.com.au. “He more or less implied that no one would believe me, that I had a whole lot of issues.”

Complicating matters further, according to the Melbourne Response, was Marco being abused by a priest who was part of the order of the Jesuits, and the abuse happened at a school — this did not come under the remit of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

“He said they did not deal with complaints coming from an order,” Marco tells news.com.au.

“This happened at Xavier College in Melbourne in the 1970s. At that time, the Church knew there were paedophiles there (at the school), and they were left to do what they wanted to do.

“There were many problems at that school. It was not a one-off, there was a lot of abuse.”

Undeterred, Marco started compiling evidence. He dug out an old 1971 Xavier College yearbook and found six boys who he recognised from his schooldays.

In 2005, Marco lodged a complain with the Catholic Church’s Professional Standards Office (the PSO) in Sydney as part of Towards Healing Process to which he says the reluctant Jesuits signed up to after pressure.

He was assigned a female lawyer who managed to track down four of the boys, one who had also made a complaint against Fr Byrne, who died in 1974 aged 62 never facing any penalty for his despicable crimes that damaged so many young lives.

“I looked through old school books with photos,” Marco said. “I picked out six names of kids I remembered at the time. I gave them to her thinking, ‘These kids, adults now, might be able to shed light on what happened to me’.

“She came back and amazingly said, ‘Your case has been substantiated’. And it was accepted by the Jesuits. She had contacted these six people and managed to get through to about four of them. One of them had put in a complaint themselves of being abused at the school at the same time.”

On December 23, 2005, Father Geoffrey King, who was in charge of professional standards for the Australian Jesuits, wrote to Marco, stating: “I must say that your account of events at Burke Hall bears very much the ring of truth …

“It is certainly true that John Byrne was moved from Burke Hall during 1972, and there seems good reason to suspect that it was as a result of some problematic behaviour on his part.”

However, it wasn't until December 2011 that Marco finally received an apology and compensation — four decades after the horrific attack and a long, drawn-out and painful 15-year battle with the Catholic Church.

Two years later, Marco gave evidence to Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse which investigated Xavier College’s alleged past of institutionalised brutalisation and sexual abuse of children in its care. At the time, the then principal Dr Chris Hayes told the ABC that the school was a “very different place” back then.

In 2017, convicted paedophile Vili Kovac, a former teacher at Xavier College, was jailed for four years for indecently assaulting a student in the 1960s, however, by then many other teachers implicated in child sexual abuse — including Fr Byrne — were dead.

For years, Marco campaigned for justice for survivors and was the Sydney area co-leader of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) offering support to others which unsurprisingly took a toll on his mental health.

“I had phone calls in the middle of the night,” Marco tells news.com.au. “People who were suicidal … Some had drug overdoses or alcohol destroyed their lives.

“There are so many people who have been abused who don’t talk about it. The real statistics are a lot more than we know — in families and state-run institutions. But the Church has a particular level of moral responsibility, moral and spiritual guidance.

“They make excuses to downplay the damage within the Church that the Church has done.

“The real situation will never be known, how many children were abused.”

Marco says the sad fact was that many paedophiles within the Church had now gone overseas, working in so-called Third World communities in Fiji, South America and Africa where child sexual abuse was still being brushed under the carpet.

“Since the arrest and news of the conviction of George Pell, there have been a lot of inquiries from survivors,” he tells news.com.au.

“My advice to anyone (seeking redress) would be to not go near the Church with a 10-foot pole because on my personal experience in ’96 and the other reason — it was obviously set up by Pell who is a convicted paedophile himself.

“The Melbourne Response, over the years of it operating, has been a system particularly obstructive and limiting — not only the amount of reparations the complainant can have and to deter complainants from going through the court system — but to minimise any adverse publicity that might result for the Church.”

Instead, Marco advised survivors to contact the police and Broken Rites Australia, which can offer support and advice.

“It’s bringing to light and bringing the truth of this abuse problem in the Catholic Church,” Marco said.

On George Pell’s conviction, Marco said: “It was a shock. It was incredible to believe that a paedophile could rise to such a high rank within the Church.

“It was also a shock because my immediate reaction was, ‘What are the implications for Catholics and society generally?’

“A lot of powerbrokers in our society and a lot of the elite in our society identify as being Catholic.

“Many of the judiciary, politicians — powerful members of our society, they really need to do some soul-searching about what they can do with their belief system.”

— If you or a loved one needs help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, if you have been affected by abuse within the Catholic Church contact Broken Rites Australia on (03) 9457 4999, if affected sexual assault, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). In an emergency always call Triple-0.

Continue the conversation on Twitter @MrsBecFranks (https://twitter.com/?lang=en)

If you or a loved one is seeking vengeance, join the Church of Creativity
Together we can put a stop to ChristINSANITY
And Save the White Race

Bring on the Day of the Rope
We will hang every priest, politician and police
Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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Pell Awaits ...

Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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People are righteously pissed off that Australia's top Catholic Catlicker, Cardinal George "Pederast" Pell, has been proven to be a paedophile. A friend of prime ministers, the Pederast Priest was at one time in charge of Vatican finances and headed an investigation into paedophilia in the Australian tentacle of the Catlicker Church. It now appears evident that Pederast Pell had in fact headed the conspiracy in Australia to cover the kiddy fiddler Church, and had been rewarded for his misdeeds with a promotion to the Vatican itself.


But hey ... not to worry. Fiddler on the roof, Judah's own Rabbi Shmuley has arrived Downunder interrupting a career dedicated to schmoozing shekels from the good ole US of A to patronise a justifiably pissed off Australia with his expansive Hebrew chutzpah.

Source: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/the-nation-is-traumatised-qa-becomes-counselling-session-for-viewers-on-dramatic-pell-verdict/news-story/6b5c6e18b15c3563558370458bb2b31d

The fiddler says “Here you have one of the most famous Australians in the world, a global religious statesperson who is the most senior religious figure in the country being accused, convicted now, of unspeakable crimes.”

“And we need not be the most religious society to still be deeply traumatised by the conversation, by the degree of the allegations and now the conviction."

Rabbi Shmuley compared the divisive opinions in the Australian media to those around the controversial OJ Simpson murder trial, saying at the time “half the country believed justice had been done”.

The Rabbi said he “understood” the differing points of view.

“It’s difficult to accept that a person of such high religious standing can be guilty of such heinous crimes.

“He may be innocent. But there must be accountability.”

. . . . .

Chutzpah indeed.

The irony is that the Jewish Rabbinical Cult-of-the-Foreskin is the only one that outweighs the Catlickers for wielding ostensibly behind-the-scenes - albeit blatant - criminal manipulation of power and corruption, with their fingers in an entire smörgåsbord of conspiracies. Arguably, the most terrifying of which is the Rabbis' own perverted global network of child f.'ing paedophiles.

Web Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=jewish+pedophilia

It is well known that Israel itself runs its own network of White sex-slaves, with little girls being kidnapped from across the entire of Europe, only to find themselves bought and sold in Israeli brothels and the harems of the Israelite elite.

I can already hear screams and denunciations of "ANTI-SEMITE", for exposing the Hebrew Gospel of the Rockspider. Nevertheless, as satisfying as the screeching of the eternal victim may be, the truth is, the Jew and the Catholic are not the only two Spook Worshippers to sexually exploit children with the obligatory conspiratorial cover-ups:

Protestants being an offshoot of the Catlickers aren't that much different.

Mormons prefer their young girl gangbangs.

Buddhists are notorious for buggering little boys. Tibetan monks practically turned pederasty into a national pastime until the Chinks showed up to save the little boys bums.

Web Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=dalai+lama+pedophile

And then of course there's the Satanists with their ritualistic rumour mill of Oprah fed scare-mongering, which itself is probably just a cover-up for the more-sadistic-than-average of the over-indulgent Rabbis and Pederast Priests.


As for Islam, the sexual exploitation of children - both male and female - is part of Muslim Culture to such an extent that the job of Imams is really only to justify paedophilia in quasi-religious and pseudo-legal terms when desired.

Web Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=muslim+pedophile&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images


So, a Rabbi Cock-Chopper rocks up in Australia to pass off his sage advice that his Fellow Traveller, Pederast Pell, may be innocent? Yeah right ... Pell's only as innocent as any syphilitic cock-sucking Moyle.

Bugger off back to Israel, Sheky Shmuley, and leave Australians to be righteously pissed off in peace.

All paedophiles must hang.

Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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I can't believe this christ-insanity is one of the biggest roadblocks against us Creators when trying to straighten out the White Man's thinking. This sounds like a high number, but really what else would you expect from such a perverse and destructive religion. I'm not shocked at all by the crime I'm more shocked that this religion of lies has such a stranglehold on our Race.


About 390 Catholic priests, 6 nuns in Ill. named as alleged sexual abusers on massive list

Some known abusers were moved to parishes "with direct access to children," according to the new report.

March 20, 2019, 6:58 PM ET
By Corky Siemaszko

A law firm that represents clerical sexual abuse victims released a massive list Wednesday of Roman Catholic priests in Illinois, along with six nuns and a handful of lay people, who have been credibly accused of molesting children.

Some of the accusations in the 185-page Anderson Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese and Dioceses in Illinois stretch back more than half a century. The 395 names listed are nearly double the number that church officials in the state had previously released.

“The data reveal the horrifying scale of priests sexually assaulting minors to the present day,” the report states. “Perhaps most shocking among the discoveries is that some perpetrators were intentionally transferred and retained in trusted positions with direct access to children even after they were known to sexually abuse children.”

Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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There are Christians and then there are Christians in the same way there are Racialists and then there are Racialists.

Let these priests marry why not?
Title: Re: Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
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If Christians really gave a flying F. about their priests being pederasts, they'd quit their churches in droves. Do they? No ... instead they show up and perhaps pray harder and dig a bit deeper into their pockets so the churches can pay off their victims in the usual Michael Jackson formulaic bribery.

As for marriage, it wont stop them. Protestants are allowed to marry, and they are nearly as bad as the celibate Catholics. It's the culture of absolute control of the mind that needs to be shut down. Straighten out their thinking, and they might not abandon the comfort of their spook and afterlife pie in the sky, but they will give the middle finger to the dogma of the Cult of the Invisible Rockspider and abandon the pederasts.