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Title: UK: Brexit Ballsup
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Britain watches in horror as Brexit drama takes dangerous turn

It is the ugly debate that has led to increased protection for the nation’s politicians. And whatever happens this week will only make things worse.

Andrew Koubaridis | News Ltd (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 14 January 2019


Britain’s ugly Brexit debate has taken a dangerous turn with police increasing protection around MPs ahead of a tumultuous week that could alter the country for decades to come.

Officers from police forces on several electorates have quietly stepped up patrols while specific MPs have been warned to take extra care as they are targeted by far-right protesters who want to see Britain leave the European Union in a “hard Brexit” that would sever most ties with the bloc.

The warnings come ahead of a crucial week for the nation and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The police warnings come after Remainer MPs, such as the high-profile Anna Soubry, were harassed and heckled by far-right figures who shouted obscenities including, “You’re doing the work of Adolf Hitler … you morally repugnant scumbag.”

The Times reported it had seen closed social media chats where pro-Brexit figures boast about singling out MPs to “get them out of office”, while politicians, staff and journalists have been harassed in the parliamentary precinct.

One protest leader was arrested yesterday while a Met Police spokesman told news.com.au they would not discuss what steps they were taking to keep MPs safe.

So far the protests have been uncomfortable but not violent — but they have brought back memories of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016. A security source told News Corp this weekend the escalation of tension added to a “febrile atmosphere of absolute hostility and division”.

“It does make you alarmed, that figures like (Ms Cox’s killer) could be watching this stuff online and decide to do something.”

Authorities at the Houses of Parliament (officially the Palace of Westminster) have warned of more protests this week.

“When travelling to and from the palace you may wish to take the most discreet route available. If a route does not feel safe, don’t take it,” the advice read.

Pro-Brexit supporters marched in central London on Saturday in yellow vests, demanding that Britain leaves the EU. Some blocked traffic and burned EU flags.

One told news.com.au: “All we heard at the start was ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and now they’re all doing what they can to make it not happen.”

Another believed the parliamentary paralysis surrounding the government’s Brexit plans would thwart it happening at all.

“They need to know the people won’t accept Brexit not happening. We had a referendum and we want to leave.”


British Prime Minister Theresa May is scheduled to have her much-criticised deal voted on by the House of Commons on Tuesday evening (local time). It is widely expected to be defeated, perhaps by more than 200 votes.

Such a devastating rejection would again put her position in jeopardy, although she cannot be removed by the party for 12 months after she won a leadership confidence vote last month.

However, ministers could force her hand and tell her she must go, and several senior government figures have been jockeying for public attention in recent days by making special policy announcements to steal the limelight — moves that have been slapped down by Number 10.

Ms May’s authority — which is already shredded — is at risk of being derailed further after a series of complicated amendments and rulings last week meant she must return to the Commons three days after the vote is lost and present an alternative plan.

A series of amendments will be voted on before the crunch Brexit vote on Tuesday which could also mean it is killed off and a “no” deal, where Britain would leave without a withdrawal agreement or transition phase, would not happen.

Other amendments will seek to reshape the deal.

Other MPs have indicated they will back the deal to avoid a no deal scenario, as it was still the only alternative to a no deal, despite criticism.


It’s likely there will be a vote of no confidence in the government. It would probably fail as a minor party, the DUP, which supports Ms May’s minority government has said it would not support the move.

Once the vote was won by the government though it could allow the Labour opposition to drop their demand for a general election and switch their focus to holding a second referendum.

The government is basically offering up the same deal as what was proposed and aborted in December — but it doesn’t appear to have won over rebels from within the government or the opposition.

That means it will need to come up with a Plan B very quickly. Time to get a deal approved is now so tight there is increasing speculation that even if a deal is agreed to, there won’t be time for the passage of accompanying law changes required to make Brexit happen.

Ms May has said repeatedly she would not delay Brexit and the country would leave the EU on March 29. But she may have no choice.

Last month the parliament won the right to have more say over Brexit which means a series of votes could be held in which different scenarios are tested. That would include a second referendum and different types of Brexit, from a hard exit with no deal, to a similar soft Brexit deal that Norway has.

But these votes would not be binding on the government and would probably only demonstrate how divided the parliament is.

Ms May could just bring her deal back before the Commons repeatedly right up until departure day which would mean MPs would have to either back it or allow the no deal scenario they are bitterly opposed to become reality.

If they don’t go down that path, they will need a major renegotiation which would almost certainly mean Brexit day would be delayed. Even that is fraught with difficulty because all 27 other EU nations would have to agree.

A drastic move could be to call a snap election — something that didn’t end well for Ms May in 2017. That would require the support of Labour to overcome the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, although given the fact they want an election, it would unlikely be a problem.

Just as dramatic would be another referendum. This is something the Prime Minister has consistently been opposed to as she has said it would undermine voters’ faith in the political system. But that would take months, and again, would need Brexit delayed beyond March.

Ms May could always decide to resign if she has not had her deal approved and she is not prepared to change course.

This would be out of character for her though, and would just pass on the same problems to any new PM.


Finally, as if Ms May and her cabinet didn’t have enough to worry about, details have emerged of a plot within her party to try to seize control of Brexit and effectively sideline them.

“A very British coup” was the front page banner headline in The Sunday Times yesterday which detailed the extraordinary moves being considered by UK politicians.

The report said MPs were planning to change parliamentary rules to allow motions proposed by backbenchers to take precedence over government business — something that would undo centuries-old traditions.

If the bombshell move was to happen, Brexit could be delayed and even the referendum result overturned.

That could lead to a constitutional crisis because it would mean the government has lost control.

A memo to Ms May obtained by The Sunday Times read: “Such an attempt represents a clear and present danger to all government business … Without control of the order paper, the government has no control over the House of Commons … the government would lose the ability to govern.”
Title: Re: UK: Brexit Ballsup
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British PM Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal defeated


British MPs have rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal by a huge margin, plunging UK politics into crisis 10 weeks before the country is due to leave the European Union.

MPs will vote tomorrow on a motion of no-confidence tabled by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. If the government loses, it will have 14 days to overturn the result or face a national election.

Title: Re: UK: Brexit Ballsup
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More bullshit with Brexit. Just nuke Europe already. From what the MSM say, it's only inhabitants are Kikes, rich but traitorous Whites, Niggers and Towel Heads ...


Extract: Mrs May will now try and seek concessions from the EU and reopen the Withdrawal Agreement she and the 27 other leaders agreed to over months of negotiations.

She will do so after an amendment passed the House of Commons 317-301 that would seek to remove the Irish backstop so many British MPs are unhappy with.

Until recently, Ms May had argued the backstop had to form part of the withdrawal agreement.

The backstop would allow the UK to maintain an open border in Ireland, without an all-encompassing deal.

But it took less than 10 minutes for an embarrassing rejection from the EU.
Title: Re: UK: Brexit Ballsup
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The way things are going they are headed for “no deal”.
Then there’ll be customs issues at all boarders and ports.
Religious hooliganism in Northern Ireland.

However the UK would be free to make other deals for trade with the US and Canada etc.
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However the UK would be free to make other deals for trade with the US and Canada etc.

The UK used to rely on the former Empire - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa ... - for all its trading. Then in the seventies it joined the EEC/EU, forged new trade deals and crapped on two hundred years of international trade. The former Empire was forced to go its own way, and soon it'll be the UK on its knees begging for scraps from its Multiculti Commonwealth of Coons. As for Canada, Australia and NZ, our formerly all-White nations can make demands and get whatever trade deals they bloody well like from the UK. Especially with the overriding threat that the moment a new government gets in in the UK, London might once again be down on its knees sucking EU knobs for a new deal.
Title: Re: UK: Brexit Ballsup
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Jewish Billionaire Globalist Panicking Over Brexit

It's easier to control and flood a united Europe with Third-World Non-White immigration.

Jews fear White Nationalism and Separatism, but scoff at Third-World Non-White Nationalism.

Jews desperately want to change the demographic in Europe, America and Australia to Non-White.

South Africa - The Anti-WHITE experiment is YOUR FUTURE! ...



Controversial billionaire George Soros has warned the European Union looks to be “on the verge of collapse” just like the Soviet Union in 1991.

In an opinion piece for The Guardian on Wednesday, Soros argued Europe was “sleepwalking into oblivion” amid a rise in anti-EU sentiment. “Its people need to wake up before it is too late,” he wrote.

“If they don’t, the European Union will go the way of the Soviet Union in 1991. Neither our leaders nor ordinary citizens seem to understand that we are experiencing a revolutionary moment, that the range of possibilities is very broad, and that the eventual outcome is thus highly uncertain.”

Soros said the next “inflection point” would be the upcoming European parliament elections in May. “Unfortunately, anti-EU forces will enjoy a competitive advantage,” he said.

The famed Jewish-American financier has funnelled tens of millions of dollars into left-wing causes around the world, including pro-refugee groups tied to the European migrant crisis and anti-police riots in the US.

In February last year it was revealed the billionaire’s Open Society Foundations had pumped hundreds of thousands of pounds into a campaign looking to sabotage British voters’ 2016 decision to leave the EU.

Hungarian Jewish billionaire, philanthropist and Holocaust survivor George Soros
According to Jewish Supremacist organisation, the ADL, If you disagree with Soros, you are an anti-Semite
Image Source: https://www.adl.org/blog/the-anti-semitism-lurking-behind-george-soros-conspiracy-theories

He has repeatedly clashed with euroskeptic governments, notably the hard-line Central European Visegrád Group of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and his native Hungary, which has accused the non-government organisations backed by Soros as operating “like a mafia”.

But he said there was a growing threat from anti-EU parties within the bloc’s biggest countries including Germany, the UK and Italy.

Writing in The Guardian, Soros lamented the “outdated party system in most European countries” and the “lack of legal tools for disciplining member states that violate the principles on which the EU was founded”.

The “antiquated party structure” preventing the “popular will from finding proper expression” was evident in the UK, he said, where both Labour and the Conservatives are “internally divided” on the issue.

He said chances that Prime Minister Theresa May’s widely panned Brexit deal would again be rejected were “growing by the day”, which could “set in motion a groundswell of support for a referendum — or, even better, for revoking Britain’s article 50 notification”.

Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, but Ms May’s chief negotiator was overhead in a Brussels bar on Monday night suggesting that date would be pushed back unless MPs vote for her deal next month.

... Soros said the EU had made a “fatal mistake” in 2017 by strictly enforcing the Dublin agreement, which requires asylum applications to be processed in the first country the person arrives in.