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Title: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Well, today's the day when the British royal family inducts a half nigger into its ranks. While I don't have sympathy for anyone in the family (the British royal family are traitors to the White Race, starting back when William III of England asked the Jews for financial help to keep his enemies, the Stuarts, at bay), I'll say the race mixing propaganda that the Judenpresse will be putting out today is going to be relentless.

Turning on the news today is only gonna result in a barrage of how "beautiful" it is for a half nigger to now be British royalty. All I can say to that is that I wouldn't even consider it remotely good to be involved with the single most race traitorous family on Earth. And we all know the many times the British royal family betrayed our race.

An article on this little event: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/europe/royal-wedding-meghan-markle-prince-harry-wed-windsor-n861991

"It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre." - Enoch Powell
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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today's the day when the British royal family inducts a half nigger into its ranks.

Also a jew. It'd be anti-Semitic to forget that.

For Emphasis and thanks to Brother S. above:

Quote from: Private
"It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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today's the day when the British royal family inducts a half nigger into its ranks.

Also a jew. It'd be anti-Semitic to forget that.

i couldn't bring myself to even turn on the news or TV for background noise

This * is morally wrong and the British Monarchy has knocked the final nail in the British coffin.
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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I did not belive that will be possible to see that in such family. I belived that are royal families racial awaken however they are true Christians. Racial pollution is comming rapidly in state who can accept muds as their nobles. What would be happen in Creator curch? Creator priests would not allow such marriage. It is now clear that Brits in past just expanded. Christianity over muds and after they accepted it, everything is fine. Because of Christ insanity lesders, it is not strange to see such situation how will be whites in Britain easy pred for mudsy. When you have in state still white government,military it is still white society who must implement eugenic but if you have muds in that , it mean that you must be prepare for RaHoWa because mud military, courts etc. will not allow whites on top possitions.
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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"God save the Queen...because tourists are money! And our figurehead is not what she seems!"

It is a wonder the Queen let mad Harry marry this nigger! She is a divorcee and racially inferior.I thought Harry was one of the better members of the family.military man,Helicopter attack pilot.He even dressed up as Romel and shocked every one!


Even 20 years ago when I was in U.K. For the first time I couldn't understand the level of political correctness they held. I was this racist Aussie from a racist country at work. The blacks couldn't understand why I never saw Afro/carribean people in Australia growing up. I only saw them on foreign TV shows.

At the time I wasn't used to the highly sensitive political correctness everybody had. You should have seen how mad they got when you tried to explain Australian Abos to anybody there.
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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In addition to my Powell quote, let me also include an excerpt from his "Rivers of Blood" speech. As insightful, eloquent and intelligent as he was, it's unfortunate that Powell didn't recognize that the whip of control over Great Britain would not be in the nigger's hand, but the perfidious Jew's hand.

Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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They are calling her Exotic  :P

Nothing Exotic about this jewess boon
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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The Exotic's extended Family were not happy ...


Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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How to recreate the royal wedding banquet… WITHOUT the royal budget! Cooks share their thrifty versions of the dishes in Harry and Meghan's feast - and they cost just £1 per head

* Lucy Cufflin and Lucy Lee Tirrell, 54, of Leics, share three royal-inspired dishes
* They cut costs by swapping Kentucky Fried Chicken for home fried chicken and Champagne for Methylated Spirits
* If feeding a modest 'wedding' crowd of 50 people, the meal costs £1 a person


Quote from: Private
Wedding Vow
Meghan Watermelon Markle Brown
I'se black as any little coon in town
At eating melon I can put a pig to shame
For Watermelon am my middle name


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-5753945/Lucy-Cufflin-caterers-recreate-royal-wedding-menu-banquet-feast-budget.html


Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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I bet the Royal Throne was well used after all that nigger TRASH!!

Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Hey Charles...That neggrro stole my silver
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Every day there's another reason to ditch that politically correct family ...

Royal family ‘snub’ Donald Trump during UK visit
Queen left to go it alone as Charles and William avoid president

Both Charles and his son “snubbed” the President and were reluctant to meet Trump.



Prince Charles with racist US President Obama
Obama: Hates Britain, granted privileges only to Black Americans

Charlie and Mugabe are great friends ...
Hanging out together planning a global White Genocide
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 27 February 2019 at 06:55



The “ Dirty Harry” is getting too much practice already
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Two teenage neo-Nazis are facing jail for encouraging terrorism in online messages to a group which posted threats against Prince Harry.
Michael Szewczuk, 19, a Polish student living in Leeds and studying at Portsmouth University, pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications and possessing terrorist material today.

Szewczuk and his associate Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, were members of SonnenKrieg Division, a British arm of an American neo-Nazi terrorist group said to be responsible for the murder of a gay teenager.

The group posted a picture of the Duke of Sussex set against a swastika, with a gun pointed at his head and the slogan: 'See ya later, race traitor!

They communicated using the Gab social media platform that has attracted neo-Nazi users including the Philadelphia synagogue killer, Robert Bowers.

The Daily Mail reported last year that the security services had concerns about British users of the site.

Dunn-Koczorowski and Szewczuk were members of a group called SonnenKrieg Division, which has links to the US group called Atomwaffen Divsion.

They believe in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and think that a 'race war' is imminent and 'white separatist' and 'survivalist' tactics will be necessary

Szewczuk also had terrorist documents including the White Resistance Manual, a Practical Guide to the Strategy and Tactics of Revolution, Anarchist Cookbook.

He also had a copy of a document called the al-Qaeda Manual and another called How to Survive in the West - a Mujahid's Guide 2015, produced by an ISIS supporter.

Dunn-Koczorowski from Acton, West London used a gaming message board to publish an image suggesting that Prince Harry should be shot for marrying someone of mixed race and added: 'See ya later race traitor'.

He previously pleaded guilty to two separate charges accusing him of publishing messages on the Gab accounts between August 6 and September 11

According to the anti-extremist group Hope not Hate, Sonnenkrieg Division has produced 'some of the most frightening and sickening material' seen on the British far right for decades, including 'open interest in Satanism and the promotion of paedophilia, rape and murder.'

Hope not Hate said in a report earlier this year that members of the Sonnenkrieg Division 'openly celebrate and encourage sexual violence' and 'lionised' notorious figures such as the Moors Murderer Ian Brady.

They said that SKD was 'more extreme and potentially violent' than National Action, the group which encouraged attacks on MPs to emulate the killing of Jo Cox.

SKD was said to have links to an American based neo-Nazi group called Attomwaffen Division whose branding appears on some of the media on the Gab sites.

Atomwaffen Division was founded in 2013 and follows the neo-Nazi ideology of 'Universal Order', propagated by cult leader Charles Manson

Judge Rebecca Poulet QC today granted the pair continued conditional bail ahead of their sentencing on June 17.

She ordered a pre-sentence report be prepared for Szewczuk but warned it should not be seen as a sign he would not receive a prison term.

The pair were arrested on December 6 in relation to material posted to three accounts on the social media account site.

The primary purpose of all three sites was said to be promoting the ideology and activity of a group known as SonnenKrieg Division (SKD).

Prosecutors said that SKD was an extreme right-wing group inspired by the book Siege written by James Mason in the 1980s and subsequently updated and re-released on several occasions.

The book examined neo-Nazi tactics and strategy, violent racism and anti-Semitism, and a belief in a coming 'race war'.

The tactics it suggested included withdrawal from the liberal-democratic system and political violence through 'lone actor' or small cell terrorism.

It supported 'white separatism' and 'survivalism' - the concept of establishing a separate state within a state of 'survivors'

Prosecutors said the book may be considered among 'the most extreme, revolutionary and potentially violent writings from the neo-Nazi perspective today.'

The Gab website calls itself a “free speech” alternative to Facebook and Twitter and does not have the same limits on hate speech.

It is said to have become a "haven" for white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other extremists as mainstream sites attempt to squeeze them out

Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 23 April 2019 at 22:33
"Neo-Nazis" convicted for joking about shooting Race-Traitor Harry. It wasn't so long ago that Neo-Marxists were openly talking about murdering "Nazi" Harry. What's the difference? No Rights for the Right in the lousy poxed-up defecation nation that is Politically Correct Insignificant Britain.

Web Search:
https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prince+harry+nazi&ia=web (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prince+harry+nazi&ia=web)
https://duckduckgo.com/?q="nazi+harry"&ia=videos (https://duckduckgo.com/?q="nazi+harry"&ia=videos)
Image Search:
https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prince+harry+nazi&ia=images&iax=images (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prince+harry+nazi&ia=images&iax=images)
https://duckduckgo.com/?q="nazi+harry"&iax=images&ia=images (https://duckduckgo.com/?q="nazi+harry"&iax=images&ia=images)

We know the Red Threat existed, but what happened to the pages of murderous libtard jibber jabber? Self censorship for the Race-Traitor? Or was it a quiet Royal Cleanup-Crew?

That parasitical Royal family needs stripped of its riches and sent to live in the ghettoes of South Africa.




‘See ya later, race traitor’: Neo-Nazis aimed threats at Prince Harry after Meghan wedding – report



All this for an illegitimate brat from a family of parasites ...

Hey Harry! Who's ya Daddy?
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Prince William commemorated Anzac Day in New Zealand on Thursday morning in his first engagement of a two-day visit to meet Christchurch terror attack survivors.


The Duke of Cambridge cut a sombre figure in a navy suit during the ceremony under the rising sun at Auckland's War Memorial Museum.

He was joined by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whom he greeted with a traditional Maori mud touch of the noses called a hongi, and thousands of New Zealanders.


First she dresses up in a Hijab and now she is doing some “Jungle Boogie” stuff with our future King?!

William is on a solo trip to the Commonwealth country having left his wife Kate at home to attend a commemoration service in London.

On Thursday afternoon he flew to Christchurch where he met police officers who were on duty during the terror attack that killed 50 Muslims at two mosques last month.

He will on Friday meet survivors of the attack during a visit to the local hospital and both the targeted mosques

Did he bring Cat Stevens back with him from the UK this time again for another multicultural/multi-faith “hippy come together” to try stop the Muslims from retaliating? Forget it guys, William or Cat won’t change the way the Muslims do pay back!
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 25 April 2019 at 07:19
... won’t change the way the Muslims do pay back!

Muslim Payback/Revenge

* Muslim picks a fight and loses.
* You are declared RACIST!
* Muslim is justified to exact vengeance.
* Blame Whitey!

The Moral: If you just allow the Muslim to take, rape and murder however it wants - if you just lay down and die, the Muslim will have no justification for revenge.

Note: The same scenario works with every other non-White of any race and/or nationality.

Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 28 April 2019 at 14:34
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 08 May 2019 at 13:33


The baby has a black person’s nose, like his Jigaboo mum’s nose was before plastic surgery!
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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”What’ch y’all looking at you”White honky ass mo’fuggers?! Dis be mah new boy Archie! Dat’s right! Royal Prince Archie yo royal punk ass’!”
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 08 May 2019 at 20:57
I'll be honest I couldn't even make it through the complete article. I can't believe this garbage is even allowed into print. It's appalling and an assault on the Laws of Nature's.

This is one of the most disturbing story that shows the true mind set of the anti-white agenda. This article really shows how happy they would be to breed our race out of existence.


Analysis: Don't use the royal birth to trot out a dangerous myth

Analysis by John Blake, CNN
Updated at 10:42 AM ET, Tue May 7, 2019

(CNN) — It's hard not to get excited.

It's like watching the unfolding of a modern-day fairy tale.

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, just gave birth to a boy. The royal baby becomes the "first Afro-American baby born into the royal family," a "gorgeous" symbol of racial progress in the US and Britain.

It's a lovely story that deserves to be celebrated.

But let's not use the royal birth to trot out a dangerous myth.

Let's not turn this child into another "Great Mixed-Race Hope."

We've seen this story before. A mixed-race person is elevated to a position of prominence. They're touted as proof of racial progress, part of a Brown New World in which racism will inevitably collapse in the future because there will be so many interracial relationships.

This anointing is part of what some call the ongoing "fetishization" of interracial children and adults. Remember Obama's "hope and change?" His biracial upbringing was supposed to help him bridge racial differences.

But I no longer believe in the redemptive power of interracial unions, though I am the product of such a relationship. It's a tired story. And it's a dangerous one. We can't "procreate" our way to racial equality.

Plenty of people who study race say the same. They are wary about the meaning that could be attached to the newest member of the royal family.

"I think the birth of their child will offer a symbol of hope, but will obscure the real work that has to be done to get true access and equality for black people throughout the US and UK," says Nsenga Burton, editor-at-large for The Root, an online magazine dedicated to African-American culture.

How black will the royal baby be?

Here's why we should be cautious. The royal baby watch has already resurrected some of the most dangerous stereotypes about race. And in many cases, the commentators who are reinforcing these stereotypes are totally unaware of the damage.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, doesn't seem naïve about these tricky racial issues, some say. She's already sent signals about what kind of mother she will be.

She's talked with pride about her black mother. In one essay, she talked fondly about her mother's Afro and "sweet eyes," and how her skin once "rushed with heat" after hearing her mother called the n-word.

"She was raised by her mother to embrace her blackness in a world that otherwise denigrates any connection to blackness," says Tanya Kateri Hernandez, author of "Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination."

And that pride was reflected in the way she organized her wedding, Hernandez says.

Meghan Markle's decision to chose Bishop Michel Bruce Curry to deliver a sermon at her wedding hinted how she will raise her child, some say.

She invited the first black presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church to deliver a sermon, along with a black choir. This was an Anglican affair punctuated by some unapologetic blackness: the exuberance of traditional black preaching backed up by some down-home gospel music.

"She was signaling to a wider world that yes, she was going to be a part of this royal family but she wasn't leaving her own family, and mother, behind," Hernandez says.

What will be harder to leave behind, though, are the unrealistic expectations many attach to interracial children. And the archaic -- and frankly racist -- ways many talk about their racial identity.

Where the "Great Mixed-Race Hope" comes from

Interracial children were once considered tragic figures, self-loathing objects of pity trapped between two racial identities. It was the "Tragic Mulatto Myth." It's why we were once called "mixed nuts."

The tragic mulatto has now morphed into another myth -- the "magic mulatto." We are treated as symbols of a new racial order where racism will inevitably lose its sting in the future because so many racial lines have been blurred.

Jordan Peele, an Academy Award winning film direction, is one of several prominent biracial figures.

We're now cool; we're hip. We have superpowers of racial healing. And look at all the mixed-race role models in politics, entertainment, and sports: Actress Halle Berry, Sen. Kamala Harris and director Jordan Peele. You can't open a magazine without seeing an ad with a racially ambiguous kid with light skin and curly hair.

Those who pursue interracial relationships "are our greatest hope for racial understanding," writes Sheryll Cashin in anessay entitled, "How Interracial Love Is Saving America."

Through intimacy across racial lines, a growing number of white Americans are learning to empathize with blacks and other minorities, says Cashin, author of "Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America and the Threat to White Supremacy."

"Eventually, a critical mass of white people will accept the loss of the centrality of whiteness," she wrote. "When enough whites can accept being one voice among many in a robust democracy, politics in America could finally become functional."

The epic expectations for racially-mixed people remind me in some ways of the "Great White Hope." It was the nickname given to a white boxer in the early 20th century who was pitted against Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion. The expectations of an entire race were placed on his shoulders.

He still lost. So will we, if we still use the language of white supremacy while celebrating the birth of the royal baby.

Echoes of the 'One-Drop Rule'

It's already happened. People are obsessed over the appearance and racial identity of the new royal baby. That's going to go into overdrive now.

Ebony-Renee Baker, a biracial writer, captured the breathless tone that accompanied speculation about the royal baby's looks when she wrote:

"Will this 'beautiful mixed baby' have ginger hair? Will their child look like Blake Griffin, the unofficial ambassador for biracial redheads? Considering Meghan's fair skin, will their little Lord or Lady look black at all? It was like everyone was taking bets on an exotic new show horse."

Interracial couples like this family, which gained notoriety after the mother was forced to prove her identity while flying with her son, are seen as symbols of a more racially tolerant future.

Some of this speculation, though, carries an assumption straight out of the Jim Crow era: The whiter the kid looks, the better.

It's what some call the "fetishization" of interracial children, who are now seen as "cuter" than other darker-hued children.

In the same article, Baker quotes an author who talks about this fetishization.

"We're talking about kids who are usually lighter, who have lighter hair, lighter skin, lighter eyes, who are usually mixed white. Certain kinds of mixed kids are more beautiful. They're smarter, they're healthier -- and I do not agree with these things, let's just make that clear, but that's the narrative now," said Sharon Chang, author of "Raising Mixed Race."

And then there are questions about how to racially define the royal baby. What percentage of blackness will the baby have? Will its race be based on its appearance? How black can it be?

Left unsaid is something no one has seriously suggested: Why not call the baby white?

Why? Because much of the talk about the baby's racial identity has echoes of the "one-drop rule" from slavery and the Jim Crow era. Under the one-drop rule, blackness is a permanent taint. Someone could be 99% white, but if they had a drop of black blood they were considered black. In any interracial union, the baby is always assigned to the subordinate race -- then and today, even if it's the royal baby.

Then there is the preoccupation with the precise racial mixture of the royal baby. That's another relic from the Jim Crow era, when people talked about racially mixed blacks who were called "quadroons" and "octoroons."

It's ironic that some people point to the birth of the royal baby as the dawn of a new racial era --while still using the same language and racial ideas from the Jim Crow era.

Even the Duchess of Sussex's appearance plays into the standards of beauty from a bygone era.

"Would Meghan be so beloved if she looked more like her mother in complexion and hair texture?" asks Burton, who is also co-director of the Film and Media Management concentration at Emory University in Atlanta.

"Meghan clearly had a nose job, which speaks to her profession -- acting -- but also to how she wants others to see her in the world."

The benefits of a mixed royal baby

Despite this history, there's still much to look forward to with the new royal baby.

Some of us can learn something from the royal family as we watch this child grow up.

"Seeing how the royal family grapples with in-laws and family members of African descent will be important, since many families in Britain and the US have had to navigate this issue already," says Stacey Moultry, a visiting assistant professor in American studies at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.

This child could also redefine who should be in charge.

"Having diverse bodies represented in positions of power in politics, media, and otherwise in the public eye does have the potential to help dismantle associations between power and whiteness," says Roberta Chevrette, an assistant professor at Middle Tennessee State University who studies the rhetoric of race and gender.

But the presence of these mixed-race symbols in positions of power doesn't automatically translate into more power for people of color.

Royal history already shows that.

That's part of the lesson from Queen Charlotte. In the 18th century, she was the wife of King George II, and a descendant of the black branch of a Portuguese royal family. The images of her are striking. She looks like a racially ambiguous woman you'd see on TV. A city in North Carolina is named after her.

"Yet her reign did nothing to better the lives of the millions of blacks under her rule, including slaves in the US South or British holdings in the Caribbean," Chinyere Osuji, a sociologist, wrote in an essay on the royal couple.

But let's say Queen Charlotte decided to become a crusader against slavery, something her marriage contract reputedly forbade. She may have not been so adored. And look at Obama. Critics argue that he didn't -- and couldn't -- do enough for black and brown voters because he would have alienated too many white voters.

Many want racially mixed people to become symbols of change. But they don't want them to lead real change, says Burton, from The Root magazine.

"The birth of their baby gives symbolic hope of racial reconciliation but as we learned with other high-profile mixed race folk it's all kicks and giggles when it's entertainment, but not necessarily when mixed race people are working to create equity and permanent change through policy," Burton says.

If the birth of a racially-mixed royal baby doesn't symbolize real change, then what does?

Some say that change only comes through organizing, policy changes, and cultural shifts that lead to a place where the best schools, jobs and positions are not reserved for white men.

I think there needs to be something else, and so do others who study race.

President Obama's biracial heritage was supposed to help him unite America but racial tensions increased during his time in office.

We have to get rid of race. Racism isn't the original sin; race is.

Have you ever wondered where assigning people a "race" based on their skin color and facial features comes from? Why is it that no matter what country you visit in the world, there's usually a color hierarchy where whiter-looking people are on the top and the darker ones are on the bottom of the socio-economic ladder?

Race -- the modern-day conception of "black" and "white" people -- was created to justify the global slave trade, historians say. People noticed skin color differences in the ancient world but didn't automatically assign less intellect and beauty to those who were darker, they say.

"The need to morally justify enslaving other human beings pushed Europeans to invent a mythical biological racial 'essence' of inferiority for African-descendent people," says Susan Peppers-Bates, an associate professor of philosophy at Stetson University in Florida.

Here's another story I'd like to celebrate one day.

Imagine a child born to a couple like the Duke and Duchess, and no one obsesses over their racial mixture, or how white or black they look.

Imagine if that child was born with dark skin, a wide nose and kinky hair -- and people would still call that child "gorgeous."

All that would matter is that the child has two parents who love him or her.

That's the kind of fairy tale I'm waiting for.
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 10 May 2019 at 00:27

BBC radio star Danny Baker has been fired over a “racist” royal baby tweet showing a picture of a monkey that he posted last night.

The tweet showed a picture of a couple clinging on to a monkey wearing a suit with the caption: “Royal baby leaves hospital”

Blaming an exaggerated Twitter storm, unapologetic Baker told The Sun: “You see these sorts of things happening to other people and you kill yourself laughing.

“It’s a Twitter storm. The point is they (the BBC) have given credence to the vampires by claiming I meant it. It’s rotten.”

Describing the moment he was told he’d lost his Saturday morning radio show, he said: “The BBC said they found it abhorrent. I told them ‘f*** you, and f*** off’.

“That’s exactly what I said to them. It wasn’t a very long call
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Taxpayer Funded!


The shaman boyfriend of Princess Martha Louise of Norway will lead a spiritual workshop in London next week

Shaman Durek, 44, real name Durek Verrett, will fly to the UK following a five-city Scandinavian speaking tour with his royal girlfriend, 47, which kicks off in Copenhagen on Sunday.


Durek, who describes himself as a 'sixth generation healer', will lead a session at the London Wellbeing Festival, where he promises to give participants a 'Shamanic clearing of unwanted energies

He will also teach followers how to 'activate their light intelligence mentality' and 'learn the meanings of "windows, doors and ladders" for quantum expansion.

A day ticket to the festival costs £11 or £13 and participants then book onto Durek's two-and-a-half hour workshop separately

 >:( If having one European Race Traitor Royal wasn’t bad enough!
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
Post by: Private on 27 May 2019 at 23:13
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's wife, known for her role in the hit TV show Suits *$luts*, found herself in hot water after she disobeyed the orders


Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal Family. Apparently, things have been going downhill for a while; but now it’s safe to say the boat has sunken according to Royal Family insider.

It all started early last November just before Meghan and Harry announced their engagement to the world, when Meghan signed a deal with Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner. The deal states that Meghan’s New Cosmetics Line will be picked up and promoted by the American shopping channel QVC. Meghan is very proud of her line. She has been quoted as saying, “This is more than just a beauty line. This is what every woman has been dreaming of for most of her adult life


The problem is: Surprisingly nothing to do with her steamy television roles, but rather the British Royal Family has concerns with Meghan selling her products in the United States. It is customary when joining the Royal Family that any business on-goings and promotions outside of Great Britain are forbidden. It was later discovered that not even her husband, Prince Harry, knew what she was constructing in the background. When her hidden secret surfaced, it caused a rift in their relationship. Because of this, the Queen herself has now gotten involved and the situation has escalated.

The feud doesn’t seem to bother Meghan at all. She says creating a product line to help people was always her real dream; which is what spawned her beauty line. Why is the Royal Family upset? Because she failed to let them know about her massive skincare empire, which actually violates legal boundries and goes against Royal Family "ethics". Simply put, Meghan is using her fame to promote her skincare line, which as a close source to the Royal Family said is absolutely "not allowed". In response, Meghan has drastically reduced the price of the line, which is up to five times more effective than others on the market. Meghan says her miracle face crème really works and she believes her fellow Americans have a right to experience the benefits; by reducing the price she prevents the profits from being transferred to the UK and the Royal Family taking a portion of her company.

At almost 40 years old Meghan doesn't look a day older than 25, and is showing no signs of aging. She looks even more radiant and youthful than she did when she was years younger

Well she’s got a nose job and straightened her hair and tried to act and look as white as she can be, just look at that Golliwog of a kid!
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Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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The BBC has written to Prince Harry to apologise for not warning him before showing a picture of him with a gun to his head

The image of the Duke of Sussex branding him a 'race traitor' was broadcast in December 2018 after it was shared online in far-right chatrooms by neo-Nazis.

Prince Harry complained to Ofcom which rejected his objection and ruled the use of the image – which was widespread throughout the media - was justified because it was in the public interest to highlight the online activities of extremists.

The BBC has now written to Harry defending the importance of the piece, which aired on the News at 10, but admitting it should have warned the Royal.

The image was created by Michal Szewczuk, 19, who was detained in June for encouraging terrorism

A BBC source said: 'The image of the Duke of Sussex was included to show the abhorrent nature of their behaviour and Ofcom has subsequently concluded that there was a clear editorial rationale for using the image which, in the context of the news report, was considered unlikely to incite crime.

'Naturally we regret the distress caused and we apologised for failing to warn Kensington Palace in advance that it was to be published.'

After its ruling, a spokesperson for Ofsted said: 'This image was highly offensive, but in our opinion, its inclusion in the article was editorially justified as it was used to condemn and illustrate the racist group's activities, which was in the public interest

Szewczuk was sentenced alongside Oskar Dunn-Zoczorowski, 18, who belonged to a hate group calling itself Sonnenkrieg Division.

The group described itself as the 'third generation' of proscribed terror group National Action, whom Szewczuk joined as a schoolboy.

In his complaint, Prince Harry said the image raised 'serious security concerns' and 'caused his family great distress', particularly his wife Meghan Markle, who was five months pregnant at the time.

An internal investigation by the BBC also rejected the complaint, but bosses said: 'Before publishing seriously offensive material we need to be vigilant in balancing the impact on individuals against the wider good which may be served by publication.'

A spokesperson for the prince said he 'welcomed the letter' but added he still disagrees with the decision to broadcast the image

The spokesperson said: 'His Royal Highness maintains that instead of reproducing the image and giving a platform to something that would have only been seen by a few, it should have been described so that others would not potentially be influenced by such an inflammatory image.'


The fact remains he is a “race traitor” and his trouble making:- feminist, black wife is still black despite her plastic fantastic surgery. He can’t comprehend how disappointed people are in him not marrying a white person?
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Meghan caused division alright; she caused the Sonnenkrieg Division

Ailing Prince Philip was left fuming after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's shock announcement that they intended to quit as senior Royals and asked: 'What the hell are they playing at?'

The Duke of Edinburgh, 98, was left 'deeply hurt' by his grandson's decision and said the couple are 'lacking respect', a source said.

A source told The Sun: 'To say that the Duke feels let down would be a considerable understatement.'

They added: 'A lot of Philip’s anger comes from seeing Her Majesty upset

The couple issued a bombshell statement saying they plan to 'step back' as senior royals and divide their time between the UK and North America.

The Duke and Duchess did not consult the Queen or Prince Charles about the contents of the statement before issuing it on Instagram on Wednesday, sources suggest.

It came after the Duke of Edinburgh - who is now staying in Wood Farm on the edge of the Sandringham Estate - spent four nights in King Edward VII's hospital in central London for treatment for a pre-existing medical condition in December.

The Duke was admitted for a few days as a precautionary measure and for observation, after a period of poor health, which saw him battling a 'flu-like' illness for weeks and suffering a 'bad fall

Harry and Meghan did not join the rest of the royal family at Sandringham on Christmas Day, instead opting to spend the festive period in Canada.

Following their statement on Wednesday, Prince Harry had been due to fly back to Canada with Meghan on Thursday to be united with their eight-month-old son Archie, but decided to stay on in Britain while a deal about their future role is thrashed out.

Harry is set travel to Sandringham for a showdown with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William in what sources described as a ‘reality check moment’.

Royal aides and Government officials have drawn up a range of scenarios setting out the ‘stark implications’ faced by Harry and Meghan if they abandon or dramatically scale back their royal duties

At tomorrow’s meeting, Prince Harry will be handed documents, compiled following discussions with HMRC and the Canadian tax authority, that will set out in detail the financial penalties for a range of scenarios.

These include a so-called hard Megxit involving a permanent move to North America and a soft Megxit in which the couple split their time between Britain and overseas and retain full, active Royal roles

A friend has claimed that Prince William is desperately sad that the close relationship he once enjoyed with Prince Harry has soured.

The Duke of Cambridge has said he is unable to even 'put an arm round' his younger brother nowadays, after a rift saw them grow apart over the past year.

Well that Nigger chick was trouble! .... but who ever thought she’d cause division ?
This Prince Phillip guy has said many racist things before and We all know why!


Royal Parasites See Method to Dodge Millions in Tax - Remain Embedded in the Taxpayer Purse

How to F*ck Whitey & Get Rich: Former HNIC Obongo and His Husband Advise Fellow Nigga Meghan

White Supremacy Forced Meghan onto a Slave Ship Back to the Americas

British Personalities Have No Sympathy for Woke Nigga Bitch

Get a Job: Canadians Want Swastika Harry as Governor General - But No Taxpayer Handout for Prince Ranga' and His Ho

"Look Mum, no NIGGERS!"
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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You know, if they make a penny for themselves as Royals, it's a crime. Politicians in Britain and Australia (I don't know about the US and Canada) cannot profit while they are taking a wage from the crown/taxpayer. Therefore Harry and his Ho will have to quit everything or the law has to change just for them. Politicians have lost their positions and even gone to prison for this reason ... but we're looking at Black Privilege here.

Personally, I'm hoping they quit everything. The only promise Dirty Harry gave was to honour the Queen and his duties under her; but of course Granny and Phil the Greek wont last forever. Harry the Ranga's father is looking to be king within the next half dozen years, and there's no promise to honour him.

Nigghan wants to move to LA. Sounds good to me. The amount of armed nutters in LA boggles the mind. I'm sure there's some loony there that will shoot that traitor and its nigger ho. And it WILL NOT BE A CREATOR. Remember John Lennon, anyone? Remember Reagan and the Jodie Foster connection? If a White loony wont do it, then a nigger or a spic will.
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Actually, I'd rather the entire family retire and bugger off to live a long life of tax and virtue, but if I can get rid of just one parasite and its nigger and brood, then RAHOWA!  :ok
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Meghan Markle has praised the Black Lives Matter protests across the United States as a 'beautiful thing' but admits the sometimes violent demonstrations over the summer have been 'inflammatory

She made the comments alongside her husband Prince Harry during a video interview with the Evening Standard on Thursday as they discussed structural racism to mark the start of Black History Month in the UK

Speaking from their new $14 million mansion in Santa Barbara, California, Meghan said that it was a good thing that the BLM movement was making people feel 'uncomfortable'.

The couple's latest interview comes at a key moment for race issues around the world. Widespread BLM protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May have often descended into violent chaos across the US and has become a political divide ahead of the US presidential election.

Asked for her thoughts on the BLM movement, Meghan acknowledged that it was a 'different movement' in the US from the one that in the UK.

'The impetus is from a place of recognizing equality and if you just go back to its ground level, I don't think there's anything controversial about it,' she said. 'What has been inflammatory for a lot of people is when any version of the community becomes disruptive.

'But when it's just peaceful protest and when there's the intention of just wanting unity and wanting recognition of equality, then that's a beautiful thing

Their joint plea to tackle structural racism:

'For as long as structural racism exists, there will be generations of young people of colour who do not start their lives with the same equality of opportunity as their white peers. And for as long as that continues, untapped potential will never get to be realised.'

Harry -

On racism:

'Because I wasn't aware of so many of the issues and so many of the problems within the UK and also globally as well. I thought I did but I didn't.'

'You know, when you go in to a shop with your children and you only see white dolls, do you even think: 'That's weird, there is not a black doll there?' And I use that as just one example of where we as white people don't always have the awareness of what it must be like for someone else of a different coloured skin, of a black skin, to be in the same situation as we are where the world that we know has been created by white people for white people.'

'It is not about pointing the finger, it is not about blame. I will be the first person to say, again, this is about learning. And about how we can make it better. I think it is a really exciting time in British culture and British history, and in world culture. This is a real moment that we should be grasping and actually celebrating. Because no one else has managed to do this before us

. . . .

The Duchess of Cambridge’s uncle Gary Goldsmith tells Harry and Meghan to 'shut the F up' as he brands them ‘muppets craving attention’ and says prince has lost 'all our respect' after 'structural racism in Britain' speech


Photo of Prince Harry dressed in Nazi costume reveals royal double standard - Prince Harry has called for an end to “structural racism”. But there is one glaring problem with the renegade royal’s latest public outing.

Black equality campaigner Trevor Phillips compares Prince Harry to a '1980s polytechnic lecturer' for using 'empty jargon' he doesn't understand after he blasted UK’s 'structural racism' - Trevor Phillips is the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
He also said Meghan's claim that she 'didn't realise that there was a Black History Month in Britain' was a mistake, because it was first celebrated in 1987, and showed 'how little she learnt about Britain' during her time in the country. ... 'Seriously? Two out of every five Londoners are non-white. Diversity isn’t so easy to miss in the capital.'

 :-\ >:(I used to like Harry dressing as a Nazi and his role in the Army but honestly! With this crap.......What a wanker! This coon bitch of his! What trouble she is, he could have chosen much better!

If they feel this way about niggers , then how about go live humbly in a small house and donate his Mansion to all the poor niggers he loves? Let the niggers move in with his own mud family!
Title: Re: The Royal Wedding: Race Mixing Propaganda at its Worst
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Video: Palace staff 'are told to prepare for Prince Harry's return to the UK within weeks' and he could 'face a telling off from the Queen' over his public comments about US politics

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak out about the upcoming U.S. election despite the royal family's strict political neutrality. The Duke of Sussex urged people in the US to 'reject hate speech' ...


 :-\ >:(


Above: Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri demanded that the British government ask the Queen to strip Meghan and Harry of their royal titles for 'interfering' in the upcoming American election