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Title: Perth - West Australia: Aryan Nations Murder Trial
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 12 March 2018 at 12:25
Aryan Nations Australia Murder: MSM Stop Contacting Us

An alleged murder has apparently been committed by the leader and associated people with Aryan Nations Western Australia. According to police, this alleged murder has absolutely nothing to do with our movement for the SALVATION AND ADVANCEMENT OF THE WHITE RACE.

A murder is a murder. Although there are many in the police that are on the politically correct path, there are many more police that actually do their jobs as they are supposed to - regardless of political orders. Therefore, not knowing the people involved and knowing that there are those that will see this as an opportunity - as the MSM already has - to play the race card, I cannot even hazard a guess as to the final outcome of any investigation and trial regarding those involved in this incident.

Notes for MSM:
* The Church of Creativity has no connection with Aryan Nations.
* The Church of Creativity has no connection with Sadistic Souls MC.

The president of a WA white supremacist group known as the Aryan Nations and his female lover have been found guilty of murdering her partner so they could access his life insurance.


Extract: Robert Edhouse and Melony Attwood had been on trial for the past month accused of murdering Alan Taylor at his home in the northern Perth suburb of Girrawheen in April, 2016.

Edhouse, 22 was the president of a Neo-Nazi group called Aryan Nations, while Attwood, 37, ran an affiliated group called Aryan Girls.

The sergeant-at-arms of the group, Corey Dymock, 21, also stood trial accused of murdering Mr Taylor, but he was instead found guilty of being an accessory to the murder.

Prosecutors told the trial the Aryan Nations group claimed to strive for equality in Australia "but in reality was just an affiliation of like-minded racists and white supremacists with an affinity for Hitler Nazism and the Third Reich".

There were angry scenes in court in the wake of the verdict as Edhouse lunged at Dymock, shouting: "I'll kill you".

Edhouse was pulled to the ground by courtroom security officers, while one of his relatives tried to get to the dock.

He was restrained by security guards and one of the detectives who had investigated the murder.

All three offenders were eventually taken separately into the cells.

The relative who tried to reach Edhouse in the dock was allowed to leave the building.

Mr Taylor, a fly-in fly-out worker, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in what prosecutors said was a plan to kill him, because Attwood had tired of him and wanted to get access to his life insurance.

Edhouse had been staying at Mr Taylor's house and had begun a sexual relationship with Attwood.

A fourth person, an associate of the Aryan Nations group who could not be identified, pleaded guilty to the murder and was given a reduced sentence for testifying at the trial.

The man said he, Edhouse and Dymock had taken it in turns to hit Mr Taylor with the hammer.

Prosecutors told the trial the four had gone to see the film The Jungle Book after the crime to try to create a false alibi.

"Forty-two minutes is all it took from the time this death squad arrived at the house until time they left to execute their plan to kill Alan Taylor," prosecutor Justin Whalley said.

Giving evidence at the trial, Edhouse said it was the associate who had killed Mr Taylor in what he described as an "animal-like" attack.

But the Supreme Court jury, which deliberated for almost four days before delivering its verdicts, disagreed.

Attwood, who had a young son with Mr Taylor, as well as Edhouse and Dymock will face a sentencing hearing in May.

They were remanded in custody.

Edhouse is the son of Andrew Edhouse, who was found not guilty in 2001 of murdering Marc Chabriere, a bikie who was shot dead in his car in Welshpool.

The killing was part of the so-called bikie wars in Perth in the 1990s Andrew Edhouse was associated with the Club Deroes, while Chabrieire was a member of the Coffin Cheaters.

He was not in court to see his son convicted of murder.

The man who tried to reach the dock during the chaos is believed to be Andrew Edhouse's brother.

What bloody idiots!

Title: Re: Perth:- Aryan Nations Murder trial.
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 12 March 2018 at 20:30
Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Two white supremacist lovers who took turns beating the woman's partner to death with a hammer before changing out of their bloodied clothes and watching The Jungle Book at the cinema are convicted of murder


LOL!! What an alibi!

Some racists went to the cinema to watch a little black orphan who plays with animals :monkey

Title: Re: Perth:- Aryan Nations Murder trial.
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 March 2018 at 00:48
For some reason Perth is the town where all the fruitcakes seem to be in the movement here.First Combat 18 started up there and thought it'd be fun to shoot the roof of the Mosque. Now we have some clowns in their 20's with a homicide for insurance!

I am absolutely gobsmacked!
What were they thinking with their alibi?!
Let's go to the theatre, see a kiddy film, keep the ticket and get on camera so the cops can see us out in public?
Title: Re: Perth - West Australia: Aryan Nations Murder Trial
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 March 2018 at 13:52
C18 has always had some fruit loops in its ranks, they were doing ok in the UK way back but turned out music and money was enough motivation to kill the odd member...never any loyalty.

The C18 Movement died when the government sought to expose and jail the members.

If they were planing to shoot up a mosque then they should have gone full on and blew the fooker up with the cultists inside the damn thing, the sentences would have carried the same amount of jail time.

Imagine walking around a complex waving and smiling for the CCTV footage  :D
Title: Re: Perth - West Australia: Aryan Nations Murder Trial
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 March 2018 at 14:30
Mate, in the late 1990's I lived in Stockwell and also Clapham North that is very close to Brixton where the C18 nail bomber did his thing.This C18 unit could have killed me while I did a grocery shop.

That part of London isn't the fanciest but when you are a back packer trying to save 's you gotta live in a cheap place not Pall Mall!

Alright some of the music C18 put out is ok but only a fruitcake would do stupid stuff like that.

From what I understand the WA(nkers) from C18 got shot guns and they either shot at the Mosque to remove it's minaurette or ... they wanted a friend of their's who is a roof plumber to get some new business contact?

I don't know what is wrong with some people in our movement?

Instead of doing stuff for further and advance our race they would rather be "Hollywood Nazi" hardmen who show their teeth, flex their muscles and be the king cheese of the hen house. They watch Romper Stomper and wanna be Hando killing Davey or something?

I mean if the chick didn't want to be with the partner, just bloody split up! The police aren't dumb. Who'd want to have anything to do with any of that group now?

Just look at the dumb, juvenile c*nt! He probably collects Nazi soldiers and stuff and has a war with them while dressed up.


Title: Re: Perth - West Australia: Aryan Nations Murder Trial
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 March 2018 at 18:01
You wouldn’t recognise London now Brother, it’s wall to wall with jiggs, Pakis and every other race you could think even existed.The underground is full of bad English speaking Africoons and would send you round in circles on the Bakerloo than give you the right directions.

The Roma Gypsies are camping in Regents Park and looks like Calais, and the knife crimes have gone through the roof with in fighting among the Somali and the So-Called British blacks, it’s a melting pot of savages.

The only Bomber I am aware o who didn’t target “soft targets” was Timothy McVeigh, that’s legitimate targets and not women and kids, Jew influenced Governments qualify as Valid targets.

The C18 here will always be known for wearing Burbary check caps and other chav Jew Designers gear.
Title: Re: Perth - West Australia: Aryan Nations Murder Trial
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 March 2018 at 21:01
I've been told it's a crazy place more so now. It's been flooded with more people from the extended EU.

The Eastern Gypsies were begging with their babies on public transport and I do remember homelessness in tube stations a lot.

It was fun for that 2 year time in my early 20's but bugger living there now! I don't know how people get ahead there?!

For a while I lived in E7. It was a neighbourhood full of curry munchers!

I'll bet nothing has changed? You say it's gotten more violent with British born non-Whites at odds with refugees?

I think If I lived in the UK now, it'd be up North.

There are a whole lot of young, Irish people who have migrated here now.