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Reverend Dr Joe Esposito
(Creator Since 1974)
Oregon State Prison (OSP) #20315402
2605 State St. Salem, OR 97310 U.S.A.
Direct Email: Via Access Corrections
Liaison Email:PM@creativityalliance.com

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Contact: Reverend Harold Wilson
P.O. Box 927 Gladewater, TX 75647 U.S.A.

Church of Creativity Prison Ministries
Imperator of Prisons

Contact: Reverend Peter Sturm
P.O. Box 11174 Goldsboro, N.C. 27534 U.S.A.
Website: https://rahowadirectory.com/prisons

Administrative Contact
Church Administrator & National Coordinator for Australasia

Contact: Reverend Cailen Cambeul
P.O. Box 420 Oaklands Park, SA 5046 Australia
Phone (Australia): 61-4-0399-1027

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