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Head of Church
Pontifex Maximus
Reverend Dr Joe Esposito
(Creator Since 1974)
Oregon State Prison (OSP) #20315402
777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario, OR 97914 U.S.A.
Direct Email: Via Access Corrections
Liaison Email:PM@creativityalliance.com

Liaison to PM Joe & National Coordinator for North America
Contact: Reverend W. Texas
P.O. Box 2323 Longview, TX 75605 U.S.A.

Church of Creativity Prison Ministries
Imperator of Prisons
Contact: Reverend Peter Sturm
P.O. Box 11174 Goldsboro, N.C. 27534 U.S.A.
Website: https://rahowadirectory.com/prisons

Administrative Contact
Church Administrator & National Coordinator for Australasia
Contact: Reverend Cailen Cambeul
P.O. Box 420 Oaklands Park, SA 5046 Australia
Phone (Australia): 61-4-0399-1027

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Ben Klassen with Rev. Will Williams Ben Klassen with Rev. Will Williams
Wedding Day at Otto, NC. 8/8/88 Ben Klassen officiated.
Otto, NC
Nigger Says: We Wuz Vikangz Nigger Says: We Wuz Vikangz
https://duckduckgo.com/?q=black+vikings https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/true-myth-nashid-al-amin/1114690710 [img width=240]http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9781466960046_p0_v3_s1200x630.jpg[/img] @Br.Grimm
Miscellaneous Humor
Salubrious Living - Old Cover Salubrious Living - Old Cover
The old cover for SL https://creativityalliance.com/eBook-BenKlassen&ArnoldDeVries-SalubriousLiving.pdf
Salubrious Living - New Cover Salubrious Living - New Cover
A new cover for Salubrious Living [pdf]https://creativityalliance.com/23/ebooks/HolyBooks/eBook-BenKlassen&ArnoldDeVries-SalubriousLiving.pdf[/pdf]