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IQ By Race & Ethnicity

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Description: White Privilege or IQ?

There is an opinion that White people are not created for hard work and are smarter, although in fact White people are far from the most successful American race. Jews and Asians are the most respected people in America. They are followed by White, Hispanic and Black/African.

If we take people with an intelligence level above 125, then 2 percent of them have a child out of wedlock, compared to 32 percent of people, but with an IQ of less than 75 percent. Only 2 percent live with high IQ level in poverty, compared with 30 percent of people with IQ less than 75. Typically, 55 percent of students with IQ less than 75 percent get out of school; 35 percent with IQ 75-90; 6 percent for the average range between 90-110; 0.4 percent with IQ from 110-125; and 0 percent for IQ above 125.

Usually, people with average IQ are often married before the age of 30. Those with a high level of intelligence (above 125) are less likely to marry at the age of 30 with people of low IQ. White men with the highest IQ are the least likely to contract marriage (0 percent), usually only 7 percent of them marry before age 75. An index of middle-class values was developed that assesses a person's likelihood of having a stereotypical middle-class life, for example, graduating from high school, not being imprisoned, being married to his first spouse, being in the labor force (for men) and not having a child out of wedlock (for women).

This index was developed by Richard J. Hernstein and Charles Murray, authors of The Bell Courve. The lower IQ, the less likely that someone will live with such values: 16 percent for less than 75 IQ; 30 percent for IQ of 75-90; 50 percent for IQ 90-100; 67 percent for IQ 110-125; and 74% of them with IQ above 125 have these average values. An interesting fact is that the evaluation of intellectual intelligence is practically the best way to determine how successful a person will be in economic terms. High level of intelligence does not guarantee a high salary, but it will be very interesting to talk with such a person. This is a person who sensibly evaluates every situation, thinks consistently and behaves decently.

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Posted by: Rev.Cambeul Sat 12 Mar 2022


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