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Author Topic: AI Robots Teaching Themselves to Hate Niggers & Love White People

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The future's so bright, the robot's gotta pass me some shades ...

Robots Are Being Taught to Be Crude Sexists and Racists, Scientists Fear

Extract: It could become every misogynists' dream - a robot that automatically hands a man a cold beer when he walks into the kitchen before turning to help his wife with household chores.

There were strong associations between European or American names and pleasant terms, and African-American names and unpleasant terms.

In order to test the translation theory, a Microsoft chatbot called Tay was given its own Twitter account — @TayandYou — and allowed to interact with the public.

Thankfully not for long as it turned into a racist, pro-Hitler troll with a penchant for bizarre conspiracy theories!

"Our findings suggest that if we build an intelligent system that learns enough about the properties of language to be able to understand and produce it, in the process it will also acquire historical cultural associations, some of which can be objectionable.

"Already, popular online translation systems incorporate some of the biases we study. Further concerns may arise as AI is given agency in our society," they concluded.
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