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Author Topic: One White Man Deliberately Kills One Black Man: Niggers Scream "BLACK GENOCIDE!"

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A White man travelled to New York City with the intent of killing an African American in order to stop people getting into inter-racial relationships.

James Harris Jackson of Maryland has been charged with first- and second-degree murder as an act of terrorism, second-degree murder as a hate crime and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

“We need to wake up. This isn’t an isolated incident, this is black genocide,” Kimberly Ortiz, of the group NYC Shut It Down, told reporters after the court appearance. “He legit said that he came here with the intent to kill black people.” She also joined other advocates in blaming Caughman’s murder, and the outbreak of hate crimes across the city and the nation, on “*ty-ass” President Donald Trump.

One cannot help but remember all the times blacks have gone out of their way to murder Whites and note that it's never a case of hate crimes or terrorism, is rarely treated as first-degree murder and hardly ever makes the national, never-mind international news.

Consider too that when Whites talk about White Genocide, we are labelled White Supremacists; but when minorities talk about Black Genocide, they are Black Activists. Whenever Whites fight back, it's a hate crime; When Whites are murdered by (any) minorities, it's part of life and racist to ask any questions. One law for us Whites and another law for them.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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