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Author Topic: Australia's Racist Jew Government Allows Nigger Patrols in Melbourne

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In Melbourne over the last few months the Victorian government has allowed and provided funding for the south Sudanese community ape leaders to conduct street patrols in Melbourne in an effort to kerb their ape brothers from committing violent car jackings, assaults and sexual assaults against the White community (the media never mentions black on White crime).

The police are too reluctant to arrest these apes for fear of being called racists, the immigration dept is also to scared to deport these ape criminals fearing human rights abuse allegations from amnesty international (a pro left commie group).

If Anglo Whites form a community patrol they are labelled as thuggish vigilante racists and are put before the courts on any charge the police can coin up.

One of many reasons why I don't pay taxes in this jewish run nation.

Too many *ing muds and asians taking over.

Pity His Excellency Adolf Hitler was not here to save us all. :D
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They do that all over Australia. As you've already said: If the multiCULTural elements (i.e. non-Whites) do it, they are lauded by the government and MSM, and funded by the taxpayer. If Whites do the same, they are denounced by all as White Supremacist VIGILANTES.

One rule for them ....


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