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Author Topic: Man Convicted for Receiving Oral Sex on a Train

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Man Convicted for Receiving Oral Sex on a Train
« on: 15 March 2018 at 01:29 »
But it's the woman that gets off due to Feminine Privilege ...

Extract: A PASSENGER who was fined $700 after receiving oral sex on a train has defended his actions, asking, “What man would have knocked it back?”

Shane Brennan, 38, said he began speaking to the woman — who had a “mad body” — on the platform, where she told him: “I’m horny, will you f*** me?”

The father of three, from Wollongong, south of Sydney, said the woman then started masturbating next to him, and he agreed to have her perform oral sex on him.

“[The woman] was pretty horny and ready to go,” he said. “Toey as.

But their late-morning liaison was captured on the CCTV, and staff were waiting for the pair when the train pulled into Wollongong Railway Station.

Shane Brennan, 38, forced to pay a judge $700 for a knob job
What's his tattoo say?: "White Pride Asia Wide"?

The woman was a little younger than him and “wasn’t a good sort”, he said. The woman was not penalised over their encounter, which Brennan believes is unfair. The woman, who is known to police, confirmed Brennan’s story.

“She was the one masturbating,” he said. “If she didn’t offer me nothing I wouldn’t have f***ing done it.”

He pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour and wilful and obscene exposure at Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday and was placed on a good behaviour bond. He said the magistrate “wasn’t happy” with him, which was “understandable”.

“How can you be so lucky and unlucky in the one day?” he asked. “You’d think the train guard would’ve said 'good on ya, mate.'"

'She's NOT happy': Father-of-three, 38, admits he's in 'big trouble' with his girlfriend - after being convicted of having oral sex with a woman he found masturbating on a train
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